Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mmmm, moonwalkin' on the sun.

So, today was interesting. :)
I took some pictures for you guys because I've been blogging less lately. My apologies, friends. :) I know that pictures won't bribe you but meh. I try. :D
So, here are some pics of two of my friends, Léa and Jasmine(EXTRA LARGE FTW!)

Jasmine <3

Jazzehhh <3

Léaaa! <3

Sorry for the huge space after Léa's name. I don't know how to get it off.
And, here's a video from my school. Mr. P, one of my teachers videotaped it. Sadly, I'm not on it. ;( 
Anyways, some of my friends are. And Sebastian hahahahahahahahaha! That's him showing his employee card. You'll see it when it comes. 
Mr. P. is the teacher who had the beard and shaved and has the soul patch. 
He's the dude with curly hair.
I figured that I could put this vid up here seeing as it's on Youtube. Once it's on Youtube, I can do whatever I want with it. xD

Lol, I just realized that now you know the name of my school and you can stalk me. xD
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Uh... yeah...

So, I haven't been on Blogger for a few days.
To be honest, I was avoiding Blogger. I was in such a bad mood since the incident with the stupid bank that I knew if I blogged, I was just going to blog about stupid depressing stuff.
I have also been avoiding the teacher I was telling you about. Like, in class, I'd stare at my desk and hope to God that she doesn't pick me. When before, I was raising my hand all the time.
She probably notices something different with me, but I don't care.
In the halls, I avoid her. I don't go near her class. During history class, I stepped out to blow my nose(because somehow, I managed to get sick in the nice warm weather) and she was walking by. I said, "Hi, Miss." Because what else could I say?!
She smiled back and said hi.
I wanted to run back in the class.
Anyways, remember when I told you that my history teacher Mr. P has a horrible beard? He shaved! YAY!
He got a soul patch which is still kind of... not nice looking but at least it's better than the beard. *shivers*
My class was so happy. As soon as we stepped in the class and saw him, we started clapping and cheering. It was hilarious.
At first, he was a bit offended that we hated his beard so much but then he got over it and started bowing. XD
Ah, Mr. P.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

36. Gay pride!

Made me LOL:

Oh joy.

Oh yes, today I had a wonderful day(sarcasm).
Hmm... I especially liked the part where I got a detention. Why did I get one? Because my dad asked me to go to the bank to pay the mortgage for him in a mall about five minutes away from school by bus. I had to go during lunch. I expected it to take ten minutes max.
But, of course I was wrong. The people there had NO CLUE what they were doing. In fact, they were calling many different places to get answers. When I had only ten minutes to get back to school, they told me that my dad had ALREADY PAID THE BILL and that the next payment was scheduled for the 26th.
I nearly punched someone.
I had to run and find my friends who I had invited to come with me. Then, we had to run to school because we couldn't wait on the bus. We got to school late.
I ran to class, sweating like a pig and pretty sure that I smelled like one, too. My class had already started and my teacher, Ms. J was already teaching. She asked me why I was late and I said, "I had to do something at the mall for someone."
I only realized later that I sounded like one of those stupid kids who just fool around at lunch and don't care. She scowled, clearly annoyed with me and sent me to the office. I got a detention slip and returned to class, trying not to cry.
The entire class, I couldn't look at my teacher. I doodled in my book and drew sad and angry faces on my fingertips.
On the bus going home, I put my music up loud on my iPod and sat by myself so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone. I was trying really hard not to cry. I was pretty sure that when I got home, I would be blamed.
And I was right.
My step-mom pounced first: "How come you didn't call me when you were done at the bank?"
Me: "Oh."
She: "Oh? Don't tell me you forgot."
Me: "I did." But, I didn't even know I was supposed to do that. Maybe she told me and I didn't hear her. I dunno.
She: *spazzing, ranting on, getting pissed.*

My dad: "I'm so sorry... what did you tell your teacher?"
Me: "That I had to do something at the mall for someone."
Him: "That's why you got the detention! Why didn't you explain everything?"
Me: *feeling even more like an idiot than I already know I am*

