Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I work out

So just a little update: school is driving me absolutely nuts and the stress is just killing me but look at my sexy new jacket:

So yay new jacket. From Garage. They had an online sale where the jacket went from 79 bucks to 59, so I jumped on it LOL.
I also got a new dress a while ago:

Look how nice my butt looks. I'm not a super social person though so when will I get the change to wear this dress? Pretty much never. Anyways, 20 bucks at H&M. I think it looks absolutely fab.
Oh and this was my outfit today at school:
I felt fab today.
What have been your recent fashion adventures? SHARE THEM WITH ME! I love fashion. :)
Ok, baibai. Thanks for looking at my pics of me showing off my clothes.
OH WAIT. I have been working out and LOOK AT MY ARMS:
Ok, bye for real. I need to sleep. PEACE, Y'ALL. XOXOXOXO

Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's too cold to live.

Hey, everyone!
Today I had my first day of stage. It's at an elementary school like an hour and a half away from my house, which sucks A LOT.
BUTTTTTTTT. I think I like my placement. I have never worked with kids before, and this school is for kids from kindergarten to grade two. The kids are SO CUTE. And they kept taking my hand and saying "Sit with me!" "No sit with ME" "No please can you sit with ME" etc. and it was really great because they were fighting over me awwwww. I felt fabulous.
And when I entered the class they were all like "HI MISS, JODIEEE!" and I just died, ok.
Anyways, the kids are great. The staff is really, really nice. Lots of staff though. I have no idea how I will be able to remember all of their names LOL.
Here was my first day of stage outfit:

And look, my makeup game is on point.

Sorry for the awkward zoom in, but my makeup looks great so. HA.
So, yeah I had a good day at stage. I looked good so. And my supervisor is really, really chill. So, yay me. :)
But, OH MY GOD, it's -19 degrees Celsius! IT'S CRAZY. You see what us Canadians have to deal with? Yeah. Don't come here.
It's too cold to live.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Breaking up.

So, this happened to me like a week ago:
This guy named Nick that I work with asked me out a few weeks ago.We had worked together for over a year, and then he quit.  So, he said that he had liked me for a while and he wanted to ask me out. Anyways, he asked me out and I said yes of course. He's 20, good looking, funny, nice. Why say no, right?
So, we hung out a lot, went to the movies, whatever.
And then, last week or whatever, I had just finished work and I saw a text from him. It was asking me what time I was finishing work, and if I could meet him at a store called HMV in the mall I work at. So, I said I'd be there in ten minutes.
So, when I saw him, he looked pretty awkward. So I was like "What's wrong?" And he was like "Eh... We'll sit down and talk."
So we sit down and he says how his dad has been arguing with him about the fact that he is failing a lot, and how will he do well in school AND date someone? So, we have to just be friends.
Of course, I was really shocked. Because he acted like he was interested in me. Like, he held my hand all the time, and put his arm around my shoulders, and kissed me in public, and played with my fingers, and stroked my cheek, etc. All that cheesy crap you see in those cheesy movies, he did it. So, I thought he liked me. Wouldn't that be a normal thought?
So anyways. He asked me if we could still be friends. I didn't really answer. I was supposed to be waiting for my best guy friend Dimitri at McDonald's. So I stood up and said "I have to wait for Dimitri."
And Nick stood up too and was like "Okay..." and put his arms out like to hug me. I just shook my head. Like, really? You want to hug me?
He pretty much USED me during the winter break for fun or whatever, and then he dumps me when school starts. And then, he wants to hug me. I am just so glad I never had sex with him, because then I'd be shooting myself.
So anyways we start walking to McDonald's and he's making small talk. Like "sucks to work with that manager, eh? Yeah she sucks. But he's great. I love working with him. I heard this guy quit. I heard there's this new guy, what's he like?" etc. It was really annoying.
I wanted so badly to tell him to shut up, and that I really don't give a shit about what he's saying right now. Like seriously, I was all out of fucks to give. I couldn't find one single fuck.
So we went our separate ways and of course I waited for Dimitri in the crew room, talking to Sonia (my best friend) on the phone and almost crying.
Then, Dimitri came and I told him about it and he was like "Wow, that's messed up though". And, he was really comforting. Dimitri is great. He was saying like should we kill him and stuff, which really got me laughing. So, that was nice and I really appreciated it.
So, anyways. I was kind of in shock for a while. But, on the bus home, the shock wore off and my anger set in. I was furious. Why did he not think about the fact that when school starts he won't be able to date? Why date me for two weeks and then dump me?
I was actually really, really angry. And, when I'm mad, I can't help myself. Honestly, I become like Hulk. So, I texted Nick, asking when I could call him. But then I was so angry that I didn't care what time he was available so I just texted him "I'm calling you in ten minutes".
So, I called him ten minutes later. And I told him how much he pissed me off. And, I told him he's an asshole. And I said "I have zero interest in being friends with you. So, don't ever fucking text me, call me or even talk to me again. Do you understand?"
And he was just like ".......ok."
So I said goodbye and hung up. And that is all. I have no idea why I bothered dating that guy anyway. Waste of my time.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

American Hustle!

