Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Haven't been blogging again.

Yeah, I know I haven't been blogging much, and to be honest, I won't really be blogging. A huge reason why is because the free time that I have is now taken up by Tumblr instead of being taken up by blogspot. Tumblr has really... stolen me from Blogspot, haha! XD
Well, I'm rally addicted to it, more than I am to Blogspot. So, yeah, this is kind of a goodbye but not really... I just don't feel like blogging on Blogspot anymore. I think I just lost the knack for it.
Anyways, I just want to thank you all. You've all been amazing, really. I mean, YOU, my readers are the reason why I blog on here in the first place. I follow some of you on Tumblr already, but if I don't, PLEASE stop by my ask and say hi! So, I'll have your URL and I'll follow you. :)
So, yeah drop by and say hi. :) I'm really going to miss you all. And I'm going to miss this blog, because it's been something I've really enjoyed.
Anywaysssss... thanks again, to all of you. I love you guys! xoxo

PS: Really though, if you have a Tumblr, come say hi!
PPS: If I blog again, I'll just be blogging from time to time. So, I'm not going to delete this blog. It'll remain up, I'm just not going to really be blogging.
PPPS: Bye, all! <3 Hugs and kisses 5ever!
PPPPS: See what I did there? 5ever? :D

Monday, February 6, 2012


Soo, I got tagged by the lovely and super gorgeous Bhadra! Here are zee rules:

  1. Post these rules
  2. Post 11 random things about yourself
  3. Answer the questions that tagger set for you in their post
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
  5. Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged.
YAY! :D Alright so, I posted the rules. Now, I have to post 11 random stuff about none other than: ME! :D

UN: Hmm... I love to dance. Dancing is just soo much fun. I have no clue why. It just is, okay? It just is.
DEUX: I am addicted to Tumblr. 'Nuff said. It is just soo awesome.
TROIS: I'm a size seven in shoes. Sometimes eight. Mostly seven.
QUATRE: I have really short hair and it irritates me. I'm really self-conscious of it.
CINQ: I'm a feminist. Not like a crazy I-hate-men (clearly I loooove men. Heyy Zayn Malik call me, okay?) but like I believe that women should not have to rely on men. That's all.
SIX: My eyelashes are really short. Hate it.
SEPT: I'm extremely self-conscious of my body. Low self-esteem, blah blah blahhhhh. Boring topic, moving ooonnnnn!
HUIT: Wait, are you serious I have to think of more? Oh good God, please allow me to not succumb to the great desire to shoot myself in-
NEUF: -the head.
DIX: See what I did there? Ahahahahaha!
ONZE: I'm awesome. You love me. Yeah. :) Love you, too.

Alright, gotta answer questions!

1. Do you think the zodiac you were born under has an impact on your life?
Yep. I'm a Libra and it's EXACTLY me. Like, not one thing is different. Not ONE. I'm not even kidding. It's actually creepy.

2. What is your favourite type of movie?
ROMANCE. Then again, you all probably know this. XD I looove love scenes. Zee kissing, zee hugging, zee touching ees my fave. Love it. Keep it coming.

My personality type is ESFJ. I'm reading up what it means. If you're curious, click here.

4. What effect has blogging had on you?
Exciting, yet calming. I love the excitement of ouu what does everyone has to say to that? And I love the calming of when I'm pissed off and I post something and people comment and cheer me up. Yeah, messed up sentence, but... yeah.

5. Do you care about politics?
Poli- what?

6. What do you think the world will be like in twenty years?
Horrible. Little kids wearing mini skirts and baggy jeans. Nine year olds talking about sex and worrying if their boyfriends will dump them. Pollution. Basically, I see the world crumbling.

7. Where did you/do you hope to go to university?
At a local university. I love Quebec. Even though I complain about the French, it's unique and I actually like it. XD

8. Favourite flavour ice-cream?
BUTTERSCOTCH! OMG. Love butterscotch. Mmm. Butterscotch. YUM.

9. Favourite subject at school?
I don't even have one anymore. I hate school so much now that everything sucks. I can't wait to get out of high school. I honestly don't think anything can be worse than high school.