So, of course, I should have known to tell my teacher that I was doing something at the bank for my dad. Instead of simply saying that I had to do something for someone. I should have known. Why didn't I know all these things?
I have no idea. There are so many things that happen that I should have known what to do or say but didn't.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pictures :)

So... I haven't blogged in... two days?
I was really caught up in my story, haha.
Anyways, I have pictures that have accumulated since Thursday. I was too lazy to upload them then. xD
No, I did not take pictures of what I bought while shopping. Sorry. D: I can, but honestly, I am feeling way too lazy.
Anyways, I will be going on a commenting spree right after I post this. So, soon you will see my comments on your posts :)
Errrmmm... Yeah! Pictures! :D
The first ones are from school on Thursday:
Add caption

Jasmine and I

Jasmine... showing some lurrve
Now, these are from yesterday at a park near my house:
Me on a spinny thingie
Me sitting.
Me sitting again.
And these are from today:

My dad walking haha

River near my house
So that is all :D
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shut up. No, really, shut up.

I really hate when people comment the stupidest things on Youtube videos.
On a video about Miep... that's her name right? I actually forgot her name. D: Anyways, on a video talking about the woman who helped the Frank family during the Holocaust, some people commented on how "Jews are dirty", "they deserved to die", "What kind of name is Miep?", "Miep should have been killed for helping the Jews", etc. etc.
I nearly puked reading those comments. What kind of person SAYS stuff like that?
And, I hate when people go to videos and comment about how stupid the song is or how horrible it is, whatever. If you don't like it, DON'T WATCH IT! Geez.
See the skin that people call an eyelid? Close it. Or, click on a different video.
Geez. You'd think the people are being forced to sit there and watch a video they don't like. Dislike the video, but stop trolling it. Stop ruining it for everyone else. No one cares about what you think about the video, except maybe the artist. Sounds mean, but it's true. o_O
I saw a comment on a Jimi Hendrix video where someone said something along the lines of, "I like his songs, but I hate Jimi Hendrix because he's black. No offense."
Oh NO OFFENSE?! You don't want people to take offense to that?! It's like saying, "I like Adele's music, but I hate her because she's white. No offense."
It's also like a guy looking at another guy and saying, "Dude, you're so sexy... NO HOMO!"
...Yeah. Okay. *rolls eyes*

New Musical Obsessions:

So, these are the songs I LOVE right now. Happy listening!!

Knock Knock by Mac Miller. Swearing here! The lyrics are kind of stupid, but it's still awesome. And the music video is one of my favorites out of all artist music videos I've seen :)

Smile by Avril Lavigne. Swearing here, too. I LOVE AVRIL!

80s Obsession. Your Love by The Outfield:

Friday, May 20, 2011


*sticks index finger in air*
Nerd moment for today. :)

PS: I have no clue what that was. This isn't even really a post. It's a... postella.
PPS: Get it? Novella? Postella? Hahahahahaha.
PPPS: It wasn't funny in the least. I didn't even really laugh. In fact, I stared at the screen like a robot.


Hey, everyone!
Today, I went shopping downtown with Felicia. I bought:
-denim short shorts(daisy duke style, but not... nasty)
-a black dress thing with twisted straps and pockets :) (I dress with pockets?! HOW COOL IS THAT?!)
-black ballet flats
-On Writing Romance by Leigh Michaels(AWESOME)
The best thing I bought today was... hmm... ON WRITING ROMANCE!! It's great! Seriously. Really. 
So, it's just a book helping me with writing romance. Like tips, techniques, do's and don't's, etc. It's really great. I actually expected it to be useless. I bought it anyway just because I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF. It was twenty bucks. But worth it. Reference books are expensive, so whatever. My Writer's Market was thirty-something so...
Do I write well? I mean, not all casual like this, because this is really... horrible. But, in general. Like, have you ever read and thought "What world is she trying to say here?" Or "What in the world does she mean by this phrase?!" Not when I'm rambling on like a crazy person but I mean, when I'm just talking normally like this.
Okay, not like this. But, yeah.
I shall comment on your blogs now and then WRITE MY STORY! >:D
I think it'll turn out great. I've got to work on sexual tension though. Seriously, my characters kiss way to early. I have to stretch it out. Make them sweat. Make them want to kiss and touch each other so badly, but they can't because... well, I can't tell you why. Because there could be some horrible person out there just waiting to steal my idea.
Lazy bum.
Byeeee! <3

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Close your legs."

