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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Can you guys please answer this? :D

One of my previous posts made me really curious to know about this question:
If you are female(or if you are a male, try to think like a female), and you went to a muslim country(and you are NOT muslim), would you wear the hijab while you're there?
OR, if that's too much for you, would you always wear pants and long-sleeved shirts? Or would you wear shorts and tank tops or tees?
Now, this is while you are in that muslim country. If you say yes you would cover yourself up, why? And if you wouldn't cover yourself up, why not?

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Richa said...

I wouldn't wear the hijab, but I wouldn't mind covering my head in places that would require me to, with a shawl or dupatta. I definitely wouldn't wear shorts. Pants, yes; not full sleeves, necessarily.
When in Rome, do as Romans do. But more than that, it'll be fun and nice to see how it feels. Kinda fit into the scene, isn't that a part of what tourism is about?

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't wear the hijab because it is a religious symbol to them, and i think that would be disrespectul. long sleeved clothes on the other hand, would be fine, because not only do they protect your skin, they keep you it is a cultural norm in muslim countries, so i think i would look like an outcast if i didn't ;D

iZaynab said...

mMmm, iWould wear it 50/50.
You'll only be pressed about it if you are Muslim because the elders will bother you about it a l o t.
It only is more mandatory as you get older.
So yeah, depends on the weather for me ~

meandmythinkingcap said...

As Anon said if it is a religious symbol I wouldnt want to do anything to descreate tht.
If the country mandates me to wear burqa I would. And to respect the localites and not to hurt anyone's sentiments I would wear something cover myself as much to avoid being a spectacle. Who wants to be stared as a spectacle anyway ;-)

r.alsharif said...

I already wear it and i'm proud of wearing it! :D

The Blog Writer said...

I agree with comment 1 here.

angela said...

I'm not sure what I'd wear, I'd probably try to do one of them out of respect and try it out. Hopefully we'd have like, a tour guide or someone from there who could give their input of what would be best for a foreigner to wear lol

Anonymous said...

i agree with Anon. hehe. i would dod the same :)

Jodie-Ann said...

@Richa: Yeah, I agree.
@Anon!: Yeah, me neither. I think it WOULD be disrespectful.
@iZaynab: Ooh cool :D
@meandmythinkingcap: Hehe, yeah I wouldn't want to be a spectacle.
@r.alsharif: YOU GO GIRL!
@TBW: Hehe me too
@angela: Lol, yeah that would be good.
@haze: Me too :D

kitkat said...

haha its jihab not hijab :p
i'll probably not wear the jihab but i'll try to dress more decently..definitely no shorts lol.
I think they put people in prison for indecent dressing in some countries so better safe than sorry lol

Jodie-Ann said...

Oh, they pronounce the j as an h XD
And wow JAIL?!

Cloud Strife said...

I probably wouldn't wear a hijab, i go to a catholic school and im not catholic and i dont make the sign of the cross during prayer because im buddhist but i do like respect it and all. I would not absolutely cover myself up because most of the muslim countries are quite hot and i dont think i would like to wear a hijab or a long sleeve :P

ishashime said...

well, i definitely cover myself up when i'm in the Muslim country i grew up in. i don't wear a hijab but i do cover my hair. i wouldn't dream of wearing shorts out in public, or tank tops. i was once scolded by a Muslim elder for having my hair out once and i wouldn't want that to happen again. after all, i am living in their country, therefore, i should play by their rules. :)

Jodie-Ann said...

@Cloud Strife: Ah, cool XD
@ishashime: True :)

Furree Katt said...

i like wearing hijab because growing up, it has been taught as a sign of modesty. why should a girl expose her body to everybody? it's always nice to cover up a bit. hair is considered a great sign of beauty in islam, a special possession of women, which should be covered to keep 'protected', because no one really knows if another person looks upon you in a bad way.
i hope you get what i mean haha. i am comfortable wearing it! :)

Jodie-Ann said...

That's cool :] And interesting. Hehe, I wouldn't be able to be Muslim or anything because I love tank tops and shorts and skirts. And I could never wear a hijab XD

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