Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


I would just like to let you guys know that the reason I have been MIA for the past few days is because my stepmom banned me from the computer. I don't know when I will be unbanned but it had better be soon because it's pissing me off. I'm using an itouch and right now it's a pain in the butt. I miss you guys ;(

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Um... a little help here, please?

I have just posted up a poll. It's just asking whether I should have a Facebook fan page for this blog. :)
I know, I know, I asked this already. But, I didn't have many readers then so I didn't really get any responses. BUT, I have lots of readers now! (Sort of)
So, maybe I'll get more answers :D (I hope)
So yeah. Please vote :) It would be awesome. I can't decide and it's irritating me so much that it is a struggle to refrain from banging my head against a wall a bit.
Soooo... help me please to prevent brain damage!
Oh and I recorded a vlog today. I'll edit it and whatnot. Then upload it. Then entertain you guys with my utter stupidity.
I shall comment on your posts later because it's 1:05 AM and I should be sleeping. Okay, so I admit, I'm not going to sleep. I'm going to read one of my super sexy romances. I finished The Girl With the Blah Blah and it was AWESOME. Review coming up later. Along with the vlog.
Night! Morning? :$
LOVE YOU, HOMIES! Keep frosted.
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PS: I was just playing Sims 3 Ambitions. WHUTTTT. Going mental from how awesome it is. I honestly forgot about the world while I was playing. But, hey I'm not the only one who forgets about everything while playing The Sims so... yeah.
I should be sleeping. I sound like a senile old lady.
PPS: I want ice cream...
PPPS: How come my brain never shuts up when I want it to?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Over 15, 000 page views in ONE MONTH!! YESSSSS!
I feel so bawwss right now that it's unbelievable.
Really, it is.
Thank you all SO MUCH. I love you all. :)
I think I'll do a vlog at the park. :]
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My fave fashion blog.

K so this is now my fave fashion blog.
I am OBSESSED with it. OBSESSED. I don't even know why because I'm not interested in fashion blogs at all. But this blog is amazing! I can't stop reading it! Why is it so good?! It's like candy I can't stop eating. It's, like... wow.
Love it. I am reading every single post on that blog. No joke. Starting from the beginning. Right now. K, gonna go read it now for like the next few hours or so. XD
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R.I.P., Amy Winehouse.

Delayed, I know. But whatever.
Anyways, R.I.P., Amy. You will be missed.
I honestly don't know what else to say about her. I wasn't a HUGE fan. Actually, the only song I know sung by her is Rehab. And I really liked that song...
ANYWHO! Amy, you will be missed by fans, family and friends. MUCH LOVE, BRUH. <3 You were awesome and you had awesome hair that I think Snooki stole from you and made horrible and Jersey Shore-ish.
Amy Jade Winehouse 1983-2011
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NO WAY! fact of the week :]

Quebec attempted to secede from Canada in 1995, but the vote fell short by less than 1%.
Yeah, I admit I chose this one because it's about where I live. Basically, in 1995, there was a referendum for Quebec to split from Canada and become it's own country. But, they only needed a bit more votes to be separated. Thank God they missed those votes!! :O I am proud to be a Canadian. If I was only a Quebecois, I know my parents would leave Quebec. Actually, MANY people would leave. I know ninety-eight percent of the English people living in Quebec would leave. The French would stay because most of them want to be separated. To protect their French heritage and whatever.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

And in case you guys find him scary, this is him too:

Love you, Ronnie Radke ;)
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ROFL. My step brother Jermaine just mooned me. GOOD GOD. XD
He just came in my room, turned his back to me and pulled down his pants. Then, he ran away laughing.
I screamed in horror, of course.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Taneshia's baby shower!

