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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Almost died today. Jokes.

Today I had my French exam.
Nearly died. Jokes.
But really, it was the hardest exam EVAAAAR. I felt like my brain was going to explode! I was using my dictionary like every five minutes. It was horrible!
Here are some pictures of me before the exam(I was bored):

See that blue thing in the background? It's my sexy blue shower cap. No, sorry to disappoint you, but it's not a thong.

Oh and I saw He Who Shall Not Be Named. Well, he goes to my school so obviously I saw him. Anyways, he walked by me and smiled and nodded, so I smiled and nodded so we were kind of just smiling and nodding at each other. Then, he walked away and of course, where did my eyeballs go? His butt. You know, he has a really nice butt. :)
After the exam, Léa and I went to McDonald's. I know, I know, I swore that I wasn't going to eat burgers from McDonald's, but I couldn't help it! Plus, Léa had a two for one coupon! We got two Big Macs for 4.99! It was soooo awesome. Then, we bought some other thing that I only know the name of in French.
Oh and we were eating our Big Macs on the bus. Yep. Stuffing our faces, getting sauce on our chins and cheeks because we forgot to ask for napkins and the woman at the cash forgot to give it to us. So yeah. I can just imagine what fatsacks we looked like!
Kay so, one in the grey sweater second from the extreme left. I happen to know his name is Zayn. HE'S BRITISH OMG. You all know by now how much I love British guys soo... yeah. I think he's the cutest of them all. I love his skin tone. It's like caramel... like mocha... nice, delicious, warm mocha...
*slaps self*
Calm yourself, Jodie-Ann. Calm yourself.
Bye, my friends! :D

PS: Omg if I ever met him, I'd like faint or something. I'd hear his accent and scream till I passed out. I'm such a sad soul. I'd never survive in England. I'd be screaming all day. XD
How is he so gorgeous?! For God's sakes. What is this? Gosh, something... how... why... what... HOW?! No. Why are you wearing that suit? Do you not know that a well-taylored suit for a woman is what lingerie is for a man? Of course you know that. That's why you're wearing it...
Yeah, so he looks good here. Yeah. Kay bye. xD
PPPS: Oh, wait, I finished Frozen. Reading Shattered now. SO GOOD! READ IT!

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meandmythinkingcap said...

He does look pretty. This guy who must not be named-did you take pic of his butt?

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

Sadly not :(

The Lady of Green Origin said...

Those Brits, huh?
I, myself have a weakness for any accent at all. Perhaps not German. But it doesn't hurt, either :)

cricketfreak said...

You can use a dictionary in your exam? :O

Mark said...

I saw you tweet about the exam. You made it out alive, that's what matters here. That British guy is pretty cute I'll give you that.

Cindy said...

Cheers for the eye candy. Now my keyboard is completely covered in drool :(

eprilis said...

Guys with sexy butts are HOT. Haha. The name of the group is One Direction,right?? I like the guy at the right. He looks more dreamy without his shirt on. Haha.

S. Mahnoor Shah said...

Hope your French exam went well!
And omg Zayn is just gorgeous! And i love the way he talks too i would even never last in England!

Hazel said...

I'm sure you did great on your exam but I seriously don't get the fascination everyone has with OneDirection lol!

Anonymous said...

Let's get this right... before your exam you took pictures of yourself because you were bored with all your extra time and then you were surprised the exam was so hard? You sound like me in school! Only I never ate a sanwhich on a bus with a friend. Either way it's sounds like you had a good day! XD

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

@TLOGO: LOL! My special weakness are British accents though lol. xD
@cricketfreak: Yeah, it's the French exam so yeah lol. But you still have to understand. You have to understand the meaning of the rest of the sentence to use the definition you found in the right context. If you don't know French, not even a dictionary will help you with that exam LOL. You have to have the general knowledge.
@Mark: Haha! Yes, I survived! :D YESSS I'm glad you agree!
@Cindy: LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!
@eprilis: Seriously! Yeah, that's their name :) Haha yeah he's hot xD
@S. Mahnoor Shah: Thanks! And IKR OMG! Oh good God, I'd melt!
@Hazel: LOOOL. They're hot xD
@Teresaurus: Yeah, it's a French exam! You can't study for a French exam! LOL! XD LOOOL you need to eat one on a bus. The stares you get. PRICELESS.

Rockinrule said...

Went to England. Nothin but fat chicks.

cricketfreak said...

I tagged you in my eleven questions thing :)

ishashime said...

darn those nice butts! haha.
and is that one direction? a lot of people i know spazz over them, too. haha.

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

@Rockinrule: LOL! Bigger girls are cool though. XD
@cricketfreak: Oouu cool thanks!
@ishashime: LOL! Yeah it is! xD

Chari T. said...

Awww you are too cute! Indeed those guys are sexy!!!! :))

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