Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yay vlog!

I did a vlog :) So, yeah.
I did it when I hadn't been up for long. So, my brain wasn't working well. I did shout-outs, and if I didn't mention your name, it is because of my silly brain and the fact that I didn't write all the names I wanted to mention on a paper.
Enjoy :)
And thanks again for the views! <3 LOVE YOU ALL!

Sorry for not singing. I got carried away... XD
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Saturday, October 29, 2011


100 000 VIEWS, PEOPLE!
Can you believe this?! I have over 100 000 views! :O This is amazing. This is insane. This is... this is... holy smokes, I don't even know what this is.
But, really.
Can't believe this.
Oh... my... Gosh.
I think I'm going to cry. *Wipes at eyes*
Good God.
Thank you, everyone! OH MY GOSH. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have to make a vlog now. I have no choice. Once I get 100 000 views, a vlog must be made. Hm...
I videotaped myself singing a few days ago. Wanna see that?
Or should I make a vlog about getting 100 000 views and be like "Thanks everyone for giving me all these views!" etc.?
If I do a new vlog, I would love to get a cake and celebrate. But my rents would be like "Y U BUY CAKE?!"
So yeah. That won't work.
I feel so boss right now. Like seriously. I feel so good. My mood is like so amazing right now. I actually might be in the best mood of my life.
No joke.
I wonder when I'll reach 200 000?
500 000?
900 000?
1 000 000!? :O (Probably never)
Thank you, guys! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
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PS: I'm going to upload the video of me singing I think. I don't have time to make a new vlog. I'm going out to my step-mom's aunt's house and then tomorrow, I have to go to the library and type up and print my stupid English essay. -.-'
PPS: Never mind. I have just watched the video of me singing. It's horrible. So, I shall find the time to do a vlog. At some point... XD
Byeee! <3

Thursday, October 27, 2011


You guys must know that song by the Trololo guy :D BEST. SONG. EVAR.
No seriously, bros. It's so awesome that it's like Heaven to your eardrums.
If you have no clue what I'm talking about, watch this video:

Isn't it a masterpiece? :D
It's a viral video (teehee). So basically, everyone is talking about it. It's EVERYWHERE. On the door of one of the classrooms in my school, there's a pumpkin (drawn out of orange construction paper. How artistic.) with the signature troll face on it. Which is this:
What a gorgeous face. Ladies, please contain your orgasms.
I mean, look at that smile... With that huge black gap in-between the top set of teeth and the bottom. How sexy is that?!
Kay, so nothing interesting happened at school today. Um...
No nothing interesting happened.
I did my eyebrows. They look nice and shapely. I got them done for my grad picture tomorrow :D
Um, um, um.
Kay bye! <3
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome, Sierra! (An update on everything)

My older step-sister just gave birth four days ago to a beautiful baby girl :D
Her name is Sierra. She is so cute! Today, she was wearing this super adorable pink jacket that she doesn't really fit into yet because she's so tiny. Also, the jacket has no legs(which really amused me).
Now, not only do I have Sebastian being a weirdo, I also have this dude named Timothy in my psychology class who keeps tapping my chair with his foot. He sits behind me so yeah. It's not really annoying. It kind of amuses me. Because when I turn around to give him my Go-jump-off-a-cliff-before-I-stab-your-face-in-with-a-sharpened-pencil face, he winks and licks his lips.
It's quite amusing. My teacher moved our seats though, so I don't sit in front of him anymore. HA! TAKE THAT, TIMOTHY!
Um, what else?
I got three awards! :D
Well, technically two. I got the Versatile Blogger award from Caroline on October 19th, 2011 and from Cindy on October 23rd, 2011. And, the You're An Angel Award from Hazel on October 10th, 2011.
THANK YOU, LADIES! <3 You guys seriously made my day :)
Look what Hazel wrote! :D

Jodie/The Run-On Sentences Of Life - "Firecracker"

What I love most about your blog is that I feel so much of your energy coming through your posts! I've never experienced that with any other blogger so it's definitely an unique talent. Keep it up!

:D Thanks so much, Hazel! :) You are such a sweetheart :D

Um, um, um. What else is new. Oh! My graduation pictures are this Friday. My picture time is 3:40. I'm kind of excited because I get to wear makeup and look pretty. :)
In math class, my friend Tristan and I were putting words in my calculator.
He put in:
8008135 (BOOBIES)
So, I lol'd and put in:
1053 (LOSE)
(No idea why)
He said, "Pfft! Why so inappropriate, Jodie-Ann?"
I lol'd some more. xD
Oh and I got 98% on my math test! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thank you very much, calculator and brain. :)
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PS: Mostly, I'd like to thank my calculator.
PPS: I got the highest mark in the class. Not to brag or anything. My teacher, Ms. J. was like "The range for marks was from a [insert some number in 40s here, can't remember which number] to a 98.
Some dude in the front of the class was like "Holy crap who got 98?!"
I just smiled gleefully. :)
Things are looking up, my friends. :) Thank you for the wonderful comments! <3

