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Friday, May 27, 2011

Uh... yeah...

So, I haven't been on Blogger for a few days.
To be honest, I was avoiding Blogger. I was in such a bad mood since the incident with the stupid bank that I knew if I blogged, I was just going to blog about stupid depressing stuff.
I have also been avoiding the teacher I was telling you about. Like, in class, I'd stare at my desk and hope to God that she doesn't pick me. When before, I was raising my hand all the time.
She probably notices something different with me, but I don't care.
In the halls, I avoid her. I don't go near her class. During history class, I stepped out to blow my nose(because somehow, I managed to get sick in the nice warm weather) and she was walking by. I said, "Hi, Miss." Because what else could I say?!
She smiled back and said hi.
I wanted to run back in the class.
Anyways, remember when I told you that my history teacher Mr. P has a horrible beard? He shaved! YAY!
He got a soul patch which is still kind of... not nice looking but at least it's better than the beard. *shivers*
My class was so happy. As soon as we stepped in the class and saw him, we started clapping and cheering. It was hilarious.
At first, he was a bit offended that we hated his beard so much but then he got over it and started bowing. XD
Ah, Mr. P.

15 run-on sentences.:

Anonymous said...

haha... Mr.P must be reallu embarrassed. :D

again, i'm so sorry if you had a bad day, Jodie... :'( i always run to my blog whenever something bad happens to me...

much love!

iZaynab said...

If it makes you happy:
iGot banned from the ping pong room thing at school.
iKicked this yoga ball at a cabinet & got inside one.
Then got caught.. Oops.
: " O No ping pong for me & now my teacher looks at me funny ~

Fiona said...


And I feel like everyone always has that one teacher they avoid.
For me, it's my english teacher. She's super creepy.

angela said...

Don't worry, you haven't missed much. Blogger's just acting up again, this time it won't show followers, at least with most people. They're there, though. Just you can't see them...


kitkat said...

Lool Mr P sounds like a good sport :)

ishashime said...

glad you're back. :D

aww. it's okay, Jodie-Ann. i'm sure everyone understands. and oh, glad Mr. P shaved. but a soul patch? haha. oh wow. xD

Furree Katt said...

mmmm, soul patch. LOL
and some teachers are just awkward to be around! i remember liking the really nice teacher and then people started calling me her pet so i stopped talking to her completely.
and then she added me on facebook. HAHAHA

missed you lots! ♥ and i see we both have the same followers problem. i hope it gets fixed soon, i love displaying followers riiight at the top lololol.

apple said...

welcome back. :D i also do not blog depressing stuff here. i'd rather tweet about them.

and cute story 'bout Mr. P. too bad the soul patch still didn't good look on him.

r.alsharif said...

Haha this made my day! :P
I wish you had a before and after pic of the beard!

Matt said...

Lol love the faces you throw in there. Don't worry about what the teacher thinks either. I like beards :( poor Mr. P.

mayen said...

I also have a teacher that I try to avoid in the hall way. She has the habit of calling me when I don't know the answer as if she's reading my mind. Then she will humiliate me in front of class. I used to hate her.

That Mr. P story is hilarious. :)

The Lady of Green Origin said...

You know, I've always appreciated a good beard. They could be so epic if people tried. You can gel your beard this way and that and straighten it or curl it. Beards probably offer some warmth in the cold as well.

I haven't been blogging either. I've just been missing reading everyone's updates for the most part.

Oliver said...

It's all great, Jodie! And it's cool to avoid teachers. It's fun. And you know what? I'm kinda sick too. So I hope we both get okay soon! =]

The Blog Writer said...

Hey! You're dealing well with stuff. I really think so. Good going, girl!


Jodie-Ann said...

@haze: LOL yeah! :D LOVE YOU!
@iZaynab: It doesn't make me happy!! D: That sucks! D:
@Fiona: Lol YES! :D O.O
@angela: LOL, Yeah, Blogger's weird.
@kitkat: Hehe he is!
@ishashime: Aw, thanks! :D And yeah, I'm glad, too. And YES A SOUL PATCH!! HAHAHAHAHA!
@Furree Katt: LOL! I agree :D Hahahahaha!!!!!! And, awww I missed you, too :) It's fixed now so I'm happy :D
@apple: Thank you! :D And LOL, it's not that it didn't look good on him. I'm just not a soul patch person.
@r.alsharif: Haha, I'm happy it did :D And I have a video up now so yeah :D
@Matt: Haha thanks xD And ackkk!! XD
@mayen: LOOOL!!!! Sucks. D:
@TLOGO: Haha! I never thought of that actually. xD
@Oliver: Hehe! Get well soon :) And thanks :)
@TBW: Thank you :)

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