Hey, guys!
I just finished my homework and realized that I left a lab paper at school that I was supposed to complete. Sucks for me. D:
Oh and these Asian people came to our school today. They came to see our classes and see if it's a good school to transfer from. I think they live in China? Not sure. Anyways, they were so cute! They were like fourteen, fifteen and looked awesome in their blue jumpsuits. Because apparently, that's their uniform. XD It was so awesome.
We were studying gears and stuff and the Asian people were looking with us and adding their thoughts. When they got to my table, I nearly burst into laugher. And I wasn't laughing at them, I swear. It's just... the entire situation. I kept my hand pressed against my mouth so that I wouldn't laugh. It was just so... cool to see these people actually interested in my school. I keep forgetting that my school is actually a good school.
Anyways, later in drama, one of the guys who had been with the principal and vice principal showing the people around said to us, "These people came to visit our school because they want to come here. I don't know why but..." *shrug*
See how much school spirit we have? XD
And we were doing this skit in drama where me and my friend Leslie were hairdressers and our customers were Ceisha and Patricia.
Sebastian came in randomly showing off his employee card(he's so proud that he got a job, haha) and pretended to use it as a comb in Patricia's hair. He was saying that he could give her a nice hair cut for only 2.25$ while she pooed. Yes, POOED.
So, she sat down on a "toilet" and Sebastian was "cutting" her hair. I said, "It smells bad in here!" Because she was pooing.
So, Sebastian said, "Close your legs."
I nearly peed myself from laughing. XD
Earlier in the class, during a skit he picked me up(AND I WAS WEARING A SKIRT!) and yelled at me to give him his employee card. I yelled back, "I DON'T HAVE IT!" while trying to straighten my skirt and prayed to God that no one had seen under my skirt. At least I wear shorts underneath XD But still!
It was really funny. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Odd much?

On Twitter, random people follow me. I know that it's because of this blog. My only tweets are from this blog. I don't talk about anything else. So, they must be following after reading this blog.
I've gotten some interesting Twitter followers. Like, I look at them and think "How did you find this Twitter account to follow? And more importantly: WHY are you following this Twitter account?!"
I honestly have no clue why people follow my Twitter. I don't even know why I have it. Except that it gets me lots of page views. So, I'm not going to delete something that's getting my blog out there.

Friction caused when two objects are rubbed together.

So, today was quite interesting.
Not really. My day was how it always is.
In science, my teacher, Ms. J was talking about how her ex had been a total jerk. So, she was saying how she's happy that that relationship ended.
Sebastian was like, "Miss, I'm in that situation, too."
Then, Ms. J asked, "What, you're a jerk?"
And we all LOLed for like ten minutes. Even Ms. J. She stopped and laughed like it was the funniest thing ever. XD
Then, Sebastian actually said really quietly, "Yeah."
That part made me laugh even harder.
And in science, we're talking about mechanics. Ms J was telling us about the adhesion and friction of parts. Every time she said "the presence of a lubricant" "rougher surfaces usually remain in contact better than smooth surfaces" and "friction caused when two objects are rubbed together" this kid named G would smile. I only noticed this because the windows were open while she was talking and I looked back at them thinking "WHY ARE THEY OPEN?!" because it was cold.
And, just as I looked back, Ms. J said something about "the presence of a lubricant" and my eyes passed G on their way to the window. G smiled but I could tell he was trying not to.
So, I nudged my friend Ceisha who was sitting beside me and told her about what I was seeing G do. So, we waited till Ms. J said something that could be sexual and looked back to see that INDEED G was smiling. 
Ceisha and I laughed like maniacs. XD

Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh and...

