Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lolita: the review.

I have finally finished reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. I say finally because let me tell you something-it was LONG. And when I say long, I mean LONG.
Okay, let me just start the review.
What I liked:
-Palpable lust. The main character's forbidden lust for Lolita was felt by me. I dunno, I just thought it awesome that I could really understand his lust. Because he explained why he lusted for her. He pointed out her childishness and parts of her body that entice him, etc. I found it interesting. Obviously, I don't like little kids. So, it fascinated me the way he thought of them.
-Amazing vocabulary. The language in this book is amazing. I learned tons of new words. XD Okay, I admit that I forgot their meanings, but I remembered them for a while. :)
-Great flow. Mr. Nabokov is an awesome author. His writing is... like... OMG. Great. Fantastic. FLABBERGASTING. I loved it. This dude's got skills.
-Awesome characterization. I could clearly see the main character's slow descent into insanity. :)

What I did not like:
-The story dragged. It was way too long. WAY. TOO. LONG.
-Some parts of the story didn't need to be there. The main character rambled too much and I was bored. At many, MANY parts during the story, I stopped and just stared at the fine print on the page thinking, "Do I care?"

Overall rating: ***
Yeah, I didn't like it very much. The story was good. The writing was even better. But, the author was revealing information that was not important wayyyy too often. To be honest, I wanted to stop reading about half-way through. But, I forced myself to continue just because I watched the movie and knew good stuff were to come. The story rambled on too much about past memories(I remember when...) that I didn't care about and that did not enhance the story in any way. The memories could have been omitted and many of his thoughts.
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PS: Now that I have finished the abnormally long book, I can FINALLY start on my so-hot-it-"scorches the ink off the page"-book. YES! VICTORY AT LAST! :D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blub blub.

How, pray tell do I have over 11 000 views this month? How? Has someone snuck onto my blog and magically added these numbers? Because they seem to be coming right out of someone's butt.
Oh. Hey. It's going up... wow. Hmm... o_O
Well, this is AWESOME. Anyways, I FINALLY got to a kissing scene in Lolita. *cheers like a pervert*
And I got tons of romances from the library yesterday. Okay, not tons but... like... uh, three? Lol. And one cover is of a guy without a shirt(mmm) and the next is a historical romance. So, the cover of that one if the back of a woman's corset with a man undoing the laces.
Hmmm... I expect them to be interesting. One critic of the first one is about how the author's words scorch the page. SCORCH THE PAGE!
I can't wait to read it. It's not exactly erotica, but it's in between that and romance. You know? Okay, maybe you don't but yeah.
OH! And I'm gonna get a season's pass for an amusement park and will probably go on like Monday. Then, I will take pictures! :D
Yay for pictures!
And yeah... I started a new story with my friend Léa. This one's about a jealous friend who becomes a bit crazy and stalkerish. I'm gonna make it good. Oooooohhhh yeah.
And what else, what else... Oh, I got an email from Girl Infinity. I'm so flattered! :D I feel so, like, adult with people contacting me to write for them. It's amazing.
What did I say it was?
AMAZING. *spaz spaz*
Errrrmmmmmm... 11, 627 views in one month. I swear this isn't normal. :O
Oh and here's a new oldie musical obsession:
Fujiyama Mama by Wanda Jackson

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As you may of noticed...

I'm reading Lolita >:D The language in this book is... well, amazing. I have to keep looking in the dictionary. Kind of annoying but he reuses words a lot so I can really remember what they mean. :)
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Sunday, June 26, 2011


I just got my period. Yayyyyyyy(sarcasm).
It hurrrrtttttttttssss! *SOBS*
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Strawberry Fields Forever...

Hey, people! :D I went shopping today and I got a Beatles shirt! And the best part is... IT WAS ONLY TWENTY-FIVE BUCKS!! How amazing is that? Pretty amazing. All The Beatles shirts I saw online were at least fifty bucks. :)
Pictures? :D
Before I went shopping:

After shopping with my t-shirt:

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PS: Isn't my shirt sick?! :D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Yet another musical obsession.

Backseat by New Boyz ft. The Cataracs and Dev

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Whatchu got?

I got racks on racks on racks.
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PS: What a dumb song. :/

New musical obsessions!

Fasion by Lady Gaga. This was my summer song of 2010. :D

Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J

I looooooooove Jessie J <3

Here's another song by her I'm addicted to:
Do It Like A Dude by Jessie J

Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez

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I watched Orphan last night.

