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Monday, January 23, 2012

Silly, silly me.

Hey, people! :)
So I talked to you guys a little about the guy I like and how something happened... I didn't really get into it, and to be honest, I don't want to because it's so stupid and silly and ugh. Why? Just why?
Anyways, I shall put that behind me. But, I'll just sum up what happened: I asked him out, he turned me down. In a nice way, of course, because he's a nice guy, but still it sucked a lot.
But, I'm trying not to think about it too much, because it'll just depress me.
Anywho, I'll show you all some pictures of what I bought over the Winter break :)

A cute pair of heeled motorcycle boots. They're very much in style right now, especially since it's cold and there's snow (where I live), so the tracks(or whatever they're called) at the bottom of the boot are very useful.

A pair of ripped skinny jeans with my new boots. :) The ripped skinny jeans are also part of the new stuff I bought.

A very cute lacy blue shirt. It flatters my figure and makes me not look completely flat-chested, so I like it a lot. :)

Exfoliating gloves. These are SO COOL. Ladies, you must get a pair. Your boyfriend (or girlfriend, of course) will LOVE the feel of your skin afterwards. They make your skin incredibly soft. Of course, I don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend (forever alone), but I liked the feel of my skin after. Especially my legs. Ladies, when you shave and exfoliate your legs, I swear to you, they will be as soft as a baby's bottom. Buy a pair! You can get them at a The Body Shop store, or maybe even at Walmart. But look for a The Body Shop. If you don't have one in your country, well find an equivalent. Basically, look for a store that sells stuff for your skin. Like soaps, creams, salts, etc. They cost like five bucks at The Body Shop. And, they're super easy to use. Just go in the shower, wet them a bit, put your usual soap on it and gently rub your skin in circles. Then, rinse your body. After, you'll feel sooo smooth. I'd suggest not to use it on your face though.
But yeah, get a pair. They are amazing.

Boobie bracelet! This one glows in the dark! I loooove it. :) Supporting breast cancer research, woot woot! There's apparently one for testicular cancer but I have no idea where to get it. :( When I find it, I'll most definitely get one. Guys need the support, too!

Blue nail polish, which I am actually wearing now and in the picture, which I took like twenty minutes ago. :)

LIGHTS' new CD Siberia. LOVE this. This is like... the first CD that I have bought since like grade one. No joke. Or maybe even before that. LIGHTS is amazing. If you don't know her, you have to listen to a few songs on the CD, at least. She's great. And she's Canadian, which is really cool hehe.

To help get rid of my horrible pimples. :) It seems to be working pretty well. There are little microbeads inside to get deep into pores and get our dirt. :)

So, that's pretty much it. Or maybe I bought more and can't remember. What did you guys buy over the break? If you shopped.
And do you like my boots? :D

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Cindy said...

Noooo insert sad face here. It sucks about the guy, he definitely doesn't know what he's missing out on! Mooooving on, I love your boots and the jeans!!!! Must find some cool items of clothing/shoes that make me ;)

Mark said...

You sure did buy a lot :) It sucks the guy said no, but he's missing out. Remember that. It's his loss.

meandmythinkingcap said...

It's his loss Jodie-Ann, totally his loss. And these gadgets so cool. Cant wait to see you in prom dress. Have fun.

haze said...

omg, super hot boots! and nice jeans ♥ you should take a full body picture, babe!

welcome back!!

Hazel said...

Aww I'm sorry that he turned you down, but thankfully he wasn't cruel about it!

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

@Cindy: Thanks so much, Cindy. <3 And ouu thanks! I love them, too. :) When you find cool items, take pictures and post them! :D
@Mark: Hehe yeah. :) And thank you soo much. <3 This means a lot!
@meandmythinkingcap: Thank you so much. <3 And thanks! I can't wait, too!
@haze: Thanks!!! <3 Hehe, maybe I will. At some point xD And thank youuu!
@Hazel: Thanks, Hazel. <3 Yeah, thankfully. :)

Anonymous said...

you make me want to shop! i use st ives too it's amazing. had it for years.

PurpleMist. said...

WOW, I love EVERYTHING that you bought :D
And omg, those boots are awesome!
I didn't buy anything :(

ishashime said...

what a coincidence. had my heart broken just last Christmas, too. :|
but eh. whatevs. we just have to move on and keep on truckin'. gosh, do people even say that anymore? haha. also, you bought a lot of stuff! i love the boots. I WAAANT! :D

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

@Teresaurus: Haha! I loove shopping. And yess omg St. Ives is my baby!
@PurpleMist: :D Haha! Thank you! Aw go shopping :D Save up and treat yourself!
@ishashime: LOL yeahh keetp truckin'! :D LOLOLOL. Haha yayyy thanks! They were really cheap. :) Like sixty-something bucks.

Of One Heart said...

Jodie, you're a priceless read! I love having you back! Big big big hugs, my girl!


It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

Thanks! xx And awww *HUGE HUG*

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