10. One thing that always ticks you off.
People who smoke near me. GO AWAY YOU STINKY PERSON.

11. Do you play the Sims?
YES! Love it! My faaave game. :D

Okay and my questions:
1. What are your career plans?
2. What's your fave color?
3. What hobbies do you have?
4. What countries do you wish to visit some day?
5. What's your fave season?
6. Why do you blog?
7. What's your fave TV show?
8. What's your fave movie?
9. Do you like to dance?
I can't think of anything else. -.-' 11 questions is wayy too much. XD
Oh and I have to tag people. Okay, I people. I'm going to break the rules and tag three people because five is really not necessary.

Mark! Mayen! and Ishashime!


I really hate some of the kids at my school. Like some... some kids just need to be punched in the face and thrown into a ditch.
Stupid kids.
Something happened yesterday to piss me off, having to do with a stupid kid at school and He Who Shall Not Be Named.
Tomorrow is an information meeting at a college I applied to. The second college I applied to (as a back up) has one one Wednesday. I'm just going to ask questions and whatnot. :) Should be fun.
Ummm... yeah.
I shall go now because I don't even know what to talk about. XD
Toodles! xx

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Almost died today. Jokes.

Today I had my French exam.
Nearly died. Jokes.
But really, it was the hardest exam EVAAAAR. I felt like my brain was going to explode! I was using my dictionary like every five minutes. It was horrible!
Here are some pictures of me before the exam(I was bored):

See that blue thing in the background? It's my sexy blue shower cap. No, sorry to disappoint you, but it's not a thong.

Oh and I saw He Who Shall Not Be Named. Well, he goes to my school so obviously I saw him. Anyways, he walked by me and smiled and nodded, so I smiled and nodded so we were kind of just smiling and nodding at each other. Then, he walked away and of course, where did my eyeballs go? His butt. You know, he has a really nice butt. :)
After the exam, Léa and I went to McDonald's. I know, I know, I swore that I wasn't going to eat burgers from McDonald's, but I couldn't help it! Plus, Léa had a two for one coupon! We got two Big Macs for 4.99! It was soooo awesome. Then, we bought some other thing that I only know the name of in French.
Oh and we were eating our Big Macs on the bus. Yep. Stuffing our faces, getting sauce on our chins and cheeks because we forgot to ask for napkins and the woman at the cash forgot to give it to us. So yeah. I can just imagine what fatsacks we looked like!
Kay so, one in the grey sweater second from the extreme left. I happen to know his name is Zayn. HE'S BRITISH OMG. You all know by now how much I love British guys soo... yeah. I think he's the cutest of them all. I love his skin tone. It's like caramel... like mocha... nice, delicious, warm mocha...
*slaps self*
Calm yourself, Jodie-Ann. Calm yourself.
Bye, my friends! :D

PS: Omg if I ever met him, I'd like faint or something. I'd hear his accent and scream till I passed out. I'm such a sad soul. I'd never survive in England. I'd be screaming all day. XD
How is he so gorgeous?! For God's sakes. What is this? Gosh, something... how... why... what... HOW?! No. Why are you wearing that suit? Do you not know that a well-taylored suit for a woman is what lingerie is for a man? Of course you know that. That's why you're wearing it...
Yeah, so he looks good here. Yeah. Kay bye. xD
PPPS: Oh, wait, I finished Frozen. Reading Shattered now. SO GOOD! READ IT!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sorry, but this is a pants-free zone, buddy.

Hey, lovely readers!
I had an English exam yesterday, which quite frankly, was boring and pointless. Today at one o'clock, I have a psychology exam. Which I'm actually really excited for because I studied really hard all weekend for it. :)
Anyways, seeing as I have exams, I don't really have anything interesting to talk about.
So, I shall post new musical obsessions! Yayyyyyy and the crowd goes wild...
So, here we go, first one:

Siberia by LIGHTS

Kay so I absolutely ADORE LIGHTS. Like really, LIGHTS, you are so awesome. I love her music and she is just so adorable! I mean, LOOK at her! LOOK! Girl, your pants offend me. REMOVE THEM. Kay thanks.

The Cave by Mumford & Sons

I hate the music video, but I love the song. Yay Mumford & Sons!

Frame and Focus by LIGHTS

Need I repeat my adoration for LIGHTS? I think not.