And it was... kind of stupid. Okay, Esther is a poopoo head. Like, dude, what's your problem?
The mother had a miscarriage and had the ashes spread out in the dirt and they grew into beautiful roses. The roses were basically like the remains of her late baby. So, basically, the baby was, like... living in the roses. So, the roses meant A LOT to the mother.
You know what the stupid toad Esther did? She RIPPED THE ROSES. RIPPED THEM. No joke. She was like, "I'm gonna do something nice for mommy" and cut the roses up and gave them to the mother. The mother nearly pood a brick.
If Esther did that to me, I would... ooooh nooooo. Let me detail what I would do. No, wait, I'll do it in steps:
1. Grab Esther's arm and drag her outside somewhere.
2: Knock her out with a rock(seeing as she loves killing things with rocks in the movie).
3. Did a hole and put her in it.
4. Cover up the hole.
5. Dance over it.
And she would deserve it. She cut off the woman's roses, for God's sakes. She KILLED HER BABY ALL OVER AGAIN! The woman sat there and cried after.
Man... that Esther...
And she's really creepy. o_O
Especially when she kept popping out of nowhere... *shivers*
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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I got over 10 000 views THIS MONTH!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is amazing! I'd like to thank my fans... my *sobs* my producers...
K, in all seriousness, I'd like to thank all my commenters, viewers, followers... everyone who spent time even GLANCING at this blog. I love you all. I will marry you all <3 *blows kisses and sobs some more*
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I just watched Lolita. It was kind of freaky to say the least. At some points, I felt really disturbed. I mean, she was fourteen and he was-what? Forty something?
It was creepy. I kept rubbing my skin because I felt it crawling.
Especially when they kissed. That girl can't kiss for her life. Her lips were even touching his nose at some points. I was like, "Hello, you just missed the lips."
Anyways, very good movie. I recommend watching it if you aren't too squeamish. For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, Lolita is a pedophile movie. Basically, a much older man falls in love with a girl. Pretty much the point.
Uh... *thinks*
Yeah, pretty much.
But, it was really good! :D So... watch it! Unless you don't like pedo movies.
I can just hear you all now: "WHAAAT?! YOU LIKE PEDO MOVIES?! YOU PERV!"
But, no, no. That's not it at all.
Okay, I am a pervert, kinda(which teenager isn't?). I'm just the kind of pervert who will crack sex jokes and call my friends sexy. Not much of a pervert, but to each his own. :)
Anywho, I don't like pedo movies because of that. I just find them interesting. The same way I find LGBT books and movies interesting. The same way I found Twilight interesting. I find forbidden romances interesting. There's just something about them. The thrill of "Will they get caught?!" the spice of everything being... forbidden and in this case, illegal.
I'm weird like that, I guess. XD
Anyways, I liked it, I'm sure you'll like it(if you like the forbidden thing) and yeah...
*whispers* Watch it!
You can't watch the full thing on Youtube. So, just look it up on Google. You'll find TONS of links.
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Bow down to my amazing drawing skills, part 2 :D

Yep. I drew that. Amazing, isn't it? I didn't know that I had it in me. Didn't know that... that my hands could move my mouse and create a masterpiece like this.
Really, I didn't.
I was just chillin' in front of my computer, youknowwhatImeanbro? And my spidey senses just started tingling. Like... that! You feel that? Yeah, like that.
Anyways, I just HAD to do a Spider Man drawing, you know, bro?
I'm a real Picasso, I'll tell ya that.
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PS: K, I'm kidding. I found this online. But still, isn't this pretty amazing? If the person really used MS Paint anyway. -.-'

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Like my new siggy?

It took forever to make. :/ Because I used Gimp which is really confusing.
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How to remove the navigation bar.

Do you guys hate seeing the navigation bar at the top? In case you don't know, it's the thing with the Next Blog, etc. on it.
Well, if you hate it, I know how to remove it. And it works because I tried it xD

Step 1: Sign in and go to your Dashboard.
Step 2: Click on Design tab.
Step 3: Click on Edit HTML.
Step 4: Press your CTRL button AT THE SAME TIME that you press the letter F. A tiny search thing should pop up. In that search thing, type in this: /* Variable definitions and enter.
Step 5: That will bring you to the part of your page that says it. When you find it, right above it(WITHOUT ERASING ANYTHING OR ADDING SPACES!!) copy paste this:
  .navbar {display:none;}

Step 6: Press preview. Check to see that everything is fine and your navigation bar is not there. If it doesn't work, try again. And if it STILL doesn't work, email me at for help. :)

Bow down to my amazing drawing skills!

