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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ah, the troubles with being a girl.

So, yesterday was Halloween and there was a dance at my school.
It kind of sucked because the DJ kept messing up. But anyways, I had fun.
I am very embarrassed to admit that I'm in one of those super typical situations where there's this guy I like, but I don't think that he even notices my existence.
I wanted to ask him to dance with me at the school dance. Like, I really, really wanted to be like "Hey. You're hot. Let's dance."
But nooooo I don't have the courage. I'm not bold enough for that. Or gorgeous and super sexy.
Léa was telling me that I should walk up to him, squeeze his butt (which, by the way, looks very nice. Not that I stare at it or anything...) and ask him to dance.
She's crazy. And that's why I love her. But, still, she's crazy! I can't do that!
She went up to two guys and asked them if a girl squeezed their butts, what would they do. They said that they'd just squeeze the girl's butt back. So, she was really wanting me to do it. But I couldn't. Sigh.
She was even saying that I should ask him out! Like if I'd have the ability to do that.
I'd be like "Do you... d-d-d-d-d-do you... do y-y-y-you w-want to go ou-ou-ou... Do you want t-to go ouuuuu... Do you..."
What's a girl to do?! *sobs*
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PS: He had quite a cute costume :3

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David said...

Typical girl! ps. have they posted the circle of mums thing? :L

haze said...

HAHA! yes girl, that's a problem! Suffered from the same situation either. xx

mayen said...

awwww, i can totally relate. when I really like a guy, usually, i ignore him because i don't want him to find out that i like him. So i don't have advice on this matter. hehe..

Well, if one day you wake up and you got the courage to do what lea advice you. Go get him. haha..

Anonymous said...

Ugh, guys are so hard to understand sometimes. I wish I can give you a legit advice here, but I'm not so bold either when it comes to that lol.

One thing you can do though. Find a way to talk to him or get close to him. Like if you have him in a class or something.

Good luck!

P.S. You totes need to try anything veggie!

Lots of love, B
Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

Cindy said...

omggggg you sound just like me D: although now that I have a bf I can't check out other guys :( hahahahhahaha
umm I would seriously just stalk him like crazy on facebook and try and find some...common interests? or find out where he works and casually stop by haha. yeah let's hope he's not reading this blog :P

cricketfreak said...

I never tell a guy when I like him.

Vice Versa said...

It's okay, the prospect of telling a guy you like him is superscaryy, let alone squeesing his butt. :p

meandmythinkingcap said...

You are gorgeous and super sexy.
Too bad that guy doesnt know what he is missing, maybe he doesnt know that you are there, once he knows, he is going to be on cloud nine.
Walking up to a guy and squeezing his butt - WHAT? Do some crazy dance or laugh hard like Julia Roberts- Pretty woman - you would defintely make an everlasting impression.
Reminds me of my first job. We used to check out all hot guys and during lunch and training we ask other girls whether that particular hot guy was from her college or not.
We send her first to introduce herself " I am from xxx college too, and then we step in and say that we arent from that xxx college but from yyy college" and let the nature take its course.

FeliciaShortii said...

Your the most awesome girl in the world and if he doesn't know that hes stupid. Why didn't you just ask him. Your extremly pretty and we all love you. He probably likes you to but is shy so just ask him out if he says no move on to the next one. (Love that song and there other cute guys at are school. SEE I didn't put hot Lol) Anyways you should of asked him out. By the way we need to talk about who he is :) Lol love ya and your extremly pretty and don't forget it

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

Thanks everyone! <3
David, they posted them a while ago lol. We got an email with the questions XD

Bonnie said...

Guys like bold girls. The only reason I know that is because I got bolder once I got a little bit older. When I was in high school, I was the girl who liked someone but that person had no idea that I liked him because I was so quiet about it. I wish I had spoken up more. Try it. :) It might work!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

PurpleMist. said...

Hahaha, I think squeezing his butt would be just a LITTLE too much :P
But I agree with everyone above, you're lovely, I'm sure if he's a decent person, he'll like you a lot! So go for it :D

Oh and, you've got mail!

Of One Heart said...

I was about to type my comment here, but "you've got mail" made my heart melt. Must watch.

Ahem. Back to the point. Stop giggling just because he's around. Playing the ignore game helps. Draw attention by just displaying how awesome you are all the time.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Haha...what's a girl to do?!? Wait for the guy to ask her out instead--not track him down. At least then you know HE wants to be with you and not because he felt pressured by being asked or anything else in that matter :)

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

@Bonnie: Eeep! I'll try!
@PurpleMist.: LOL I really wanna do it though :O And thanks a lot :) I checked! Thanks!
@Of One Heart: Haha! Alright. I try that. But he's just so cute!
@Tuesdai Noelle: Haha! I think that's a good idea. But I don't know if I can wait! XD

ishashime said...

ah, girl troubles. :(
i feel you.

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

D; Thanks <3

Mark said...

It is tough but really you just have to go up there and do it.

Or drug him.

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