Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Look what Léa lent me!

She lent me this:

How awesome is she? She is too awesome for words. I LOVE YOU, LÉA <3
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First day of school today. Shall I read my classes?
English (uh... English)
Entrepreneurship (owning a business)
Mathematics Cultural (regular math. Which really sucks because I was in advanced before. But, there are three levels, Cultural, Technical and Scientific. I was in Technical and this year there IS no Technical. So, I had to either pay 200 and something for a bridge course into Scientific this year or don't do the course and stick with being in Cultural. And you know what sucks? I have Ms. J. She's awesome, so that's not why I don't want to have her. It's because of what happened that I feel all awkward around her. I was actually planning to avoid her class all year.)
Phys. Ed & Health (Gym WHY OH WHY?! This year, my gym class is with the boys. How will I survive? I'll make a fool of myself in front of guys. WHYYYY?!)
French Second Lang (French. Apparently my teacher is evil. I have no clue. Jasmine told me that XD)
Intro. to Psychology (How awesome is this?! :D)
Advance Dance (YAY!)
Contemporary World (Just what's going on in the world today.)
Yay school. (Sarcasm)
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Circle of moms questions.

I got my questions for the Circle Of Moms interview.
Because it's a circle of MOMS thing, naturally they ask questions about my mom. I'll stick to answering them according to my stepmom but dammit I hate these questions...
I always think I should answer it about my mom but I can't remember because I was four and then I feel bad because maybe I should have remembered and then I think I should just stick with my step-mom but I still feel immensely guilty...
You know what? I give up. I'll answer the questions another day. I have till some time in September. Maybe I'll answer them tomorrow. Or the next day...
Never mind. I'll do it now and get it over with. -.-' I don't want to deal with this any other day.
My answer is so short and half-assed. Sigh. FML.
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Ah, I love little kids. :)

Today on the bus, I sat beside this seat that had a Rice Krispies wrapper on it.
This little kid went to sit on it and as he was climbing up(because yes, he was that small), he picked up the wrapper, looked at me and put it in my lap.
I had to press my lips together so I wouldn't laugh. It was SOOOO funny. Everyone sitting around me was doing the same as me.
It was quite funny. XD
And OMG! School tomorrow! D; The first day. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *sobs*
My summer is over. ;(
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Monday, August 29, 2011


I think YES.
I am obsessed with the show The L Word. It's a show about the lives and loves of a group of lesbian women. It's THE BEST DRAMA SHOW EVER.
Love it.
Did I mention I love it?
If you'd like to watch it online, here's the link. Just scroll down. :)
It's a great show and it's SO FUNNY.
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The longest sigh ever.

This morning, I called the library to ask if I had an ereader if I could borrow a book with it from the library. I forgot about the opening hour and called too early.
So, anyways, I kept being transferred.
Like, I call, someone answers and they're like "Un moment s'il vous plait." (One moment, please.) Then, I hear horrible elevator music and offers in French. XD Then, someone else picks up and they're like "Un moment s'il vous plait." Elevator music again AND offers. And warnings about "Be safe while driving..." WTF?!
Finally, someone answers and actually talks to me. I ask them my question and they're like "*SUUUUUPER long sigh* No, you have to borrow an ereader here with books loaded onto it from the library."
It was SO hard for me to not laugh. I thought I would pee my pants. It was SO funny. The sigh was like 10 seconds long.
Like the sigh of someone who has the world on his shoulders.
I was wayyy too amused.
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Secrets. Sort of.

I brought a dress of mine to the dry cleaners like three weeks ago and haven't picked it up yet. I think I should do that soon.
I started writing a gay romance but never really went anywhere with it.
I like to read yaoi and yuri manga :3 On MangaFox.
I enjoy calling Jasmine a bewb-face.
I started a writing a lesbian romance and never finished that either. -.-'
I'm not really getting anywhere with my paranormal romance writing. Maybe I should stick to humorous romance?
I love British boys.
Did I mention I love British boys?
I like guys who like to read.
I like guys with British accents. Oh, here we return to the British boys thing. XD
I like the color black. Yes, I believe it's a color.
My favorite genre to read is romance.
I prefer novels with LBGT protagonists.
I am a HUGE fan of Twilight. Can't wait for Breaking Dawn! I've been a fan since like 2007. Back when there wasn't so much publicity. -.-' I think the publicity ruined it.
I love my daddy. And I call him daddy, not dad. I am a real daddy's girl. XD
I think that's enough sort-of-secrets for today. :]
What are some of yours? Mind sharing in the comments? :D
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

NO WAY Fact of the week!