So, hello everyone! Today I went with a friend of mine to see this movie. American Hustle. Alright so this is kind of a review, but not really.
So, I liked this movie. It was gritty, fast paced, with an incredibly messed up and confusing plot that I still don't understand and will in fact be googling after I post this. BUT. It was sexy as Hell. The cast is very hot. I mean come one, Jennifer Lawrence? Amy Adams?
Really. COME ON NOW.
They are hot as Hell. And throughout the whole movie, the amount of cleavage was incredible. Obviously I did not complain because cleavage is nice. Cleavage is very nice.
Okay, but can we just establish:
Look at her cleavage. I mean come on. And look at her hair. And look at her makeup. AND LOOK AT THE EFFING DRESS.
Okay I am so done, like really.
Kill me.
Why is everyone so attractive? Okay, and I'm not even done, like let's look at the male actors for a sec okay.
Look how fab they look, like can we just... oh my God.
He looks damn good in a suit. Just take a good look. Just look. You can't touch, but you can look, my dear friend.
Look at these guys though.
Anyways, so I enjoyed this movie... the eye candy was great. Really, really great. So, yeah. I was pleased. You guys should go see it. Look how good everyone looks LOL. Really though. Amy Adams ahhhhhh. How?!?! And the whole movie she was wearing these dresses and blouses where her boobs were falling out. Like what is that? Really? Jeez. Go see it, guys. The eye candy will please you. :)

PS: Today I bought The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and It's Kind of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. I am reading The Book Thief right now, and so far I really like it. So, I'll update you all on it once I'm done. :) Bye!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hey, guys. I just spent a whole lot of time fixing up my blog. Like, over an hour... I am quite pleased with what I have done. I was getting sick of how it looked before. So yay! I changed my header and everything. I even changed my button!
By the way, I took all of the buttons off of my blog because most of those people don't even blog anymore. If you saw that I removed your button and you want it back because you actually do still blog, please just comment below. :) I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things. I don't even know how to blog anymore, really. And, I have to go hunting for new blogs to follow because my dashboard is literally dead, seeing as everyone on it stopped blogging over a year ago.
So, I hope you like my new look. :)
Bye! xoxo

Getting into shape for the new year FOR FREE!

Hello, everyone!
So, I have decided that for 2014, I will try to tone up. I know that I'm skinny as Hell, so I'm not trying to lose weight. Really, I am just trying to tone. I would very much like it if my arms, legs, butt and tummy did not jiggle.
Because of the fact that I would like an amazing summer body for when summer comes, I have decided to exercise. And, because of the fact that I am unfortunately not rolling around in gorgeous colorful billzzzz, I have to find free alternatives.
So, I use apps!
YES. I use apps. As in free apps from the app store! So, if you have an Apple device, you can do these exercises, they are just fantastic.

So, one app I really like is an app called Squats 0-100 by Clear Sky Apps. There is a version you have to pay for, but there most definitely is a free version!
It is a really great app. There is also a version for sit ups and push ups. Also, there are extreme versions of each workout if you're really in shape and can handle that (I really can't.)
Another AMAZING app- and actually the one I like the most- is the Nike Training Club app.
I really think that this is the best fitness app for apple devices. It is absolutely amazing. My muscles are crazy sore from doing these workouts. And, this app is absolutely FREE! Just download it and pick a program. You can choose to get lean, toned, strong or focused. I picked toned, because that is what I want. I want nice, sculpted legs, arms and abs and a nice firm butt. So, depending on what you want, you can pick the program for you. Also, you can pick to be a beginner, intermediate or advanced, which I really like. 
So, anyways, this is an excellent app. Check it out! It can even set reminders for you on your device!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!
So, try the app and tell me what you think?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Acting "white"?

"Children can't achieve unless we raise their expectations and turn off the television sets and eradicate the slander that says a black youth with a book is acting white."
-Barack Obama
I think this is such an important quote. People tell me all the time that I "act white". Why do they tell me this? Because I love to read. I love to write. I pronounce my words clearly. I am polite. I'm quiet. I do well in school. I listen to music with good lyrics... But, see that? Everything I just stated are good things. So, basically, black people are expected to not act as proper as white people.
It seems that it is expected that black people talk loudly and not do well in school and listen to music with so many bleeps that the entire song is basically one long bleep.
Why is that expected of black people?
Because, we live in a society where white people still have more power, which is quite unfortunate. If you see a white person with their pants hanging below their butts, they are called "acting black". Why is that? Why is it that black males are the "only ones" who sag their jeans?
This issue of an imbalance in our society also manages to affect the issue of hair. Black women feel as if they must wear weaves and extensions. Basically, black women are covering their own natural hair with hair that is the texture of a white person's hair. Again, why do black women feel as if their hair is not beautiful enough? Why do black women think that they must cover their own hair- which is perfectly beautiful- with a white woman's hair? There is that imbalance. You don't see white women wearing afro weaves. It just does not happen.
Also, black people can either have "good hair" or "bad hair". Bad hair being the hair that is more curly and kinky. Good hair being hair that is straighter and softer. Again, the imbalance. The better hair is closer to the texture of the hair of white people.
Which is pretty sad.
People ask me all the time why I am starting dreads, and I want to ask them why they are weaving their hair. Natural hair is beautiful and unique. Yes, it is not beautiful in the eyes of society, but then again what does society even like? Society says no to thicker people and non-Caucasian people. So, if you're thin and white, you're gorgeous by society's standards. If you're not, you just have to make sure that you're beautiful by your own standards. Because those are the only standards that count.
We can't even blame society anyway. Because we are society. So, next time you see someone with dreads, don't hate. Appreciate. And, when you see a black person doing well, don't call them white. It's kind of insulting, because you're basically saying black people are not capable of doing that, too. The change in society starts with you, guys. So, come one. Help a sista out.
Peace! xo