Look! I drew this for you guys! :D
I used Microsoft Paint. It's pretty horrible. But, meh. Yes, it's a flower with purple petals and a blue core-thingie. Yeah. It's a magical flower! >:D

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top stuff!

So, I'm going to tell you guys the top stuff for this blog during it's first year of existence. Pretty delayed because the blogversary passed, but too bad. I just thought of this now. >:D And I think it's pretty cool.
So, yee.
(Gyri of doom)
*clears throat*, *belts out some stupid song*, *takes deep breath*, *licks index finger and raises it in air*, *contemplates*, *laughs to self from unseen/heard forces*
Okay, I'll stop. That wasn't even funny. That was just...
Odd. o________O (That's a pretty long mouth)
So, epic giving speech for an award!
From Bianca for the Makes Me Smile Award. She said:
NUMERO UNO:  Jodie-Ann at The Run-on Sentences of Life. Why? Because she was the FIRST person to ever read/follow my blog, and she was also the first that I followed x). I love everything about her blog. It's unique, and she writes SOOOOOO FRIGGEN GOOD, but it isn't super formal, either. Her stories are always hilarious, and she posts pictures alllll the time. [which i loooove.] I actually have her link saved to my favorites on google chrome ;D
How awesome is that?! I mean, WHO saves my link to their favorites? Who? WHO?!?!
I love you, Bianca. :)
I love all your thank-yous/speeches but this one is definitely one of my faves. I also have plenty awesome ones from Furree Katt, Ashley, iZaynab, Ishashime and many others :) I LOVE YOU ALL!

Now, on to most popular posts of this blog's first year: (In order from most popular to least)
Ronnie Radke aka: Bonnie Radke.
How that got so popular, I have no clue. No really. I don't.
Cannibalism: Disgusting or a Different Way of Life...
Old Couples.(:
The Force-Feeding of Anorexics: Is It Right?
And lastly,
The Runaways: AWESOME!

Ummm... next... hmm... maybe... weirdest search phrases.
1)Furries breasts
2)teens big boobs
3)boobs like to jerk
Hehehehehehe. See how they're all related to boobs? Gee... I wonder why.

Something shocking:
Bianca wrote this on her about me page... about me! XD
"Name: Anon! ;)
Age: 17
Status: Single, and looooooving it!
Location: The Milky Way
   wait, you want more specific? okay, Planet Earth, in the North-Western Hemisphere.

Why Am I blogging?
   Well, to be honest..I don't know. I saw a blog called Stoollala, and although she may be a bit crude, I think she's pretty dang funny. After I read (a lot) of her blog, I thought, hey, why don't I try to amuse people with my opinions and try to just waste some time? For some reason, I searched something like 'best teen blogs 2010' and a girl's came up, and it was really interesting! She just wrote about her day, and it was really funny! (Her name is Jodie-Ann, and you can access her blog right...HERE!)


Okay, now I can't think of any more stuff. So, if you have any idea, comment and I shall answer :D


That was my verification word when I commented on someone's blog.
For God's sakes, what's wrong with Blogger?! XD


Today, I went out with my step-brother Jermaine and our friend Jonathan. We went to the library so that I could print out my resume and give it to different places.
After I printed out three copies(I know, I should have printed much more), we stopped at a fast food place. Jermaine and I got burgers and Jonathan got a soda.
One of the guys working there was telling Jonathan how cool it is to tell of your teachers. I was like "Wowwww...." XD The guy and Jermaine and Jonathan are all on first-name bases. Anyways, after we ate, the guy, Jimmy said, "See you later, guys." And walked away.
But, Jonathan hadn't paid. He was going to pay for Jermaine and I because he had a twenty. So, we stood there for a moment, confused. Then, Jermaine walked out really fast and Jonathan right after him. So, of course, that left me standing there, horrified that we weren't paying for our food. But, I only had, like a five on me and that couldn't pay for everything.
So, I just slipped out and then ran after Jermaine and Jonathan who were running like crazy people. We were looking over our shoulders for police for a while. xD
Jonathan was like, "He told us bye. Maybe it was on-the-house or he forgot."
I know that's true, but still. I felt guilty. Like I always do.
When we were pretty far away, Jermaine said, "If police come, I'm gonna DIP!"
*Dip: slang for leave.
Jonathan: "Not me, man. I'm gonna throw my twenty under a car and put my hands up!"
I LOLed. xD
Anyways, we went to give around my resume then we went to Tim Horton's and ate 20 Timbits and drank iced caps.
Then, we walked back in the dangerously hot sun and my skin felt like it was burning off. :/
What a day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Blogger's new favicon thing doesn't work for me!