Elmo is voiced by a 50-year-old black man!

How odd. O.O
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How to get TONS of Twitter followers.

Hey, everyone :D I just found an awesome way to get TONS of Twitter followers fast. I just got like... nearly 100 in less than a minute!
Honestly, I don't care about Twitter. The only reason I'm trying to get lots of followers is because this blog tweets its posts onto it. Seriously, like half of my traffic is from Twitter. SO, if I increase my followers in Twitter, I increase my views to this blog. :)
Genius isn't it?
Anyways, here's what you do:
STEP ONE: Go to TwitClub.
STEP TWO: Connect you Twitter account with it.
STEP THREE: Click on Join Group tab.
STEP FOUR: Simply follow everyone in he group. They AUTOMATICALLY follow you back.
That's it. :)
Yes, I know, it's the lazy way out. But who cares?! XD
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I totally just spazzed.

I finished reading Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas.
WHY?! WHY MUST IT END?! *tugs at hair*
This book is AMAZING.
Okay, so, it's about this woman named Haven Travis who gets married to this BEEEEEEP named Nick against her father's wishes. They divorce because Nick is a BEEEEEEEEEEEP of the highest order. Then, Haven starts getting closer to this dude named Hardy Cates(how awesome is that name?!) who is a total roughneck and he is the Blue-Eyed Devil. He is so good-looking, guys will go gay for him.
Okay, well if I were gay, I'd totally go straight for him.
No, really. I am so not kidding.
So anyways, there is a catch. Hardy is the family's enemy. But, he for some reason really likes Haven and she really likes him. But, she must guard her heart because of that stupid BEEEEEEEEEP Nick. She is afraid to get into any relationship because well, to put it simply, Nick basically ruined her whole perception of men as a whole.
So anywho... you're in for a very fun ride if you read this.

What I Liked:
-SO FUN TO READ. It had no boring part at all. I had a blast reading this.
-SO FUNNY. At some points, I was reading at night and I had to cover my mouth so my parents wouldn't hear me laugh like a crazy person.
-So addicting! I love a book that makes you never want to put it down.
-Characters are very attractive. ;) Hardy Cates... mmmmmmmmmm... I have to admit, even Nick was attractive. Dang it. -.-'
-Great characterization. :D

What I Did Not Like:
-Nothing. :)

I have this book ***** out of 5 stars. If I ever said you had to read a book before, well scratch those, you need to read THIS ONE. Like right now. Really. This book is different than the other super spicy ones. This is also super spicy (obviously) but it has a real plot that interests you like mad. I fell in love with the characters. At one point, I nearly cried when something happened to Haven. That's how close I was with the characters.
This author is GOOOOOOOOOD.
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Friday, August 26, 2011


LOL someone looked this up and got my blog:

inconvenience of the name jodie

Am I the only one who's highly amused?
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Joan Jett <3
'Nuff said.
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A chip of a book.

The book I'm reading is evil. It has, like... mind controlling powers. No- body controlling.
I started reading it at 8:30 PM last night and stopped at like 12 something AM. Can you believe that? And then, I woke up at like 7 something this morning and continued reading. I haven't finished yet but I only have like thirty pages left.
Last night, I couldn't stop reading. It's soooo good! *claws at face wildly*
It's like a bag of original Lays chips. You're kind of reluctant to start it because it's plain and kind of boring when you could get a delicious bag of super cheesy Nachos or something. But then, you start it and you can't stop eating it.
THAT is what the book Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas is like.
Dang it's good.
I think I'll just read a little bit...
NO. Stay away from that devil-spawn of a book, Jodie. Stay away. Read it later.
Why am I writing to myself?
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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hey, guys! I went to an amusement park with Jasmine yesterday. IT WAS SO FUN! :D
Her aunt/godmother, mom, cousins, her brother, her brother's best friend's mom, her brother's best friend and her brother's best friend's sister. :)
*Thank you, Jasmine for the clarification. I made the pictures smaller so because yes it does help, so BE PLEASED.
Anyways, her cousins were little and were SO ADORABLE. OMG OMG.
And her brother is awesome. :P
Jasmine's wearing her awesome new Falling In Reverse tee :)

Pedo face :D

LOL someone wrote that XD

Look how high up we are! D; This was taken from the Ferris Wheel. I was horrified the whole time!


Yum yum :)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am addicted to Tumblr.