In the part of my sidebar for currently reading, I now have the picture and an extremely short summary of the novel. Just so you can see what the main idea is. :) Just in case you're looking for a book to read and see the book, you have no idea what it's about. So, I just added the summary for you guys :) 
Oh, and if you want me to post a review of the book that I'm currently reading when it's over EMAIL ME! Or just comment. You can just be like, "Hey, Jodie, I saw the new book in your sidebar and it looks interesting. Can you please post a review?"
And that's it. I will post it as soon as I am done.
Don't hesitate!!
I actually want you guys to ask me. XD The only reason I barely put reviews up anymore is because I don't know whether you guys actually care. Lol.

You may not think so but...

When I comment on your blog(if I do. And if I don't comment, I have read the post but probably was too lazy to comment or just didn't know what to say), I actually go back to it to read your response. I hate when I comment on a blog and the person can't even respond. Even if it's as simple as 'LOL', I love it. Just because it's nice to see that people actually read my comment instead of looking at the comments page and saying 'Oh cool a comment' and not even bothering to see what it says.
It's like gee I went and read your blog, taking time to read each and every word(because I do. Even though my comments are short, I do in fact read every word) and try to come up with a reaction which I then type into the space provided.
SO READ IT, WHY DON'T YOU and respond!
I know that most bloggers respond to comments, which is great. So, if you do: keep it up!
If you don't: JODIE-ANN EAT YOU FOR DINNUH! (not really)

PS: I am not a cannibal.
PPS: Even though I threaten to eat people.
PPPS: I love meat. Just not human meat. Hmm... I wonder what human meat tastes like? Probably horrible. Not even sharks like us. Did you know that they only come after us because from the angle they're at underwater, we look like seals?
PPPPS: Hahahahahahahaha. Seals! Seriously! We humans must taste really bad if not even SHARKS want to eat us. We're like the social outcasts or something. And we came onto this Earth and ruined it with cars and other horrible things...
PPPPPS: Poor Earth. :)


We're reading Othello in English class and it's really funny. There are many sexual... stuff. Like, at one point, some dude says something about "her thing is a common thing" to a lady. And that basically means that her vagina is very often used and is very easy to use.
She was like "What?"
Then, in science, my teacher, Ms. J was talking about how horrible her drawing skills are. She tried to draw a bike and it came out looking... okay.
She said, "Look at this? See my awesome bike?"
Then, some kid at the back said, "Miss, where are the pedals?"
She stared at the picture for a bit, realizing that she had indeed not added any pedals. Then, she said, "Whatever! It's still awesome!"
In drama, my drama teacher was going BALLISTIC because our class wasn't doing ANYTHING. Seriously. We were talking and fooling around basically annoying her so much that she looked ready to explode.
When there was about half an hour left of class(and our classes are an hour and fifteen minutes long, we have four classes a day, so you can imagine how long I was doing absolutely NOTHING) I started working.
But, it was a lot of fun doing nothing. Gyri[pronounced JY-RY] are the wrinkles on your brain and it's my and Léa's(a good friend) favorite word. (The more gyri you have, the smarter you are)
All class we were like, "Move your gyri!"
"My gyri is INFERIOR to yours!"
"I will use my gyri powers!"
etc. etc.
It was quite fun. Then, in French, we had a sub, Ms. G. We had to do some stupid booklet which I really didn't feel like doing. But, she said it was for marks, so I forced myself to work my gyri(hahahahahahahaha).
Byeeeee! How were your days?! And should I make another award soon? :D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

35. Really?

I love you, Kingsleyyyyyyyy! <3

34. You turn me on ;)


Wow, guys... I HAVE 206 FOLLOWERS! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's amazing!! :D How... how did this HAPPEN?! :O I can't believe it! Ahhh. I was waiting for at least 205 followers to celebrate my over 200 followers thingie(that didn't make sense, did it?) just in case someone unfollowed me at 200 and I'd drop to 199 and I'd look pretty stupid celebrating 200-but-actually-199 followers.
Run-on sentences FTW!
So, yeah. Yay!
Sooooo happy. =D 
Thank you guys SO MUCH for putting up with me since... whenever you started reading this blog. Really. I don't know what I'd do without you people. 
[I really don't]
Hmmm... how about I tell you guys twenty random facts about me? As a celebration... thing. So, LET'S BEGIN.