Monday, October 24, 2011

As you can see,

I haven't blogged in about fifty years or so. My apologies for disappearing, guys!
I stopped blogging because I was feeling really crappy. I feel a bit better now. I don't want to go into why I was feeling crappy. But, it was like this huge cloud was just hanging over me.
Yep, it was just as depressing as it sounds.
Oh, and I've decided no more psychologist for me. My reason: I cannot live in my house anymore. As you all must know by now, my home life is absolutely horrible. If I become a psychologist, I need AT LEAST a PhD to get a job in Quebec. Do you KNOW how much school that is? How many years that is stuck in my house?
Hells to the no.
I would much rather take a three year program in college, start my career, move out, and maybe go back to school afterwards for my PhD.
I've already gone to open houses. I have to submit my application starting in mid January and the deadline is March first. So basically, I have to get interviewed or something for one college and for another, I have to write a letter of intent which I am really, really scared about.
I will try to blog tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I will. I will really try because I love blogging...
Anyways, bye!
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PS: I've been on Tumblr like everyday xD Just in case you want to send me some messages, or whatever. I'm always on it. So... yeah.
PPS: I have to say a huge thanks to my friends for getting me through this really depressing time. Because no really, it was depressing.
Jasmine, Bipreet, Felicia and Léa <3 Thanks a lot, girls. Love you!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shopping with Spazzypants! :D

I went shopping downtown with Jasmine today! :D
I bought:
A super cute sweatshirt.
A super cute pair of skinny jeans.
A super cute black scarf.
A super cute cow hat.
A super awesome writing book. :)

Jasmine bought a sailor hat, awesome glasses and a furry hat, lol. :D

It was so much fun :) There were really attractive dudes working at the stores, haha. One guy seemed gay to me and was SOOOOOOOO HOT OMG OMG OMG. I have to admit, it was mostly because of his stubble. I loooove stubble. It's, like, the sexiest thing ever. :) In my opinion. I love stubble, curly hair and British accents. If you have all, marry me :D If you have one or two, then you're still pretty hot. If you have none then me no want yew.
Sooo... pictures? :D

She was trying to squeeze a boob because the mannequin's nipples were poking out.
Photobooth! :D
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yeh yeh.

Today, I went out to a Halloween store. It was SO COOL. All the different types of costumes and stuff was cool. I didn't buy a costume though. I don't really... want one.
Anyways, it was lots of fun. :D There were these really cool statue-things. Me and my dad took pictures with them LOL.

LOL his other hand! XD

My dad was feeding him candy :D

Ditto :)
And, I was bored at home sooo:

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Friday, October 7, 2011


These people are monsters.
In psychology a few days ago, we watched Earthlings, which you can also watch online here.
WARNING: It is really disturbing. It's on animal cruelty. The things these people do to these poor animals made me so angry and so sad at the same time. They are MONSTERS. No normal human beings could do things like this! None! Not when anesthetics exist! Make the animals feel no pain, for God's sakes!
Kay, how would you like it if I decided, "Hmm. Your skin looks nice. But, it would look better on my feet." Then, I cut your throat and rip your skin off, just like that? Huh? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE THAT, YOU BOOBIE HEAD?!
...I'm going shopping with Jasmine on Sunday.
BTW: The movie is VERY graphic. So, be warned. Tears came out of my eyes from the horrible way the animals were treated.
It's not right.
Yeah, it's for food and clothing. But, they can be treated humanely. Not like they're garbage.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

NO WAY fact of the week! :D

THIS IS CRUEL:'Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia' is the fear of long words.
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My male gym teacher was dancing to Madonna.

No joke.
In gym class, we have to do utter stupidities like jog around the ENTIRE school in the FREEZING weather in a t-shirt and shorts. Multiple laps, I must add.
Then, we must return to class and get on the fancy-smancy bikes that I can't figure out how to set properly. And these fancy-smancy rowing machines that I have to admit are pretty awesome. Then we went on some circuit thing... IT. WAS. HORRIBLE.
ANYWAYS. We were exercising to eighties songs LOL. And my teacher was dancing around like a maniac. XD It was SOOO funny.
Really. Hilarious.
Before we went outside, he was like, "Everyone take your shirts off. Yes, even you girls. You can go out in your bras."
We all stared at him.
Some girl said, "Is he serious?"
Then, he laughed and said, "LET'S GO!"
He's... normal. Totally normal.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pictures with Jasmine at school :)

Taken from her iPad :D
(Yes, this silly child took it to school)

We're awesome.
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No, I haven't died.

I haven't blogged in, like... a week. I've been so busy! What with my birthday and stuff. Family from the States came over so all weekend I was with them. I came home late yesterday because I had AP Psychology after school and late Monday because I had something to do Monday after school that I can't remember right now.
I got tons of money! :D For my birthday. I can't wait to go shopping this weekend with Spazzypants.
And, a friend of the family named Chris who lives in the States got me a Literati! :D
It's really cool. It's powered by Kobo so it works in Canada. :) I already got a few books on it :D Tipping The Velvet by Sarah Waters and Welcome To Temptation by Jennifer Crusie. I love anything by Jennifer Crusie. She's my absolute favourite author :D
So, yeah I'm still alive and I'm going to try to blog continuously. Not like once every zillion years. xD
Me, an aunt and my bro who for some reason looks high.
Me, an aunt and my bro. LOL, her eyes XD
This one looks normal. Hehe.
Me at my sweet sixteen :)

Me and my Aunt Myrna!! <3 

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PS: Looking for a cool tumblr?! Come here.
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