I upload a .ico file and it saves but the picture doesn't show up when I go and check my blog. So, I just gave up and did it the way I always did: changing the code in my HTML.
Sucks, because it's much more work, but it gives me a result while Blogger's way doesn't. o.O Weird.
Bee tee dubbs, do you like it? :D It's a mustache!

PS: Bee tee dubbs is BTW :D
PPS: If it doesn't work for you either, here's a tutorial that works.

(Insert French swear words here)!

That. Exam. Was.
Absolutely horrible. Like... like worse than mosquito bites. WORSE.
So, yeah, it was pretty bad.
I sat there for the longest time trying to figure out how to get liters to grams. I couldn't, so I skipped it. Then, someone reminded me that you have to multiply the liters by 1000 or something. I was like NO! NO WAY!
I wanted to strangle myself.
I failed that exam SOOOOO BADLY. Goodness. I skipped like two questions and struggled(and failed) with about, like, five. It was pretty bad.
After the exam, my back hurt from hunching over so much. I stayed and struggled with questions till I was kicked out. XD
Anyways, when I got home, I went to the park with Jonathan and chilled. Then, my older bro showed up and we were playing the letter game for countries(say a random country and then a country that's first letter is the last letter of the previous country. Ex. Canada then Antigua). Pretty fun game =D
Then, they started talking really pervertedly and I was like "Ugh ew" and went and sat somewhere else for a bit.
They were talking about girls and... stuff. Sounded more like they were describing porn to me.
Ugh, teenaged boys/men! (My older bro's 21 and Jonny Boy is 14)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

You should NOT be wearing that.

I saw a young woman today in a tight black tank top and tight white jeans. But... see... the problem was... she was... uhhmm...
And her tank top, she didn't pull it down. Instead, she left it rolled up showing off a big chunk of her belly and back. So, her fat on her sides was just spilling out in between the space between the jeans and tank top.
When my step-sister saw her, her mouth dropped open then quickly closed when the girl's friend looked at her.
She's horrible at hiding reactions, thoughts... everything.
Anyways, the big girl's friend was even bigger. But, she wore a very pretty dress that made her figure very flattering. I don't mean that it slimmed her, but made her bigger parts look attractive. But, the other girl...

Happy father's day!

Happy father's day to every father out there!
Love you, daddy! Happy father's day :)
My dad :D

Oh, well. :)

So, today, I went swimming.
I got my awkwardly short shorts on and a tank top and headed out. It was too hot to dress conservatively. xD
So. Yeah. I was perfecting my breast stroke in the pool. Got my eyes red. Looked high. Awwwww yee.
Then, I was at the supermarket with my dad and step-sister. A young woman walked by me in these really nice jeans. The butt pockets had this really pretty design, so I was looking at it. But, of course, it looked like I was checking her butt out so I quickly looked away.
Curse those people who created those pants!
...I want a pair. D;
Now, I'm "studying" for my advanced science exam. (Eeeewww, hate science. Except for biology) It's horrible. I have no clue what Kirchoff's laws are. But, I know it has something to do with electricity. Probably some obvious stuff about what happens to the electrons in a circuit or something.
I'm not even going to look it up. I have absolutely no interest in what his laws are. And, I also don't care if I fail this exam. I don't need it to pass grade ten OR high school so who cares?! I just want to get my keister out of high school. xD And I'm going into psychology anyway. So, I don't need chemistry or... what is it again? Uhhhh... Right physics! LOL My brain completely blanked.
I know that if I take those subjects and really apply myself, I'll pass 'em with flying colors. But, I don't need to pass with flying colors(I don't even need to pass), therefore I won't.
I'm passing regular science(high school graduation requirement) with 70s (C pluses/B minuses) and advanced science(the pointless stuff I couldn't care less about. Like the Mole. Who CARES about it?! Geez. I hate adv. science) I'm passing with 60s (Cs). Bad, but whatever. At least I'm passing.
Well, actually, I'm expecting to fail advanced science. XD
Oh well.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Musical Obsessions:

I'm Fat by Weird Al. This is his parody of Micheal Jackson's I'm Bad! Sooo funny!