1. I love cheese.
2. My favorite color used to be orange, then pink and now every color.
3. I love to dance. I took a jazz dance class in the seventh grade XD
4. I love to act. I've been in a few productions(they were small school ones).
5. I love to write(I have over fifteen manuscripts saved on my computer XD).
6. My favorite genre of novels is romance.
7. I love reading LGBT novels.
8. I am obsessed with The Sims(THANKS, EA!)
9. I have a pretty big bruise on the inside of my right ankle from when I got into a minor car accident in the first(second?) grade.
10. I would die without my glasses. (I'd be blind)
11. My legs and arms are too skinny.
12. I eat MUCH more than the normal amount for a human being.
13. I don't gain weight.
14. I love movies that make me cry(because I love crying. I dunno why, but it's just to... calming.)
15. I got a manicure and a pedicure once in my life(during the summer, a French one)
16. I have never beaten someone up. The most violent I got with someone was kneeing a guy in the crotch(Sebastian hahahahahahahahaha).
17. I can't think of another fact.
18. Same as the one above.
19. Uhhh... I brush my teeth twice a day? :D
20. I DESPISE showering in the morning.

So, yeah that's pretty much it. I LOVE YOU ALL!! <3

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Got this idea from Ashley. Basically my school years:
In elementary school, I was a huge crybaby. No joke. I cried over the littlest things.
Like, a good example is when I was in math class, I'd stare at the board and the teacher and realize that I didn't understand anything that she was talking about. Then, I'd duck my head in the desk and cry uncontrollably. My best friend Angela would pat my back trying to calm me down as nonchalantly as possible. Because, she knew that I didn't want anyone to know that I was crying.
When my mom died, I'd cry all the time, wondering where she went and if she'd ever come back. I was so childish(well, I was only like four). I heard that at my mom's funeral, I was running around playing tag with other kids. The thought of it disgusts me. But that just goes to show how much I really didn't understand what was happening. Then, when I really grasped the meaning of "death", it was basically the end of me. Sort of. I'm still alive,(obviously) but I'm very different.
I remember I used to be much more violent in elementary school. I guess it was because I was always trying to prove myself. Because my self-esteem was so low that I thought that I had to make myself look tough. Anyways, in school, I was always yelling at people. I would always have to write lines from talking a lot in class. I'd always be talking to Angela so, we both got lines. But, I can write really fast albeit messy(inherited from my dad) without getting cramps. So, I'd write my hundred(I will not talk in class while the teacher is talking) lines super fast and then I'd write Angela's. XD
Once, this kid was bothering me so much(poking me) that I pinched his hand so hard that it bled.
Yeah, I was kind of violent. An angry, violent kid.
Now, I'm more mellow. On first glance, people think that I'm a really good girl(I'm always reading, I don't wear makeup, I always do my homework, I get honor roll all the time, etc.). But then, they get to know me and they change their minds. XD My school friends don't see me as a violent person. But, if people push my buttons, I'll break theirs.

PS: Which I know isn't a good thing. I shouldn't be breaking people. XD

What writing does.