Heavy Rope by LIGHTS

I think this song is beautiful. Plus, you know, LIGHTS sings it soo...

What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

Okay so these guys have talent AND they are SOOO HOT OMG OMG. Bro... just... can we just... can we please... can... can you see... LGJSIDSHUIOHFID.

Danza Kuduro by Don Omar ft. Lucenzo

This is my jam. 'Nuff said.
Toodle-oo! xx

PS: Almost done Frozen. SO GOOD. Everyone read it!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Exams next week.

I'm supposed to be studying for my exams, hehe. But I'm not. Oohhhh I'm so cool!
Not really.
I was studying last night and earlier today for at least four hours. I think I deserve a break. :)
I have started reading a book called Frozen by Robin Wasserman where this girl gets into a car accident and her filthy rich parents pay to transplant her brain to a mechanical body.
The entire series. I only just started Frozen. How cool are these covers?!
Isn't that cool? But weird? But also pretty cool?
Like wow I'm going to like get into an accident and they'll just take my brain out and put it into a robot body. I really wonder though whether she has, like, human skin over the mechanical body? Or does she seriously look like a robot?
And I guess she doesn't need to pee, right? Or poo. Or eat...
Holy snap! No more ice cream or chocolate bars or... fries...
I don't see the point in the transplant. Her life is pretty much over. NO FOOD?! You can take away my life, but you can't take away my food!
Hmm... I want fries. Like, a large one from McDonald's.
Good God, just look at them. Look at that golden color, that sexy red box, that huge upside-down 'W'...
Man, I need an allowance, because I need some of them fries.
Oh and there was a funny picture on Tumblr where there was this guy who got hit by like a truck or something and he was like lying there, practically dead. And this Black woman walks up to him and is like "HELLO? IS YOU OKAY?"
I laughed and laughed and laughed... you get the picture. Just imagine it in your head. Obviously the dead guy was pretending, but imagine the situation in your head. It really amused me. XD

PS: Want to see my awesome Tumblr? Click here. :)

Book Review: Room by Emma Donoghue.

So this is a review of the novel Room by Emma Donoghue, as you can probably guess from the title.
I absolutely LOVED this book. LOVED LOVED LOVED. Readers, you all have to read this, no joke. This book is just too good to pass up.
I finished it last night at about one A.M. XD
It's just... oh my goodness.
Okay so it's about this woman who we only know as Ma and her son named Jack. Ma and Jack are in Room, which is a room that they've been in for seven years. Well, seven for Ma, and five for Jack because he's five years old. Ma was kidnapped when she was 19 by this creepy dude who we know as Old Nick. Basically, he kidnapped her for sexual purposes and had her locked up in Room where she got pregnant and gave birth to Jack.
Seeing as Jack was born in Room and never left it, he doesn't know about the outside world. He doesn't understand that there are billions of other people Outside. That there are kids just like him. That there really is ice cream and cars and houses.
It's fascinating, really, to see how the plot unfolds. This novel is in the point of view of Jack so the vocabulary is of course not excellent, but pretty good for a five year old. It's incredible. It's really realistic, like I really felt like a five year old boy was talking to me.
I've got to hand it to Miss Emma Donighue. I know it wasn't easy to write Room in the POV of a little boy. But she pulled it off flawlessly. THAT is true talent.
Basically, I liked everything, I disliked nothing, and you have to read it. Yeah, the beginning is a bit boring, but trust me, it speeds up. This book is on the bestselling list for a reason!
Cutest quote in the book:
"[Jack said,] 'They say you're beautiful.'
Ma laughs.
Actually she is. I've seen so many person faces for real now and hers is the most beautifulest."

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pissed off.

