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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh, well. :)

So, today, I went swimming.
I got my awkwardly short shorts on and a tank top and headed out. It was too hot to dress conservatively. xD
So. Yeah. I was perfecting my breast stroke in the pool. Got my eyes red. Looked high. Awwwww yee.
Then, I was at the supermarket with my dad and step-sister. A young woman walked by me in these really nice jeans. The butt pockets had this really pretty design, so I was looking at it. But, of course, it looked like I was checking her butt out so I quickly looked away.
Curse those people who created those pants!
...I want a pair. D;
Now, I'm "studying" for my advanced science exam. (Eeeewww, hate science. Except for biology) It's horrible. I have no clue what Kirchoff's laws are. But, I know it has something to do with electricity. Probably some obvious stuff about what happens to the electrons in a circuit or something.
I'm not even going to look it up. I have absolutely no interest in what his laws are. And, I also don't care if I fail this exam. I don't need it to pass grade ten OR high school so who cares?! I just want to get my keister out of high school. xD And I'm going into psychology anyway. So, I don't need chemistry or... what is it again? Uhhhh... Right physics! LOL My brain completely blanked.
I know that if I take those subjects and really apply myself, I'll pass 'em with flying colors. But, I don't need to pass with flying colors(I don't even need to pass), therefore I won't.
I'm passing regular science(high school graduation requirement) with 70s (C pluses/B minuses) and advanced science(the pointless stuff I couldn't care less about. Like the Mole. Who CARES about it?! Geez. I hate adv. science) I'm passing with 60s (Cs). Bad, but whatever. At least I'm passing.
Well, actually, I'm expecting to fail advanced science. XD
Oh well.

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The Blog Writer said...

Jodie, if I know you right, you'll work on it anyway. :D

Jodie-Ann said...

Yeah, I will LOL XD I'm actually gonna look up Kirchoff's laws now XD
You know me well indeed xD

Anonymous said...

Hm, I vaguely remember moles.. and hating them.
Its good that you can afford to not pass certain classes though, wish I could've hahha.

Regardless, NOT passing a class--whether you could have easily or not-- never looks good on transcripts. But I guess in grade 10 you don't have to worry about those. Iiii'm rambling.

Random note, I love short shorts. & nice jeans. And you! ^.^

..I'm in a weird mood I'll shut up

Furree Katt said...

i can't swim :(
and i love jeans with pretty pockets!

i'm pretty sure you'll do well haha :D and you're going to pass in everything!

PurpleMist. said...

lol, I had the same attitude towards science and maths in high school :P
In the finals I managed to pass with Cs so I was happy :D
haha goodluck :)

Jodie-Ann said...

@Ashley: LOL it doesn't matter because environmental science is an elective. xD It's just to get into chemistry and physics next year to get into Pure and Applied science in college to become a doc. And chyeeeahh they're awesome :D And yay I love you, too =D Weird moods are cool :D
@Furree Katt: D; You should take classes! And yeah, they're awesome :) LOOL no, I failed that exam FOR SUREE! XD
@PurpleMist.: Haha! Lucky you!! :D And thank you :)

ishashime said...

uggh. i hate chemistry! so! much! yes, all those exclamation points were necessary. haha. physics is okay. i like biology, too! :D
hope you do well. :D

Jodie-Ann said...

Yes, they were necessary! xD Biology is BOSS! And so do I :D

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