Eat It by Weird Al. His parody of Beat It by Micheal Jackson. Hilariuos! xD

Give me Everything by Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer.


It's been a year!!! OMG! My baby is a year old! *sniffles like an idiot* Ooooh it's amazing! Thanks to all the blogversary wishes! Mwahhhh! KISSES TO YOU ALL!
I'm so happy! I wanted to plan something interesting in celebration. But, meh. I dunno what to do xD My parents probably wouldn't have allowed me to get a cake.
Oh well.
I'm just happy to have my blog baby and my readers. =D
Rosol? Is that seriously my blog's name? Rosol? Geez that's weird.

You are a disgrace to children.

My step-sister is evil.
I've already told you guys this tons of times, but here's something new she did:
Yesterday, I was at the park with Jonathan, sitting in the shade. Mind you, it was the park across the street from my house. Anyways, knew that my step-sister would want to go to another park which is ten to fifteen minutes from the house. I hate going there though because she always hangs out with her stupid friends. (I usually only go because I feel sorry for her. She's eleven so she can't go by herself.)
One of her friends is a little jerk. Last time, I wanted to leave at 8:00 PM and my step-sister wanted to leave at 8:30 PM. So, I said 8:15 because that's most fair, is it not? Right in-between what we both want.
But one of her stupid friends was like, "NO 8:30!"
So, I said, "No, 8:15."
And then he SLAPPED my arm and was like, "I can beat you up, you know."
And that really pissed me off. I wanted to bite his head off, chew it up and spit it out on the ground in front of everyone. But, I just stared at him and said 8:15. But, then my step-sister purposely took forever and we ended up leaving at 8:30, which really pissed me off.
Anyways, yesterday I went to get my step-sister and go to the farther park. But, before we went there, we were walking in the sun and it was SUPER hot. I was actually smelling my skin burning. It was horrible.
So, after, I said, "I'm not going to that other park anymore. It's too hot. We can stay at the park across the street though and sit in the shade."
She got pissed and started whining like a broken recorder.
So, I said, "Look my skin is burning."
She just shrugged and I realized then that she really doesn't care. She doesn't care about me. She doesn't have any sympathy for me. So, then why should I have any sympathy for her? Why should I care if she can't go to the park or not? You know what, she should sit her stupid butt down in the house and rot for all I care. I am sick of having her push me around. She's eleven for God's sakes. Why can't I just not feel bad for her(I hate her anyway) and not take her? God knows she doesn't deserve me to take her anywhere.
This morning, I forced myself to be tough on her and I told her that I'm not taking her to that other park anymore. She got pissed and I said in my coldest voice, "I don't care what you want. If you don't have any sympathy for me, why should I have any for you?"
She then made it very clear in her facial expressions and her muttered words that she didn't have any sympathy for me either.
I said, "You don't have any sympathy for anyone but yourself."
She: "No, I just don't have any for you."
And that solved it. I was not going to take her to that stupid park anymore. I said, "I won't be taking you to that park anymore unless the whole family is going."
She: *complaining*
Me: "I don't care. If Jermaine(my step-brother, her real brother) never takes you and doesn't care, then why should I?"
She: "Because he's a boy and he doesn't want to be around little girls."
Me: "So?"
What a sexist little pig. Who cares if he's a boy? I don't want to be around her and her stupid friends. I can't stand my step-sister at all. I just can't. She's seriously a devil spawn. And this isn't the typical, 'oh the older sister 'hates' her younger sister.' As in the typical siblings arguing with each other who will grow up to love each other and appreciate each other for all they've done.
My step-sister is a cold-hearted little cow. She won't appreciate anything. Even Jonathan was getting pissed with her. He said, "Look, Jodie-Ann takes you to the park EVERYDAY. And now I'm gonna be really frank about this: you think she wants to hang out with your silly-assed friends? She's fifteen and you're-what ten?"
She: "No, eleven!"
Him: "Ooooh big difference! The point is, she's older than you and doesn't want to hang around with you and your friends. Have some sympathy for someone other than yourself for once."
I could have kissed him! (I LOVE YOU, JONNY BOYYYYY! <3)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy birthday, Tupac.

R.I.P. <3
You will always live in the hearts of your fans and family and friends. :)

39. A clean getaway.

Just wondering...

