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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yep. I'm pretty much scared poopless.

Right now, I am terrified about college. SO. I am searching through my college booklets that I got from the guidance counselor's office at my school.
I'm going to be a therapist(in a clinical setting or a school) so I know that I have to take Social Sciences (specifically psychology) in college. Then, in university, I have to take psychology again. THEN, I will have mastered all knowledge of the human brain and I will be a brilliant therapist and be able to help people. :)
I've always wanted to do something with biology like become a doctor. But, to be honest, performing surgeries and stuff is kind of... disturbing. First of all, there's all that blood. I'm okay with blood, though. I don't feel sick or anything. But, it's just disturbing to see a lot of it XD And, secondly, there's the fact that if I mess up, the person is most likely going to die. How can I possibly LIVE with myself knowing that I failed epically during a surgery or something and now the person is dead? I wouldn't be able to sleep. Especially since I freak out over everything. I'd be up every night crying. No joke. Even if I know that it wasn't my fault, that it was a risky surgery and I tried my best, I will still feel horrible because THE PERSON IS DEAD.
*gulps for air*
So, yeah. Psychology here I come! :D
For Fall admissions at a college that looks quite promising, I have to apply before March first of 2012. In the booklet I have it says March first 2011, but that's for the students who are graduating this year and are going to college. I'm graduating next year. So, I'm assuming that the dates will stay the same. Anyways, for Winter admissions, the deadline is November first. :o
So, that's why I'm checking this out from now. I need to have everything planned from early. I am NOT waiting till the last minute. My future is at stake here! =D (I had drama today. I'm feeling pretty... dramatic.)
Oh and as I'm reading on the website, in Term 1, I have to choose between Developmental Psychology and Abnormal Psychology then in term 3, I have to choose between Human Sexual Behavior and Applications of Psychology. I can't choose! I'm seriously staring at them trying to decide but it's so hard. XD They all sound so interesting. I'm a huge psychology dork. XD
Anywho, tootles!

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The Blog Writer said...

This has me SO very excited for you! Psychology is fabulous! You're going to love it!!! :) :) :)

angela said...

Psychology is so much fun, but to be a psychologist, you have to do A LOT of schooling, about 7 years of it (at least here, may be different in Canada). It was one of the main things to turn me off of that as a career :(

Jodie-Ann said...

@TBW: I hope so! :D
@angela: Well, I'm not sure how many years it's going to take. And I don't care XD I just want this job SO MUCH. I've already looked up the cons of the job: low pay, lots of stress, lots of hours, lots of schooling... but I still really, really want to do it XD

iZaynab said...

Everything in the 1st part ~
You are my soul sister x P
iHope you decide & get into the college you want > : D

Kuroneko said...

I love psychology too, though I couldn't take it up :(

Tell us what you decide :D

Jodie-Ann said...

@iZaynab: Haha! :D I hope so, too
@Kuroneko: D; why? And yes, I will :D

Anonymous said...

oh, if i could change my course, it would be education or psychology.
good luck, dear!

ishashime said...

my mom took psychology back when she was my age. haha.
i'm glad you're already preparing yourself this early. from my own personal experience, it is extremely hard if you do everything last minute (but i still do anyway). urk.

Jodie-Ann said...

@haze: Thank you!
@ishashime: Haha! :D I know it's going to be hard. I'm terrified that colleges won't accept me D; Not because I have bad marks(because I have good marks), I'm just nervous. Eeep!

Furree Katt said...

psychology is good, it's one of my subjects too!

Jodie-Ann said...


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