Yeah, I got really pissed off today. It has to do with He Who Shall Not Be Named and this kid named O. This is what happened:
O: Hey, HWSNBN, you need a haircut, bro.
HWSNBN: Yeah, I know. I think I'll go this weekend.
O: Yeah, and you should take Jodie-Ann with you.
Me *furious*
Because seriously, I could have killed him. How dare he say that?!
I gave him a really dirty look and when I looked forward again, HWSNBN was looking at me. The look on his face is, like, imprinted on my brain.
His eyebrows were furrowed and he was squinting at me sort of. And his lips were pressed together really tightly so they were really thin. He looked not exactly pissed off, but frustrated and disappointed. Then, he looked away really fast at his books.
The look on his face was like he was saying, "Does he know? Did you tell people?"
Now how in the world am I supposed to talk to him? I already have a really hard time because of what happened. And now, O just made it worse. More embarrassing.
God, when I talk to HWSNBN, I can't even look him in the eye. I just look like over his shoulder, or I'll use a prop like a book or something.
It's horrible.
I can barely even talk to him!
O just totally screwed me over. Maybe he thought he was being funny or something, but he really wasn't. I'm so embarrassed right now.
I went home and I, like, CRIED. It's just so depressing for me, you know? And O's stupid comment made it worse.
I don't know know what I'm going to do now... I don't know if HWSNBN is mad at me, or what. Or maybe he's disappointed in me... I don't know.
Actually, I don't even know how O knows anything about HWSNBN. I really don't. Clearly he thought it would be funny to set up a little date or something, but I already KNOW he's not interested in me and O just has to- You know what? No. I will stop blogging now. Because I am so pissed off and depressed right now that I'm just rambling and making this post really long and repetitive.
Bye bye, readers.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Today :)

Hey, everyone!
Today was alright. English class was the best, actually. My English teacher, Ms. E had a total spaz attack. Some kids in the class were talking and she got sooo pissed.
Ms. E exploded.
Ms. E: You see, those of you who are talking are RUDE. You are RUDE, RUDE, RUDE. This used to be my best class and now it's FAR from it. All you do is TALK. You are a bunch of INCONSIDERATE, SELFISH, RUDE children! Never in my life have I had such a problem with talking. NEVER. You know what? Those of you who are good and want to learn and WANT to succeed in life, I want you to sit on one side of the class. On the other side can be the other RUDE students who don't want to cooperate. You can all DIE for all I care. I probably shouldn't say that, but it's the damn TRUTH.

Some girl in the class: (Quietly) Oh yeah, and you'll feel bad if one of us does die.

Me: (in head) LOLOLOLOL.

My friend Jessie and I were trying so hard not to burst out laughing. Well, we were covering our mouths and stamping our feet. It was just SOO funny. I don't even know why, but it was. It was like the funniest thing I had ever gone through in class, LOL.
Anyways, I'm stressing a bit about prom. This is prom season and all the limos are getting booked. Now, the limos left over are super expensive. 1500 for like six hours! It's incredible.
So now, I'm left with the option of either having parents drive us or paying a lot for a limo that if I had started looking earlier would have been cheaper.
Sigh. What to do... What to do?
Oh and I was feeling really poopie just now because of Nikita my step-sister (as always) and my friend Bipreet was like: ":/ Hun don't let her put you down. Stand up for yourself. Be like bitch plz get on ma level."

PS: Room is getting MUCH better. It's actually really, REALLY good now. So, yeah, go read it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In entrepreneurship class right now. Bored.
We have to do work in groups and my group already finished our work. So now, we have nothing to do. We're all just playing around on the computers.
Of course, I decided to use this time to write to you all, my lovely readers. :)
I'm having a pretty poopie day. Mostly because I'm thinking a lot and when I think a lot, I tend to depress myself. For no reason.
Anyways, I am incredibly bored. I already said that...
Urgghh. I feel as if this post sounds boring and like... normal. I don't sound like my usual weirdo self.
I thin I'll talk about a book I started reading today. I started Room by Emma Donoghue.

It's kind of boring so far. I've read like... *checks* 40 pages so far. It's in the point of view of a boy who seems to be locked in a room with his mother. I don't really know what's happening yet. xD
This book is on the bestseller's list so I thought it would be a good read. Maybe it will be. I shall see.
Wow, this has turned out to be a pointless post.
Thanks for the comments on my previous post though. About how if he doesn't want me, he doesn't deserve me, etc.
It made me feel better, so yeah. Thanks. :) You people are awesome. *HUGE HUG*
That's what my mind's dwelling on though. It's just so depressing. I think I'll be one of those old cat ladies. Like, I'll be sitting alone in my living room, with my fifty cats... 
Anyways, I'll stop this post now.
Bye, lovely people. xx

PS: Holy smokes I hate this keyboard. I want to cut the cord and like, throw it out the window. Then, I want to run outside, jump into a car and run it over. GEEZ. I hate it. It's a Mac keyboard and it's all stiff and weird. -.-'
PPS: This is the new Mac and it doesn't even have the Photobooth.
PPPS: Why you be hatin', school of mine?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Silly, silly me.