For the fun of it, I blame Jasmine. ;]   x
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Random Hilariousness, Much Awesomeness

How awesome is that? That is what an awesome blogger Ezazi called me. :D OMG OMG I LOVE YOU, EZAZI! <3
She gave me the Drunk Butterfly Award :D
Isn't it beautiful?
Good God. It's so sexy. Mhmm. How you doin' good lookin'?
Soooo... this is the super sweet message she said about me!!

Jodie - Random Hilariousness, Much Awesomeness
Her blog is one of the oldest I know and though we started following each other quite recently, I think I'm in love with her blog already. Yeah, ALREADY.

OMG. :D She's so amazing. <3 I am so flattered! Honestly. This is amazing. I get a super sexy award AND a super sweet message. :D I am so fortunate. You know what this calls for?
*grabs award and runs*
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PS: Yay! Another award to add to my cabinet! MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! >:D

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bracelet giveaway :)

Bree at Viva La Breee is having a bracelet giveaway! Check it out :)
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"Can I have a bucket with ice?"

*Shout out to Ezazi! She has a great blog! It's so funny :3*
So, last night, I went to a BBQ.
In. The. RAIN.
Well, there was a tent kind of thing so we weren't wet. But anyways. The food was good. The cake was AMAZING.
When I got there with my parents and siblings, I saw this girl K who goes to my school. People say we look alike but, I don't think so.
ANYWAYS, I said hi politely because she is an acquaintance to me. We never talk. So.... yeah.
So I did my little awkward/super polite wave and she was like "Hi!" and pulled me into a hug. I was so taken aback I nearly stumbled. XD
Anyways, we were chilling together afterwards. She, Jermaine(step-bro) and Nikita(step-sis) were playing Fruit Ninja against each other on their iPods.
K kept winning. XD
Anyways, at some point, we were chilling in the kitchen and some dude comes in. He was like "Can I have a bucket with ice in it please?"
And he was asking US. So, we were like "whuttt?" because it's not our house. We have no idea where to get a bucket with ice in it.
The dude was clearly drunk. He laughed and asked, "A bucket. With ice in it?"
Jermaine: "I don't have a bucket."
The dude: "Neither do I." *Laugh uproariously*
Me, Nikita, Jermaine and K glance at each other. XD
The dude, *hand gestures* "I don't think you guys understood my question. Let me rephrase it. I need a bucket. With ice inside." *laughing again*
It took a while before he asked someone who lived at the house and she gave him what he wanted.
It was quite amusing. :3
At some point, the dude was asking my dad something about a hose or something. He was like, "Do you know how to open this pipe?"
My dad (because the guy is so drunk he's swaying and annoying everyone by saying stupid stuff): "You can turn it to your face and open it."
I loled.
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

52. Owned.

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51. I need my booze!

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Good God in Heaven.

During the 2008/2009 school year, there are some facts you should know about:
1) I was in the eighth grade.
2) I was insane.
3) The reason for number 2 is because: I HAD AN AFRO.

Can you believe that? I had an afro. I kid you not, my friends. It was a real, coarse, horrible afro.
Would you like to see?
Of course you would. It's absolutely ridiculous. But DON'T LAUGH.
Or I eat you.
Jasmine and I.

Look at that monstrosity thriving in its natural habitat...
Jasmine's face is hilarious. XD
I'll probably delete this post... LOL.
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

50. Pip pip cheerio.

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I laughed so loudly at this. I have no clue why it amused me so much, but it did. XD
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PS: Okay, I'll stop posting. LOL.

49. I got mah eyes on you.

Man, that fro is insane.
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PS: OMG I had one like that! EEEEEEP!

48. I'm too sexy for my shirt.

Oh yeah. Total sex bomb.
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This summer, I feel like I have bored you. It's almost over... just a few weeks and I'm back to school and basically, my summer is over.
Seriously, all I have done this summer was chill in my room on the computer or reading romances. Like a big, fat, lazy slob.
And it was quite fun :D
During school time, at least interesting stuff happen. Like teachers act weird and friends act... weird. And stuff happen.
Um... yeah, that was my crazy twin... don't mind her. She's just a little... insane.
SO! I have no idea what to blog about and I feel like I have bored you all unbelievably. So, I shall shut up and leave you all alone. XD
I'd just love to say that I've started a new novel. I always start new novels. O.o
Anyways, this one is a paranormal romance. :) I think it will be fun to write. Hehehehehe.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

I made a Tumblr!

I made a Tumblr everyone :D
If you have one as well, would you mind following? :)
I got the name for it from Haze. I hope you don't mind, Haze :)
look up and remember the stars.
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This made me laugh:
Hahahahahahaha XD EPIC!
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