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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So, since I've been gone, I have gotten a few awards. :D I feel so special! :O
I was checking out my comments and saw that I had gotten awards. I spazzed, of course as I always do xD And danced around a bit. :D
Now, onto the award-accepting-and-giving ceremony!
I got an award from iZaynab at iLowLife and Hamza at Teenage Mutiny! :D
And the award is... drum roll, please... :D
The Xxtraordinary Blogger Award! =D YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! :D I feel so special :D

Zaynab said:
3 ) Jodie - Ann at ...The Run-On Sentences of Life... .
Lord her blog is so amazing. iReally think she is a total awesome blogger.
It would take a while to say everything that is great about her,
But she really posts on such a variety of things and is very
creative ~

Isn't that amazing?! I feel SO SPECIAL! LOVE YOU, ZAYNAB!!! <3 

And, Hamza said:
#20 Jodie Ann of "The Run-on-Sentences of Life":-
Her blog and she both are simply extra-ordinary. I have been following her Blog for monhs and she's GREAT. Go and say hi to her!

THANK YOU, HAMZA!!! :D Your blog is great and so are you :D I'm so happy with this award. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :D

So, the rules are:
1) No 7 things about me shit. Nobody wants to know anything about you.
2) Just thank me again and again.
3) Post about this on your blog.
4) Pass this award(s) to ten Bloggers.
5) Donot forget to link this post in your posts.
6) Bye, there is no sixth rule.
7) Stop reading the rules and move on, idiot!

So, I shall pass this on to ten bloggers. :)

UN: Dee at The Journey is the Reward! She's great. :D Her blog is so interesting to read. Especially since she's from South Africa. It's fascinating to see her pictures and to read about what she has to say. She has a great writing style and she's BAWWSS. LOVE HER.

DEUX: Fiona at Voice of A Nerd! Fiona is adorable. I love her. We've been following each other's blogs for a while and when I go o the computer to blog, she's one of the first blogs to visit. :D I love her writing style and everything. And as usual, I shall spaz about her awesome header: OMGHERHEADERISSOAWESOMEOMGOMGOMGOMG!

TROIS: Furree Katt at... well, Furree Katt. XD She already got this award, but I'm going to give it to her again. :D 'Cause she's awesome. And I LOVE THAT GIRL!

QUATRE: David at Hi I'm Davidd! I only recently started to follow David and he's AWESOME. I found out about his amazing blog because he was a part of the Top 25 Kid Bloggers contest. :D He's great and you should definitely check him out.

Okay, so, I'm going to stop here because my computer is giving me lots of trouble(blue screens). So, I'm trying to finish this post as quickly as possible.

I got another award from cricketfreak at BhadrAwr! :D It's A Blog Award for Brightening my Day! :D

I'm soo happy! :D Thanks a lot, cricketfreak! And look what she said about me!

 This award goes to Jodi-AnnDuhBawss, at The Run-On Sentences Of Life.
She was-I think-the second to follow my blog, and her blog is amazing.
She always has fun, cool stuff, and she updates really often.
And I feel happy when I read her blog-she brightens my day.

:D This is amazing :D I give this award to the same people that I gave my other award to. So, you guys get two awards :D
I have more people I can give it to, but my computer is being really ridiculous. So, anyone can take these awards, if you want it xD
Byee!! And thanks SO MUCH for these awards!! :D I'm going to add them to my Award Cabinet page :)
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10 run-on sentences.:

Anonymous said...

aww! you deserve all of these awards!

p.s. jodie, i'm really sorry (again) for not watching your vlogs. i have some issue with our internet... hehe.

welcome back!

cricketfreak said...

congratulations on the awards :D

PurpleMist. said...

Yayyy! Congrats on the awards, you totally deserve them :D

Furree Katt said...

:D congratulations!
and thank you for awarding me ♥ i love you toooooo!

Delilah said...

You deserve them alright! =D Congratulations.

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

@haze: Aw thanks!! And it's okay :) Thanks a lot :D
@cricketfreak: Why thank you, ma'am :D
@PurpleMist.: Thank youu!
@Furreeeee: Thank youuu! :D And you're welcome :D <3 <3
@Delilah: THANK YOUUUU!! :D

ishashime said...

congratulations, Jodie-Ann. you deserve them! wooohoo! :D

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

Thank you!! <33

David said...

YAY! An award for me ? :D

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...


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