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Friday, June 17, 2011

You are a disgrace to children.

My step-sister is evil.
I've already told you guys this tons of times, but here's something new she did:
Yesterday, I was at the park with Jonathan, sitting in the shade. Mind you, it was the park across the street from my house. Anyways, knew that my step-sister would want to go to another park which is ten to fifteen minutes from the house. I hate going there though because she always hangs out with her stupid friends. (I usually only go because I feel sorry for her. She's eleven so she can't go by herself.)
One of her friends is a little jerk. Last time, I wanted to leave at 8:00 PM and my step-sister wanted to leave at 8:30 PM. So, I said 8:15 because that's most fair, is it not? Right in-between what we both want.
But one of her stupid friends was like, "NO 8:30!"
So, I said, "No, 8:15."
And then he SLAPPED my arm and was like, "I can beat you up, you know."
And that really pissed me off. I wanted to bite his head off, chew it up and spit it out on the ground in front of everyone. But, I just stared at him and said 8:15. But, then my step-sister purposely took forever and we ended up leaving at 8:30, which really pissed me off.
Anyways, yesterday I went to get my step-sister and go to the farther park. But, before we went there, we were walking in the sun and it was SUPER hot. I was actually smelling my skin burning. It was horrible.
So, after, I said, "I'm not going to that other park anymore. It's too hot. We can stay at the park across the street though and sit in the shade."
She got pissed and started whining like a broken recorder.
So, I said, "Look my skin is burning."
She just shrugged and I realized then that she really doesn't care. She doesn't care about me. She doesn't have any sympathy for me. So, then why should I have any sympathy for her? Why should I care if she can't go to the park or not? You know what, she should sit her stupid butt down in the house and rot for all I care. I am sick of having her push me around. She's eleven for God's sakes. Why can't I just not feel bad for her(I hate her anyway) and not take her? God knows she doesn't deserve me to take her anywhere.
This morning, I forced myself to be tough on her and I told her that I'm not taking her to that other park anymore. She got pissed and I said in my coldest voice, "I don't care what you want. If you don't have any sympathy for me, why should I have any for you?"
She then made it very clear in her facial expressions and her muttered words that she didn't have any sympathy for me either.
I said, "You don't have any sympathy for anyone but yourself."
She: "No, I just don't have any for you."
And that solved it. I was not going to take her to that stupid park anymore. I said, "I won't be taking you to that park anymore unless the whole family is going."
She: *complaining*
Me: "I don't care. If Jermaine(my step-brother, her real brother) never takes you and doesn't care, then why should I?"
She: "Because he's a boy and he doesn't want to be around little girls."
Me: "So?"
What a sexist little pig. Who cares if he's a boy? I don't want to be around her and her stupid friends. I can't stand my step-sister at all. I just can't. She's seriously a devil spawn. And this isn't the typical, 'oh the older sister 'hates' her younger sister.' As in the typical siblings arguing with each other who will grow up to love each other and appreciate each other for all they've done.
My step-sister is a cold-hearted little cow. She won't appreciate anything. Even Jonathan was getting pissed with her. He said, "Look, Jodie-Ann takes you to the park EVERYDAY. And now I'm gonna be really frank about this: you think she wants to hang out with your silly-assed friends? She's fifteen and you're-what ten?"
She: "No, eleven!"
Him: "Ooooh big difference! The point is, she's older than you and doesn't want to hang around with you and your friends. Have some sympathy for someone other than yourself for once."
I could have kissed him! (I LOVE YOU, JONNY BOYYYYY! <3)

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to Jonathan(it's weird talking about someone with the same name as my bf) for telling off that brat. She seriously needs to learn to respect other people, cause once she gets older people aren't going to want to spend time around her.

Fiona said...

I wanted to bite his head off, chew it up and spit it out on the ground in front of everyone.
^ This describes how I feel. ALL THE TIME.

Your step sister sounds awful. And eleven is old enough to not be considered as a kid anymore. She really needs to start thinking about other people.

And Jonathan is AMAZING for doing that.

ishashime said...

sigh. that kid really worries me.
glad you stood up for yourself, though. she needs to be taught a lesson. ad yeah, kudos to Jonathan.

The Blog Writer said...

Jonathan is such a sweet friend! I'm so glad both of you spoke up.

Why can't the kid's mother take her? Or why can't her oh-so-loving friends come and pick her up/drop her?

angela said...

Haha, big bro to the rescue XD

Jodie-Ann said...

@Ashley: I agree. :/
@Fiona: Indeed!! And yeah, he is :D
@ishashime: Yeah, I'm glad as well. And kudos to him indeed!
@TBW: =D Yeah he is! And I have no idea. :/
@angela: LOL! I wish! xD

r.alsharif said...

Gosh she sounds like a real jerk! I can't believe that kid dared to slap you! You're too nice for your own good;**
You really shouldn't take her to the park anymore if she's going to act like that. At least her bro agrees with you! Talk to your parents maybe they'll ground her for being such a pest! :D

PurpleMist. said...

Oh god, I feel bad for you since you have to put up with her everyday.
Treat her like she treats you and maybe, just maybe, she'll grow up and realise what a meanie she is :/

Jodie-Ann said...

@r.alsharif: She is!! And yeah, I know. :/ I need to be more tough. And yeah, I know. But, Jonathan's our friend, not her bro xD
@PurpleMist.: I know :( And yeah, I'll try that. But, it's so hard because I'm not a mean person...

jacobluver321 said...

lol (silly assed friends)
You shud have a freaking show! I love all you and your step sisters craziness!

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