PS: I started my dreadlocs because I saw Chescalocs on Youtube. I think her hair is so beautiful, and the way she styles it- WOW. I can't wait till mine get that long. Here is what she looks like:

I think her hair is just so gorgeous omg. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sex stuff

Kay so, let me just put something out here, alright? Yeah. Let me just get something off my chest here, just put it out for you wonderful people of the public to read.
If you are a female, and you like to have sex with females, that is okay!
If you are a male and you like to have sex with males, that is okay!
If you are a female and you like to have sex with males that is not okay! I'm just kidding. OF COURSE THAT IS OKAY!
If you are a male and like to have sex with females, that is okay!
Now here we go, okay:
If you are a female, and you like to have sex WITH YOURSELF. That is also okay, and that is also very fabulous and yay you because just... yay you. And, if you are a male and you like to have sex with yourself, that is also just too fabulous for words.
Okay? Why is masturbation so bad? Why is it this awkward thing that people feel like they must skirt around? I have to admit, if my parents were to read this post, I would shoot myself in the face, but hey! It's all good, because they won't.
*nervous laughter*
No, but really, I personally see nothing wrong with it. If you do, please enlighten me, oh wise one. I wish to learn from your higher knowledge. Because I don't understand. There are just so many health benefits to masturbation. It is actually quite normal. It is normal for people to go through puberty and to be interested in their bodies. To wonder Okay, so how does this work? What happens when I do this? What would this feel like? Do I like this or that? There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Obviously, when it controls your life, it is an issue. When you are planning events with your friends and family AROUND masturbating. But, if you have nothing planned all day and you want to masturbate, what in the world is wrong with that? WHO can tell you that you can't touch YOUR OWN body? You do it in the shower, anyway! I mean, HELLO.
And, this whole thing about girls don't do it? Yeah. Do you live under a rock? Girls totally do it! They just don't talk about it as it's not ladylike, or whatever.
Here are some interesting facts:
What do you think about this topic?

PS: I understand that religiously it is a sin, however I am not religious, so I am ranting about this anyway. If you are offended by this rant I am sorry. Please press X at the top right of this window. Thank you. :)


Hello, Blogspot!
Well, blogger now, which is actually quite interesting. So anyways hello, everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a great new year, and I hope that 2014 will be better than the absolute trashy crap that 2013 was.
So, it has been a long time, again. Thought I'd pop in for a little update.
So, for one, I started dreadlocks, which is really exciting. I have loved dreads for years, but I have always been afraid I guess, seeing as society looks down on dreads. But then, I just ignored that fear and I started them in August so YAY! :)
This is me now:
Please ignore the blouse issue with regards to the cleavage. It was... yeah. Just ignore it.
OKAY SO, yeah that's me yay.
Oh why not another selfie for fun?
I love when I put my hair back. I think it looks pretty, no?
So anyways, Lea and I are no longer friends. She just randomly decided one day that she didn't want to be my friend anymore. That's fine. That's okay. Yes, it broke my heart really, really hurt me, but I'm fine.
I have been seeing a psychologist since summer of last year, which has really helped me get a grasp on life, in general. I feel like my life is speeding along before I can even blink. I'm 18 years old now. I am considered an adult. I can vote, I can drink, I can pretty much do anything (where I live). But, I still feel like I'm 12. How does that happen?
So, I'm also a part of a magazine called Sparks Animated. It is a magazine showcasing brilliant works of art. Beautiful pieces of fiction, poetry, photography... It is a wonderful magazine and I am very excited to be a part of it. It is brand new, and I will be a part of the third issue. I will keep you posted once it comes out. I actually am supposed to do my part in the promotion of the magazine by getting ten people to buy it, but my friends don't really like to read so...
Anyways, I have also submitted a part of a novel I am working on on this wonderful, lovely, fabulously fantastico website called Figment. If you like to write fiction, I suggest you check it out. Here is what I have written so far. It would be amazing of you lovely readers if you could read it and tell me what you think?
So, how have you been in these horrid, cold months?

PS: You lucky people in places that never snow, I hate you.
PPS: Okay, I don't actually HATE you, but I have a strong dislike for you.
PPPS: No, I really don't, I love all of you, really.
PPPPS: *Cough* my throat's just sore. I'm sick. Yeah. *cough*
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