So, yesterday was my older step-sister Taneshia's baby shower. It was tons of fun! :D Lots of food and stuff. Oooh and there was a punch with fruits in it and some alcohol. Heehee.
Shhhh ;)
So yeah. FUN. Errmmm... oh and music. And we took tons of pictures on my step-mom's camera. I don't have those but yeah.
And Taneshia's boyfriend Kevin gave a speech after. It was cool :D He seemed really excited to get a baby girl. Haha :D
So, pics I took with my cell phone:

Jasmine siting on my bed... o.O


Taneshia recieving Jasmine's gift :D

And the gift I got Taneshia:

It's an album type thing. You put pictures, memorable objects and write milestones. :)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

It's over! Merci beaucoup, DIEU. :)

The Top 25 Kid Bloggers contest is OVER! And I actually feel relieved. I kind of don't like contests. I become very competitive XD
Anywho, it was fun being a part of it. I'm VERY proud that I was nominated and that I'm in second place! WOOT WOOT!
So, thanks SO MUCH, everyone who voted for me. You guys are all absolutely amazing. <3
I would give all of you disgustingly awesome smooches and hugs if you were near me(basically, stay away for your own safety. I must be on a leash before you are permitted near me.)
You guys helped me get to second place.
YOU guys cheered me up when I was jealous of annoyed with the Tiger Daughter.
YOU guys are my lovelies <3
I love you all. You're like cheerleaders for me. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you :) Really, I don't.
Apparently, there'll be interview questions.(Oooh yay!) This should be fun. I can show people just how insane I am.
Always fun to scare off future readers. Or entice them to visit Rosol. Depends on what type of person the reader is.
Don't I scare you guys? I'm so crazy. XD
I really want some orange juice for some reason...
OH! The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is AMAZING. You guys were right, of course. It got much better. It's unbelievable actually how much better it got. :O
I can't stop reading it. I read it all night last night and ALL DAY TODAY. Now, I'm gonna read all night tonight. It's like four hundred and something pages and I'm at... like... two hundred and something.
I'll post a review once I finish. Then, I'll borrow the other two in the series from the library one shot. :D
Peace, my homies!
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PS: Oh yeah, and ideas on what to talk about for my vlog? Or shall I ramble about a pet peeve of mine?
PPS: "Mercy beaucoup, Dieu" means "Thank you very much, God" in French :)

Getcho' OWN!

So, this will be little a rant. Haven't had one in a while. So... this one will probably suck.
Don't you hate it when people steal your food? Okay, so maybe it's selfish not to offer, but still. Dude, you can't just TAKE my food, yo.
I bought it, didn't I? (Or my parents did...)
Did we get it together? I don't think so. HENCEFORTH, you go and get one and you eat it and you leave me alone to enjoy mine in peace.
It's just really irritating. You're eating having a good time because eating is, like, the best thing to do on your spare time. So, you're just stuffing your face, pleasing your tummy and then BAM.
Your bacon is gone.
(Insert horrible name here), did I TELL you you can touch my bacon? No one touches my bacon!
Then, you must fight for it and then they LICK it so you won't want it again. Then, they just smile at you all proud of themselves while you're trying to remember their address so you can kill them while they sleep.
I mean really... I'd go to jail if I've got my bacon. As long as I can take it with me. HA! Can you imagine some dude is being arrested because he killed someone because they stole his bacon and he has bacon in his hands while the police are arresting him. So, he like throws his bacon under a car while shouting "YOU CAN TAKE ME AWAY BUT YOU CAN NEVER TAKE MY BACON!"
Then you see a police officer gets the bacon from under the car and eats it. AND he puts the guy in jail.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

43. I got money to blowww.

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New musical obsessions! ;)

So, my new musical obsessions!
Cat Daddy by The Rej3cts

Chris Brown looks very sexy in this video ;O Mmmmmhmmm.

She's Dope by Down With Webster

Caught Like A Fly by Falling In Reverse(a bit of swearing)

The chorus is AMAZING.

I'm Not A Vampire by Falling In Reverse(a bit of swearing)

Juicy by Biggie Smalls(swearing, but an AMAZING song)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Started reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo yesterday.
Hate it. It's going soo slowly. Nothing interesting is happening and I'm at page, like seventy-something. Ridiculous. The author supposed to capture the reader's attention around this part. Is that happening?
The only reason I'm still reading is because people who reviewed the book said that it's very slow at first but gets better after.
Anyways, I went to La Ronde today(amusement park). It was SO MUCH FUN! I was chillin' with my home slices having DUH BOMB!
Really, it was awesome.
I only took two pictures but I look like an idiot in the other one so I'm not uploading it :D
My friend Alisha and I :D
See the sweat? It was ridiculously hot. RIDICULOUSLY. Actually, it's the first day of a heat wave. xD
I was sweating like mad.
But, it was fun and I'm going again soon. :) Next week. Heehee.
I ate tons of cotton candy and a double cheeseburger from McDonald's on my way home. And I drank SO. MUCH. SODA. I have never been that thirsty in my LIFE.
No joke. NEVER.
Anywho, byee! <3
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NO WAY fact if the week. :)

The #1 most shoplifted book of all time? THE BIBLE.
Ironic, is it not?
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I will not give up.