What it would be like to be a guy and have my balls squeezed. o_O
In the book I'm reading, Christine by Stephen King, a guy named Dennis gets his balls squeezed when he's in a fight. The guy who did the squeezing was like, "How ya like that, Dennis?"
I LOLed.
Dennis nearly died of pain.
I wonder what it feels like. Hmmmmmm...
(To have my non-existent balls squeezed.)

PS: Musta hurt like a bi-
PPS: big batch of cookies! >:D
PPPS: Oh! And one more day till my blogversary!! (Or is it tomorrow? I have no idea. That blogversary thing is kind of... odd.)

Hangin' low with Jonny Boy. :P

So, today I had my exam early then I was just hangin' with my friend Jonathan at a park near my house.
Here are some pics that I tried my hand at editing at :D
(I got so dark!! D; It's horrible!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I have scheduled this post to post while I do my exam. So... I'm at my French exam right now. Hehehehehehe.
(Got this awesome idea from iZaynab!)


I haven't blogged in a while. D; What with my exams. My last one is on... *checks schedule* Monday. Sigh. I have my French exam today at one and tomorrow, it's my regular science one at nine. Then none on Friday and my advanced science on Monday. It's called "Environmental Science and Technology".
What a stupid name for a class. Especially because it has nothing to do with the environment.
Anyways, as usual, I have started a new story. I've always wanted to write one where a student and teacher date secretly. :D I love reading books like that. Just because they are SO suspenseful, because there's a real risk. The teacher could get fired and both the student and teacher can get disowned by their familes. xD
AND LOL! Yesterday, I was chillin' with my friend Alisha and my little stepsister Nikita. Then, across the street, I saw this REALLY HOOOOTTTTTTT dude.
So, of course, I stopped the conversation to stare at him. Then, Nikita said really loudly, "Isn't that Selena's brother?" (Selena's her friend who lived near where we were standing)
Then, the dude looked over at us because he heard her. But, then he just continued walking. Alisha said, "Let's see if he goes to the house."
So, we stood there, watching him. When he walked past Selena's house, he waved but kept walking.
"That's her brother alright," Nikita said.
"Let's ask Selena!" Alisha said.
I sighed deeply.
We went to stand outside Selena's house. Selena was standing on her balcony looking down at us.
Alisha shouted, "WAS THAT YOUR BROTHER?!"
Selena: "YEAH! WHY?"
Both Nikita and Alisha look at me. XD
Alisha shouted: "HOW OLD IS HE?!"
Selena: "WHY?"
Alisha: "JUST TELL US!"
Selena: "WHY DON'T YOU ASK HIM YOURSELF?" But she was looking at me. If I had light skin, my face would have been soooo red.
I can't ask him myself! I'd pee my pants! Then, I'd look like a fool in front of a HOT GUY!
So, I said to Alisha, "I can't ask him myself. Does she want me to pee my pants?"
Alisha began to spaz, laughing like a maniac.
Then, Selena was like: "OKAY HE'S 18!"
Alisha looked at me.
Me: "Too bad. He's sexy. I would... mmmmmmmm."
Alisha *peeing self laughing*

Sunday, June 12, 2011

When you're a French Quebecker,

You listen to music like this:

My new musical obsession!! It's in French BTW. But the vid's really funny.
This song's basically about how they're too lazy to work. :)
Je t'aime, TTC! <3 (I love you, TTC!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wanna hear me sing? xD

I used my cell phone so the quality is pretty bad.
This is a link to me singing Vienna by Billy Joel.
It's pretty crappy. xD I was home alone and bored. So... yeah. 
DON'T LAUGH. I couldn't breathe at one point. And I've got to get used to singing loudly...
Okay, you can laugh but don't tell me that you laughed. :)
I forgot the lyrics at some point...
Anyways, yeah, listen if you want. Open it up in a different tab so you can listen while you read this. Or whatever.
...I should be studying. XD
Ahhh, I studied all day. D;
Tell me what you think! <3

PS: Not sure why it set the genre as rap...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Back to the CAPCHA.

Sorry guys but I'm putting the CAPCHA back on when you comment.
I keep getting spam comments. And they're all very... disturbing.
Many are about pornography and winning millions of dollars in some African country I've never heard of. They're really annoying. SOO... I have to put the CAPCHA back.
Okay so I don't HAVE to, but it's... it's just... well...
Love you all! <3 Have amazing weekends :D
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