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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger is eeeeviiiiilllll.

So, Blogger had some stuff to fix up apparently. o.O I thought there was something wrong with my blog. Like I had gotten banned again or something. Then, I read the message and saw that blogger was fixing stuff up so I was like "Oooohhhhh".
Don't scare me like that again, Blogger!
Anyways, I started a new book called Sweethearts. It's actually really interesting :D I'm only on page ten or so, but it's really really interesting. Oh and the book I was reading before, Perfect Chemistry? SO GOOD. It's really steamy. That dude really knows how to flirt.
Lord have mercy. If he talked to me like that I'd, like... implode. XD
And yeah. Erm... I had interesting stuff to say yesterday but I can't remember them right now. Because BLOGGER just HAD to go and NOT ALLOW US TO POST STUFF! Geez. I really want to remember what I was going to say yesterday.
I went to the park yesterday. And it was... boring to say the least. I couldn't wait to get home. I jogged for like ten minutes because I am in HORRIBLE shape. I don't mean that I'm fat. Because I'm not. I just mean that I can't run for like two minutes before I'm exhausted. Which is really, really bad. So, that's why I try to jog often in the summer. With my iPod counting my steps and the calories I burnt. And murdering my eardrums. Ha.
Anyways, byeeee!! <3

PS: It's so HOT! Gosh. I went out before to bring one of my purses to a guy who can fix it(The strap ripped. Long story) and I was wearing kapris and my Beatles tee. AND IT WAS STILL TOO HOT! My step-brother, Jermaine came home in an undershirt. Like a tank top(not spaghetti straps, they're thick, normal straps.) but for guys. Anyways, he came home in just that and I was so jealous. I wish I could have just taken off my shirt and worn the tank top underneath. But, my tank top was one with spaghetti straps. So... yeah. I wasn't in a spaghetti strap mood.

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FeliciaShortii said...

me too! I was pissed yesterday and I forgot wat was so important to post yesterdaY i thought my blog got deleted cause I couldn't sign in.

Anonymous said...

Okay, good to know I wasn't the only one experiencing Blogger's fix-up. I was terrified I'd never get on again..

& lucky you, it's been raining/grey here every day for the past two weeks. I think we had one day of sun, and the hottest has been like 13 degrees. And grey.

I'm in bad shape too. No endurance at all. I can run really fast, but only for like 30 seconds before I get too tired. =___=

& the shirt Jermaine wore is a beater. aka wife beater. Charming name, isn't it? I guess it's what abusive husbands wore back in the day

The Blog Writer said...

I must jog. I MUST!

ishashime said...

yesterday, i feared i would never get into blogger again. it was rather frustrating. but now, everything seems to be (mostly) back to normal.

oh and thankyou for reminding me that i need to go out and do something instead of just sitting here all day. haha.

Tom Millson said...

I got Blogger withdrawal! And now I have loads to catch up on! Ahhhh!!

Furree Katt said...

i will not hate Blogger for what happened yesterday. i will not hate Blogger. will not hate. not hate..

so yeah, i IMMENSELY DISLIKED what happened to Blogger yesterday.

and yes, it was too hot! too much.

Jodie-Ann said...

@Fee: LOL!
@Ashley: Lol, I thought the same thing D:
And I know! I'm so happy XD It's raining a lot today though. ;(
I'm the same way. That's the word I was looking for: endurance.
And hahahahah I know! XD
@TBW: YOU MUST! :D I must, too XD
@ishashime: Hehe xD And you're welcome haha XD
@Tom Millson: LOL!
@Furree Katt: LOOL I was thinking the same thing!! And yeah I was sweating like a pig yesterday D:

iZaynab said...

: " O It put my life out of order ~

Jodie-Ann said...

Me too D:

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