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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Acting "white"?

"Children can't achieve unless we raise their expectations and turn off the television sets and eradicate the slander that says a black youth with a book is acting white."
-Barack Obama
I think this is such an important quote. People tell me all the time that I "act white". Why do they tell me this? Because I love to read. I love to write. I pronounce my words clearly. I am polite. I'm quiet. I do well in school. I listen to music with good lyrics... But, see that? Everything I just stated are good things. So, basically, black people are expected to not act as proper as white people.
It seems that it is expected that black people talk loudly and not do well in school and listen to music with so many bleeps that the entire song is basically one long bleep.
Why is that expected of black people?
Because, we live in a society where white people still have more power, which is quite unfortunate. If you see a white person with their pants hanging below their butts, they are called "acting black". Why is that? Why is it that black males are the "only ones" who sag their jeans?
This issue of an imbalance in our society also manages to affect the issue of hair. Black women feel as if they must wear weaves and extensions. Basically, black women are covering their own natural hair with hair that is the texture of a white person's hair. Again, why do black women feel as if their hair is not beautiful enough? Why do black women think that they must cover their own hair- which is perfectly beautiful- with a white woman's hair? There is that imbalance. You don't see white women wearing afro weaves. It just does not happen.
Also, black people can either have "good hair" or "bad hair". Bad hair being the hair that is more curly and kinky. Good hair being hair that is straighter and softer. Again, the imbalance. The better hair is closer to the texture of the hair of white people.
Which is pretty sad.
People ask me all the time why I am starting dreads, and I want to ask them why they are weaving their hair. Natural hair is beautiful and unique. Yes, it is not beautiful in the eyes of society, but then again what does society even like? Society says no to thicker people and non-Caucasian people. So, if you're thin and white, you're gorgeous by society's standards. If you're not, you just have to make sure that you're beautiful by your own standards. Because those are the only standards that count.
We can't even blame society anyway. Because we are society. So, next time you see someone with dreads, don't hate. Appreciate. And, when you see a black person doing well, don't call them white. It's kind of insulting, because you're basically saying black people are not capable of doing that, too. The change in society starts with you, guys. So, come one. Help a sista out.
Peace! xo

PS: I started my dreadlocs because I saw Chescalocs on Youtube. I think her hair is so beautiful, and the way she styles it- WOW. I can't wait till mine get that long. Here is what she looks like:

I think her hair is just so gorgeous omg. 

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Furree Katt said...

I can seriously relate to this post, a lot of people in my University ask me about why I'm so 'white' when i'm just generally being my own self (Pakistani). Reading other people's experiences in such situations really helped me learn more about what is and isn't appropriate to say out loud: this blog is awesome, you might like it.

Those dreads are super cool! :)

P.s. welcome back Jodieeeee, I friggin missed you, please don't ever stop posting o.o

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Ugh,exactly. We are just being ourselves, but we're not being like "what we're supposed to be". It's really pisses me off. Because I'm me, but I'm also Black. Just like you're you and you're also Pakistani. Why do we have to be just one aspect of ourselves? Where we come from is not the only thing that defines us. -_-
And thank you!!! :D I love them!
And thank you so much! I missed you all too!!! :) xoxoxoxox

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Ouu and I really like that tumblr!! Thank you for sharing it with me!!!

Asinastra said...

Replying to this late because I didn't see it earlier, but I had no idea you guys faced this kind of specific issue. (I knew you'd face many kinds of problems, but I just never really thought about this particular one.) So I'm really glad I'm aware of it now. I think this is just terrible, and I hope you hang in there because you're awesome.

On a similar note, I hate how society always wants to change people. Like, you're too quiet, or you're too loud. Everything everyone does is wrong.
Although, yeah, we are society, so we should all just stop judging. -sigh- What an ideal world.

Good luck with the dreads! I actually had no idea how you went about styling your hair in such a manner so I had to wiki that haha.
Also that blogger has gorgeous hair omg.

Sofia said...

So she went to my school and i got to be in her workshop and she really does have pretty hair and she had it in a bun that day. it was really pretty and she was really pretty too.

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

@Asinastra: Thank you so much. I am just hanging in here haha. And it's true. Society does want to change everyone. Society always finds something wrong with someone's appearance. And thank you so much! I love them :D
@Sofia: WOWWWWWW!!!! I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU!!! She's awesome!

Whimsical Youngster said...

I have never encountered any negative comments based on skin colour because most of my peers are Chinese. However we have teachers from different ethnic backgrounds from various countries, so I'm quite aware of cultural differences.
I have however, been judged for being so quiet. I'm naturally an introvert. I love to read, I enjoy writing and I love listening to instrumental music. People keep on saying that I need to be louder, I need to be talkative! But what if I'm quiet right? What if introverts just like to keep their thoughts private and not just blab it out to the world? Is that so bad?

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Yes, I get told the same thing. As I got older I stopped giving a shit xD

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