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Monday, May 16, 2011

You may not think so but...

When I comment on your blog(if I do. And if I don't comment, I have read the post but probably was too lazy to comment or just didn't know what to say), I actually go back to it to read your response. I hate when I comment on a blog and the person can't even respond. Even if it's as simple as 'LOL', I love it. Just because it's nice to see that people actually read my comment instead of looking at the comments page and saying 'Oh cool a comment' and not even bothering to see what it says.
It's like gee I went and read your blog, taking time to read each and every word(because I do. Even though my comments are short, I do in fact read every word) and try to come up with a reaction which I then type into the space provided.
SO READ IT, WHY DON'T YOU and respond!
I know that most bloggers respond to comments, which is great. So, if you do: keep it up!
If you don't: JODIE-ANN EAT YOU FOR DINNUH! (not really)

PS: I am not a cannibal.
PPS: Even though I threaten to eat people.
PPPS: I love meat. Just not human meat. Hmm... I wonder what human meat tastes like? Probably horrible. Not even sharks like us. Did you know that they only come after us because from the angle they're at underwater, we look like seals?
PPPPS: Hahahahahahahaha. Seals! Seriously! We humans must taste really bad if not even SHARKS want to eat us. We're like the social outcasts or something. And we came onto this Earth and ruined it with cars and other horrible things...
PPPPPS: Poor Earth. :)

13 run-on sentences.:

The Blog Writer said...

Hahahaha! Girl, you could just talk to yourself all day, couldn't you?! :D That's a fabulous thing, actually. :)

People not replying feels uncared about, I agree!

Jodie-Ann said...

Haha yeah I can XD I talk a lot. And thank youu!! :D And yes, it makes you feel really uncared about. It's like there's no point in commenting.

Fiona said...

I try to reply to all my comments.
But once in a while I'll accidentally miss a few and notice it a while later.

And then I feel really bad.
So if I didn't respond to one of your comments, I'm super duper sorry. ):

Please don't eat me for dinnuh.
Dinnuh. Heh.
Funny word. [:

Anonymous said...

HAZE: feeling guilty.

haha! i'm so sorrrrryyyyyyyy darling!!! i'll try my hardest to reply to all the comments :) (but please know that i read them) i love you so :)♥

iZaynab said...

Poor Earth indeed : (
& Yeah iJust read all the comments on a post like the next day. : P
iGet lazy cause you have to think of a smart comment, you know ~?
- __ - But yeah, it's like their to cocky to just say Thanks.
- ___ - Buh.

ishashime said...

i love comments and everyone who comments on my blog so i try to respond to each and every one. :D

i agree that people who don't respond to their comments make the people who comment feel a bit left out. but sometimes its understandable that they don't respond to all comments (since there are too many), and just a select few that are questions.

i love reading people's responses to my comments, too. :)

mayen said...

I love replying to comments. I love it even more if i can reply to their email because I know they'll surely read it. But if sometimes I wasn't able to reply it's because I am too busy. I also go back to site where I commented and see if the writer replied. And i so love comments I am obsessed with it. lol.

this is a somewhat funny post especially the PS. lol.

Furree Katt said...

i reply too all the comments on my blog, yay :D i love it when people do that!
and i love your comments, too. ♥

Jodie-Ann said...

@Fiona: Hehe :D Lol, I WILL EAT YOU FOR DINNUH TONIGHT! (yeah, it's a pretty fun word.)
@haze: LOL!!!! No worries XD I know that you respond most of the time. :)
@iZaynab: Lol XD Yeah, you do have to leave a smart comment. INDEED. Haha! Cocky XD
@ishashime: Heehee :D Yeah, I guess you're right. XD
@mayen: Lol :D I've never responded to a comment by email before XD And haha thanks!
@Furree Katt: Haha :D Awwn thank youuu! <3

Oliver said...

Jodie, I hope you don't get disappointed in me. It takes me like, a really long time before I respond to the comments. I love comments. I read them. I love it when people actually take time to read what I write and are even more kind enough to take time to write a comment. I respond to them once I finish writing a new blog post, so it may really take a while. Please don't get mad at me. I do respond, although at a later time. I do read your comments and I treasure all of them.

And I'm getting dadgum busy again. . . I basically hate my life right now. Or not. I love my life, but right now I just don't love it as much as I usually do.

PS: Please don't get upset at me. =]

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you're not mad at me.
I get lazy when it comes to replying to comments sometimes.
I read every comment, but a lot of the time I read them via email on my phone, so I'm not actually on blogger to reply.

But I'll try harder, I swear! D:

Vice Versa said...

haha i know how you feel.
and i've read somewhere that human meat is supposed to taste REALLY good. thats why cannibals get so addicted to it.

Jodie-Ann said...

@Oliver: Hopefully the chinks(kinks?) in your life will smooth out soon. :) And LOL, I'm not upset with you :D <3
@Ashley: LOOL, no it's all good. XD Haha!
@Vice Versa: LOL really?! Wow. Huh. :O *sticks finger in air* FUN FACT!

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