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Thursday, July 7, 2011

"I had to use a different kind of female intelligence..."

I'm not sure if I got the quote right, but whatever. It was something along those lines. :)
Really. It was.
And yeah, Female Intelligence by Jane Heller. The story of a woman named Lynn Wyman who thinks that she can change the way men and women communicate with each other for the better. So, she makes a bet with her four friends that she can make Brandon Brock, the world's toughest boss into the world's most sensitive boss. And of course, in "winning the bet, she loses her heart"(the quote was something like that).

What I liked:
-Funny and fast paced. It didn't slow down for a second. And that's what I liked. I didn't get bored at any part and the funny one-liners just kept coming. Ms. Heller has a great sense of humor. I kept laughing and laughing xD
-Characters that were normal. Average-looking. Good looking in their own ways. It's cool to see characters who look like average people do. Not like models.
-Shocking. At one point, I started shouting OH MY GOD NO OH MY GOD NO!

What I didn't like:
-I didn't really connect to the characters. I didn't care about them that much. When the heroine lost the hero for a bit(because all romances have a separation of the main couple and then a reconciliation), I didn't care that much. When I should have.
-The characters were not very attractive. I know, I know, I said I liked that before. But I like and don't like it. I love books where the characters are incredibly good looking better than if they're just okay looking. I mean, does the description "His top lip was so thin that it nearly disappeared into his face" or something like that make you want to be interested in him? It's like Ms. Heller purposely tried to make her characters ugly. Not ugly, but... just unnatractive. o.O
-Kind of predictable. Okay, so everyone knows that the couple will be separated temporarily. There's even a name for it in romance novels: "The Black Moment". I know, because I study up on romance novels because that is my chosen genre for writing. I enjoy stories where TBM is surprising. Just when you think everything is going excellently, BAM. Something horrible happens(TBM). But, in this story, I knew it was going to happen. And I knew when. The way she wrote that everything between the couple was going excellently, I could sense it. Unlike some authors who write in a way that you'd never know when TBM was going to happen.
-Not very descriptive sex scene. I like descriptive sex scenes because one: they are a great help for when I write my own sex scenes because of my lack in that department. Also, I'm a perverted teenager and I. NEED. MY. SEX. SCENES. VERY. VERY. VERY. DESCRIPTIVE.

Rating: **** (out of five)
So, I do recommend it to romantic comedy lovers. :)
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Anonymous said...

Bah, I dislike when the characters aren't bombshells haha. I like imaginine sexy peices of asssss.

I do love romantic comedies though, so I may look into this :)

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

Haha!!!!!! And yay! :D I think you'll like it :)

cricketfreak said...

You like descriptive sex scenes? I'm sure a lot of us do, but very few of us will admit it;P Brave girl

PurpleMist. said...

Hahaha, well now I really want to read this!

Delilah said...

Good review.
The Black Moment. I did not know that they had a term for that.
I don't do romantic comedies =| I like the cover of your current book though ;) I'm waiting for the review of that one.

iZaynab said...

Huzzah for nice looking characters to fantasize about.
& Woot for those sex scene.
I'm just like whatever if they don't want to explain it. But that's because the book isn't mainly about sex iGuess. iDon't know ~
Fantastic review.

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

@cricketfreak: Haha! Thanks!
@PurpleMist: Read it!! :D
@Delilah: Thanks :) And LOL romantic comedies are AWESOME!! :O Well, to each her own. :) And cool, I'll post it when I'm done.
@iZaynab: Lol I guess xD And thank you!

ishashime said...

i seriously laughed at the last couple of lines of this post. xD

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

Lmao :D

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