I'm not going to give up on the contest.
I. Will. Not. Give. UP!
Okay, so maybe I should give up seeing as the person ahead of me has over 100 votes more and the contest ends in four days.
But, I will not give up! WILL NOT.
I'm giving out the link to my vote on every social network that I can think of. I'm giving it out to friends...
I dunno what else to do.
Can you guys vote for me? I know it probably doesn't make a difference, but I'd like it MUCH better if I lost with a difference of, like, fifty votes than a hundred.
And maybe you guys are wondering, "Who cares about this stupid contest? If you lose, you lose. Get over it!"
But, no. I will not get over it. I want to win. I've never wanted to win something this badly. -.-
Maybe it's because if I win, it could help my blog SO MUCH. And I can do a post of my fave bloggers to help them more popular too. Because if lots of people come to my blog and read the post, they will see your links and will probably go to them. And I love helping out my fellow bloggers.
Or, maybe it's because I know the other person is only winning because of her mom and not because of her own blog. She has like fifteen posts in total. And they're all just answering questions that fans of her mother ask her. -.-
Or maybe it's because she's NOT A KID.
There are so many bloggers in the contest who deserve to win because of how much work they've put into their blogs. They have EARNED it. They deserve to win because they've worked hard.
I believe strongly in hard work. Sigh.
Anyways, before I irritate you guys, I'll shut up XD
Byeee! xox,
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PS: Vote if you can. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


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Pic-O-Rama, baby!

At the moment, a vlog is being uploaded. :) I was bored and took some pics. :D Here they are:

Vote :D
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If you type in "musingsbyjodie" on Google, it finishes the search for you!
Do you know what this MEANS?!
It means that people have searched it up so often that Google saved it!
The last time I typed in musingsbyjodie on Google(just to see what it would say), I had to type in the full thing.
*spazz spazz*
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Smiling Through Life by TreeByTheRiver.

There are many things that separate humans from other creatures. One that I think is important is inspiration; creativity. The ability to create something with our emotions, to express what we are thinking.

Many people, me included, don't think they are creative, or inspirational at all. But if you look close enough, and think long enough, a small spark of creativeness will surely surge through your body. And even a small spark of creativity can unleash amazing things.

I recently made an artwork, which was not planned at all, came from me wanting to do something fun, and to me was a masterpiece. Many people rejected it as pointless, but it held a special place in my heart. Most people who think they are not creative probably thought so because others told them. But, if you like it, then that is something only you can understand, so don't care what others think!

Creativity, and inspiration, never really seem to have a point, especially when no one appreciates it. However, that is not the point of creativity. The point if creativity is really to glorify God, to let him appreciate your work. When we create something, anything, we are expressing what God made us to express. Love of him.

So why not try to be creative? Show God that the skills he has given you has been put to good use. 

Glorify God, use the gifts he has given you, because he loves you, and loves to see you shine.

**An amazing, spiritual guest post by Tree by the River. :) Check out her amazing blog :D BTW, she is also in the Top 25 Kid Bloggers contest! So, vote for her :) Byee! -Jodie-Ann)**

"We will not cry over spilled milk-we will merely clean it up."

