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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Um... a little help here, please?

I have just posted up a poll. It's just asking whether I should have a Facebook fan page for this blog. :)
I know, I know, I asked this already. But, I didn't have many readers then so I didn't really get any responses. BUT, I have lots of readers now! (Sort of)
So, maybe I'll get more answers :D (I hope)
So yeah. Please vote :) It would be awesome. I can't decide and it's irritating me so much that it is a struggle to refrain from banging my head against a wall a bit.
Soooo... help me please to prevent brain damage!
Oh and I recorded a vlog today. I'll edit it and whatnot. Then upload it. Then entertain you guys with my utter stupidity.
I shall comment on your posts later because it's 1:05 AM and I should be sleeping. Okay, so I admit, I'm not going to sleep. I'm going to read one of my super sexy romances. I finished The Girl With the Blah Blah and it was AWESOME. Review coming up later. Along with the vlog.
Night! Morning? :$
LOVE YOU, HOMIES! Keep frosted.
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PS: I was just playing Sims 3 Ambitions. WHUTTTT. Going mental from how awesome it is. I honestly forgot about the world while I was playing. But, hey I'm not the only one who forgets about everything while playing The Sims so... yeah.
I should be sleeping. I sound like a senile old lady.
PPS: I want ice cream...
PPPS: How come my brain never shuts up when I want it to?

14 run-on sentences.:

apple said...

why not? i'll surely like your page. i just voted. :D

PurpleMist. said...

I'll like your page on facebook but I don't know if it will do much. I decided not to make one for now at least. It doesn't really get us new followers or anything. Just a chance that MAYBE more people will start to look at the blog.
Hmmm, but you're so famous on here!
haha, up to you :D

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I don't use Facebook so much but I'd say GO FOR THE FACEBOOK PAGE. because I did it too :)

You have been awarded at my Blog!!!!
Go check it out.
Your number is (17)

Dee said...

Yip. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is awesome (once you start scan reading the boring-financial-jargon-mumbo-jumbo). The sequels didn't disappoint me either. :)

cricketfreak said...

you have been awarded !

Furree Katt said...

for a minute i thought 'the girl with the blah blah' was a real book. LOL
i voted on your poll, in favor of a facebook page.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

I'd say, just go for it. You'll never know until you try. :)

mayen said...

Go for it. I voted and the go for it is winning. Anyway, I so excited to see the vlog.. you know I love it. Thanks for making look like a idiot laughing in front of my computer whenever I watch your vlog. haha..

Sim3 ambitions.. Aww, i'm so jealous, mine doesn't have expansion yet. I agree that playing sims makes us forget the world. I think I will never outgrow sims. :)

Delilah said...

I think you should. If you don't mind everyone from your fb account (like people who know you in person) reading everything you spill here i.e.
and vlog vlog vlog!

Adrian Paul said...

The SIMS is AMAZING! I usually forget there's a world around me as well while playing it! Super depressing! Gonna vote here pretty soon. =]. GET SOME SLEEP!

ishashime said...

and yes, sims does make us forget the world. sigh. :)

Anonymous said...

YES! PLEASE DO! :D and voted!

hehe :D

iZaynab said...

Lord my sister just bought Sim 2 for her DS.
What a considence ~
{ Or how ever you must spell it. }
But iChoose yes; iWouldn't mind liking your page.

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

@EVERYONEEEE: Thanks everyone for your votes :D And yeah Sims 3 is like a drug :o

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