It calms me. Puts me into someone else's shoes. Instead of thinking about how much I despise my step-sister or how much I wish my mother was alive and how different my life would be or how I wish I could gain a bit of weight or how I don't belong in my family or how I wish that I could live forever in my dreams and how I wish I had better memory or how I wish that I could feel like I actually fit in with my friends... I'm thinking about my protagonists and antagonists. About what would happen if a character dies. What would happen if a character is diagnosed with a disease or a disorder. What would happen if two characters fall in love? How does my character feel when it rains? When it's sunny or cloudy? When his/her aunt comes out of the closet? When destiny(basically me) plans their fate?
It keeps me away from me. Which I'm very grateful for.

Friday, May 13, 2011

33. The longer you stare at it, the funnier it gets.


Today after school on the bus home, I was sitting with my friends Roxanne, Léa and this guy named Tristan(who keeps thinking my name is Juliet-Do I LOOK like a Juliet to you, boi?!-so, I keep calling him Tyler).
Anyways, while we were driving home, we kept saying "Cheese!" In this really weird way. I can't even explain it to you how we were saying it. It was just really really funny.
At one point, this kid was sitting alone in a fancy silver convertible. And I mean it was FANCY. Like, it looked suuuupperrrr expensive. Tyler was like "Why's there some kid sitting alone in a car?" Then, this woman got into the car.
So, I leaned close to the window and shouted, "CHEESE!" In the really weird way. Then, the woman looked over her shoulder at me right before she drove off.
It was soooo funny. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
Then, there were these people walking past our window from outside while the bus was moving. Roxanne stuck her hand out really fast and shouted, "High five?!"
They all ignored her. So, she pulled her hand back in when we passed them.
Then, the bus stopped to let people off and the people who had been walking past our window ended up passing our window again because they caught up with the bus(I hope I'm explaining this properly).
Roxanne said really loudly, "They're so mean! They all just ignored me!"
And some teenaged dude from outside(who had ignored her before) laughed. XD
Good times.

Brand new award?? :O

So, there was(by the time you read this, it will be was) a poll up on my sidebar asking which award I should make next. There are the most votes for the Makes me Smile Award. SOO... I have created it:
And will now award it. Does it look good? I was having a hard time thinking of how to design it. Anyways, here are the new rules which you must copy/paste if I'm passing this award on to you:

1. Accept this award with a smile and link to the person who sent it to you. :)
2. Pass this on to five blogs that make you smile.
3. Contact the person somehow to tell them that they have received this award.

And yeah. I decided to make it simple :D
So, here are the people I'm awarding:

iZaynab at iLowLife because her blog never fails to make me smile. She's just such an adorable girl and her hair DOES NOT ALWAYS LOOK BAD. And her layout is SO CUTE! :D

Ashley at The Usual Shenanigans :) Her blog is hilarious. It won't only make you smile, but it'll make you laugh. If not, you'll giggle. Ashley's blog always amuses me. And she makes these really cool videos about makeup and her outfits and what she's been doing all day. It's really funny. XD

Furree Katt at Furree Katt :D Her blog is SO AWESOME. She's so cuute! Lol! And she posts pictures often which I LOVE. She always posts about amusing stuff, so yeah. I smile and laugh most of the time. This girl's got a blog worth reading!

Haze at ...How far is Heaven? She has such a great blog. She write AMAZING(and when I say amazing I really mean it. Like UH-MAY-ZINGG.) Her writing is BAWWSS(haha). She writes poetry and what happens in her daily life. She has such a beautiful way of writing... She may be the next female Shakespeare. And I'm not kidding. Okay, I never thought Shakespeare was great so then she's BETTER than Shakespeare! :D Ahh now I will get slaughtered by English teachers XD

Ishashime at The Blues, the Blahs and the Blarghs. Her blog always makes me smile. Seriously it's like... wow. It's great. Really. I love it so much. And she has such a cute layout and... wow. I really love this blog. READ IT.

And... an extra one:

Fiona at Voice of A Nerd. Fiona is so awesome. I was talking to my friend Léa and she was like "You know that blogger Fiona? She's so adorable!" And I said, "Seriously!" She is. Her posts are short and sweet and make you smile ALL THE TIME. :) I love her blog!