Hey, people! :)
So I talked to you guys a little about the guy I like and how something happened... I didn't really get into it, and to be honest, I don't want to because it's so stupid and silly and ugh. Why? Just why?
Anyways, I shall put that behind me. But, I'll just sum up what happened: I asked him out, he turned me down. In a nice way, of course, because he's a nice guy, but still it sucked a lot.
But, I'm trying not to think about it too much, because it'll just depress me.
Anywho, I'll show you all some pictures of what I bought over the Winter break :)

A cute pair of heeled motorcycle boots. They're very much in style right now, especially since it's cold and there's snow (where I live), so the tracks(or whatever they're called) at the bottom of the boot are very useful.

A pair of ripped skinny jeans with my new boots. :) The ripped skinny jeans are also part of the new stuff I bought.

A very cute lacy blue shirt. It flatters my figure and makes me not look completely flat-chested, so I like it a lot. :)

Exfoliating gloves. These are SO COOL. Ladies, you must get a pair. Your boyfriend (or girlfriend, of course) will LOVE the feel of your skin afterwards. They make your skin incredibly soft. Of course, I don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend (forever alone), but I liked the feel of my skin after. Especially my legs. Ladies, when you shave and exfoliate your legs, I swear to you, they will be as soft as a baby's bottom. Buy a pair! You can get them at a The Body Shop store, or maybe even at Walmart. But look for a The Body Shop. If you don't have one in your country, well find an equivalent. Basically, look for a store that sells stuff for your skin. Like soaps, creams, salts, etc. They cost like five bucks at The Body Shop. And, they're super easy to use. Just go in the shower, wet them a bit, put your usual soap on it and gently rub your skin in circles. Then, rinse your body. After, you'll feel sooo smooth. I'd suggest not to use it on your face though.
But yeah, get a pair. They are amazing.

Boobie bracelet! This one glows in the dark! I loooove it. :) Supporting breast cancer research, woot woot! There's apparently one for testicular cancer but I have no idea where to get it. :( When I find it, I'll most definitely get one. Guys need the support, too!

Blue nail polish, which I am actually wearing now and in the picture, which I took like twenty minutes ago. :)

LIGHTS' new CD Siberia. LOVE this. This is like... the first CD that I have bought since like grade one. No joke. Or maybe even before that. LIGHTS is amazing. If you don't know her, you have to listen to a few songs on the CD, at least. She's great. And she's Canadian, which is really cool hehe.

To help get rid of my horrible pimples. :) It seems to be working pretty well. There are little microbeads inside to get deep into pores and get our dirt. :)

So, that's pretty much it. Or maybe I bought more and can't remember. What did you guys buy over the break? If you shopped.
And do you like my boots? :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ello thar!

Long time, no post. xD I guess I'll start with a sincere apology:
I am very sorry, my beautiful, sexy and quite amazing followers/readers. I love you all. I apologize for thoroughly ditching you when you have never ditched me.
I be sorry.
I feel like a poopieface. I've been on Tumblr a lot xD
Well, I suppose I shall show you pre-prom pictures :)
(left to right) Felicia, me, Léa
H, me and Jasmine
me and Faith
Me. My friends were talking about how nice my butt looks. o.O
Pre-prom was tons of fun. I can't wait for prom! :D
And I've begun studying for exams and applying to colleges :) I hope I get accepted!
What else happened? Hmm... Nothing really. There was pre-prom... Um, OH. Something major happened with a certain person. Won't get into it. It has to do with a guy I like and I won't disclose any more info. -.-'
If you ever see my Tumblr however, you'll probably figure out what happened by the pictures I reblogged.
Anyways, I'll try to think of more stuff to update you on :) Laterzzz! :D

PS: I'll comment and whatnot later or tomorrow. :)
PPS: Oh and I took pictures at school with friends :)
Deedee, me, Jyoti
Deedee, me, Jyoti
Jyoti, Ayman, me
Me, Deedee, Jyoti

Tanya, me
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