So, at about one o'clock this morning, I finished reading An Impossible Attraction by Brenda Joyce.
Now, there was just one problem with this book:
Actually, at some points, I would stare at the book with terror because I knew that if I started reading, I wouldn't be able to stop.
It's pretty sad, actually. That book robbed me of my willpower! And I guess this isn't a bad thing, but still.
Okay, so the sex scenes were not very descriptive, but the story itself totally makes up for it.
Alexandra Bolton has given up on everything in life to help her two sisters and father after her mother dies. But then, she meets Stephen Mowbray, the Duke of Clarewood who is absolutely GORGEOUS(I'd pour whipped cream on him and lick it off. :3 TMI?).
Anyways, they're clearly perfect for each other but The Duke acts like a jerk a bit too often and totally screws over his relationship with Alexandra. That was The Black Moment.
I swear, at The Black Moment, I was terrified because I knew that they HAD TO BE TOGETHER. But the stupid Duke was so full of himself even though he knew he loved Alexandra.
-The romance was HOT HOT HOT.
-The friendly banter between the Duke and his family. It put me to ease. It was fun reading them talk to each other. Really, it was.
-Great characterization.
-Did I mention the romance was so hot that if it was an object, I would burst into flames touching it? Yeah, I thought I said that. :)
-Great description of the characters' looks. Holy cow, the Duke... I could just... OH MY GOD!


I give this book ***** out of five stars. PERFECT book. I say that Miss Brenda Joyce and Miss Nicole Jordan(author of To Bed A Beauty) are authors to watch.
*goes to library website to look up more books by them*
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PS: Title is a quote from the novel said by Alexandra :)


I am so loving the support from my fellow bloggers. You know, just now, I checked "The Tiger Mother" on Google. It's a book...? A book about the stereotypical Asian child or something like that.
Wait, what?
Why is... I don't...
*scratches head* (I seem to be doing that a lot lately)
And she doesn't have a lot of posts I see. So, what, basically I have to get a parent to write a famous novel for me and then that's it? I get over 800 followers and Oh! I don't have to blog a lot because my parent got me all of this publicity.
Yeah, well, I worked hard for the publicity I have, dammit.
Thanks a lot for the supportive comments. :) They really mean SO MUCH. You honestly can't possibly know just HOW MUCH those comments mean to me. I mean, I love your comments MORE than I'd love to win this contest. And I'm serious.
You know what? When I write my novel, it will be FANTABULOUS. It will be the Big Bawwss of all novels(not really). It will like... be the OG(Original Gangster) of all novels(again-not really).
But, in all seriousness, I think It's a pretty solid novel with heated romance(maybe a bit too heated for Young Adult...) and a very serious topic. And I worked super hard on showing my readers that the protagonist has really fallen in love. And it's from a guy's point of view, so yeah. It's pretty interesting. I didn't fall into the stereotypical horny seventeen year old boy, but I tried to really get into a boy's head and think like them so it's more believable. Anyways, I worked really hard on my novel. So, when I publish it some day, I hope it will get raging reviews. And of course, I will try to get you guys discounts or free copies. Hey! Maybe I'll do a giveaway? :D Like I'll give out three free copies as the giveaway prize. I dunno, this is all years into the future because my novel has to be PERFECT.
Anyways, I just finished reading a book, so I shall post a review. :D
Tootles! And please vote :)
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Saturday, July 16, 2011


*screams in fury and horror*
The girl-no, WOMAN ahead of he has nearly one hundred more votes. In the contest I'm involved it.
How how how how how how HOW?!
I don't get it. Really, I am thoroughly bemused. *Scratches head*
Can someone please explain to me how she got over a hundred views in A DAY?
I'm really curious. Really I am. I really, really, really don't get it. I mean, how is that possible? How? Maybe it is, I dunno. I'm not saying she cheated, really, I'm not. I'm just curious as to how she got so many in ONE. DAY.
Whatever. There are only six days left. If she continues at the rate she's going at, she's going to win for sure.
For some reason, that really irritates me.
See, if it were Furree or iZaynab who won, or someone in our part of the vlogosphere, I'd be happy. Heck, I'd congratulate them and I'd be super DUPER happy and I'd even post about it MYSELF. And I'm not kidding.
But this woman...
Let me explain why I do not want her to win.
1. She can't even be considered a KID. And this contest is for KIDS. She's-what? Nineteen? Eighteen? WTF is that?!
2. SHE GOT OVER ONE HUNDRED VOTES IN A (insert horrible swear word here) DAY!
3. She's really purty :3 *simmers in jealousy*
Okay, so I am being petty. Who cares?! I'm fifteen. It's practically my job to be petty.
Oooh I got pictures! :D
My new Betty Boop bag:

Me, when I'm bored(I used a camcorder to see if the quality would be better than my phone but it's WORSE):

And please, please vote for me here. :)
Love juhh guiise,
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