So, yeah! Hope you like the new award!! :D

PS: If you have any ideas for a new blog award design or name email me! :D

Blogger is eeeeviiiiilllll.

So, Blogger had some stuff to fix up apparently. o.O I thought there was something wrong with my blog. Like I had gotten banned again or something. Then, I read the message and saw that blogger was fixing stuff up so I was like "Oooohhhhh".
Don't scare me like that again, Blogger!
Anyways, I started a new book called Sweethearts. It's actually really interesting :D I'm only on page ten or so, but it's really really interesting. Oh and the book I was reading before, Perfect Chemistry? SO GOOD. It's really steamy. That dude really knows how to flirt.
Lord have mercy. If he talked to me like that I'd, like... implode. XD
And yeah. Erm... I had interesting stuff to say yesterday but I can't remember them right now. Because BLOGGER just HAD to go and NOT ALLOW US TO POST STUFF! Geez. I really want to remember what I was going to say yesterday.
I went to the park yesterday. And it was... boring to say the least. I couldn't wait to get home. I jogged for like ten minutes because I am in HORRIBLE shape. I don't mean that I'm fat. Because I'm not. I just mean that I can't run for like two minutes before I'm exhausted. Which is really, really bad. So, that's why I try to jog often in the summer. With my iPod counting my steps and the calories I burnt. And murdering my eardrums. Ha.
Anyways, byeeee!! <3

PS: It's so HOT! Gosh. I went out before to bring one of my purses to a guy who can fix it(The strap ripped. Long story) and I was wearing kapris and my Beatles tee. AND IT WAS STILL TOO HOT! My step-brother, Jermaine came home in an undershirt. Like a tank top(not spaghetti straps, they're thick, normal straps.) but for guys. Anyways, he came home in just that and I was so jealous. I wish I could have just taken off my shirt and worn the tank top underneath. But, my tank top was one with spaghetti straps. So... yeah. I wasn't in a spaghetti strap mood.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to make Twitter and Facebook post your posts automatically.

So, on my Twitter, it I tweet automatically whenever I post something on this blog. Want to know how? A few people have been asking me this. You can do this for Facebook as well. It's great to get views to your posts, so I suggest you do it :D
Step 1: Go to feedburner.
Step 2: Sign in using your Google account. (See as you have a blog with Blogger, I'll assume that you have one. If not, create one)
Step 3: Where it says "burn a feed right this instant", type your blog URL in the space provided. Then, next.
Step 4: You should see "Identify Feed Source" copy the source that's for RSS. Like, copy the link.
Step 5: Open another window/tab. Go to twitterfeed. Once there, click register now. Create the account.
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Step 7: Go back to the other window for feedburner and click next to finish creating your account.
And you're done!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Jerk to my boobs.

Someone looked that up and got my blog.
Um, okay?

Dude, what are you talking about?!

You know what I hate about some books? When the author just ASSUMES that you know what a word means THAT'S IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE!
For God's sakes! I'm reading Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles and I'm getting so frustrated. There are so many Spanish parts in it. Am I Spanish? NO. Do I speak Spanish? NO. NOO.
How am I supposed to know what "gringa" is? Or "mis cuates" or "vete a la verga. Callate el hocico"
And the other dude's like "Whatever, dude. He can't even speak English."
Seriously. Why doesn't the Spanish dude speak English? I know he can because in-between his Spanish, he'll speak English. It's really irritating when he's speaking some language I can't understand. And I'm too lazy to use Google translate. Okay, fine I'll go use it now. BRB.

Gringa: "Gringa is the spanish definition for a white female usually used for english speaking persons, it doesn't matter if she is american, italian, french or whatever as long as she is white and speaks any other language different from spanish." [Urban Dictionary. Google translate wasn't helpful at all.]

Oooh. Hm. Okay then. NEXT!

Cuate: Spanish word for "hommie."

Interesting. XD NEXXTT.

vete a la verga. Callate el hocico: go to the penis. Shut the snout(Google translate)

LOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??!!!! Google translate messed that up!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
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