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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why is this happening to me?

Guess what idiot forgot her agenda, pencil case and folder with all of their school papers in it at school in drama class? Me. I'm so angry at myself right now. And, I'm hyperventilating. I have no clue what's happening to it. AND, I have a math test and my memory aid is in the folder. AND, I have an English quiz thing and my notes are in that folder. So, I'm going to fail my English quiz and for math, it all depends on whether I get my stuff back. Of course, I'm pretty sure I will get them back, but I'm not 100% sure. SO, I will be up all night hyperventilating and sobbing and hyperventilating again. I hate my brain. It's so STUPID. It's going to make me worry all night. That's how I am: I worry way too much.
On my way home, I was walking with this girl and she said, "Why don't you just talk to your mom about it? Whenever I have a problem, I talk to my mom and I calm down."
I was so jealous of her at that moment. She has a mom to talk to. I have a step-mom who is insensitive to other peoples' feelings. I can't talk to her about any of my problems. She only makes me feel worse afterwards.
I tried it anyway. I told her everything and she said something about how I should have gotten off the bus and gone back. Which I KNOW! But, I was debating and then I just thought, whatever I'll get it tomorrow and I didn't get off. I was berating my own self for that and SHE just goes and berates me some more. Not helping. She was saying other random stuff about how I freak out too much over little things.
After, I heard her talking to my step-sister. She said, "She forgot her books at school..."
My step-sister said, "Wow, she's freaking out over THAT?!"
Gee, thanks, you little cow. I don't want to freak out over that. But, I do anyway. I don't have a choice. If I tell myself, "Don't worry", you think that'll help? NO IT WON'T. I'll worry anyway. For God's sakes.
*drops face in hands*
I'm stressing way too much over this.
If I wasn't so terrified of the long-term affects and if I had money, I'd go get some weed.
Then, while I was eating dinner, my step-sister asked, "What's wrong?"
But, obviously she knows because my step-mom's huge mouth flopped open and crap came out. So, I said, "Nothing." Because she's just asking so she can make fun of me when I tell her.

10 run-on sentences.:

angela said...

If your step sister makes fun of you for being worried about your school stuff, just tell her "at least I'm worried enough so I don't keep failing, like you do."
It's obvious who's going to be successful and who isn't. Unless she gets her act together.

Check your school's website and see if they have an email you can contact your teacher with, usually they do (at least here they do). If so, ask your teacher if there's any websites you can look at to study from. Most math books and stuff have websites. As for the English, if you know the topic, there's likely a website you can look around to read up on it.

Or ask a friend? :D

Jodie-Ann said...

Thanks :) But, for English, my teacher wrote down the themes of a novel on the board, so I need the novel to get examples for the test. And for my memory aid, I'd have to make a new one over again, but my pencil case is there too. So, I don't have a pencil or anything. And I don't really want to ask my family for anything because I'll just feel even more stupid... v_v

iZaynab said...

Woah, maybe iJynxed you ~?
Just yesterday iLeft my college prep stuff in my English class & iStarted to freak out cause if iLost it iWas DEAD & iHad my Justin Bieber stickers in It D":

iGot it back today though, so all good ~
{ iThought iLeft it on a bench my my bio class ~ }
Just try to forget about it to calm yourself down. If that doesn't work, just go back to school & force them to open the drama room. : P

Anonymous said...

aw, things like that happen, and i know it always happen in the worst timing ever. when you have an assignment, or quiz, or when it's due date and you left your project at home. haha... how bad is that??? and i hate your step sis. again. haha.

Jodie-Ann said...

@iZaynab: Lol, wow, maybe. XD And lucky you! They wouldn't open the drama room for me.
@haze: I KNOW RIGHT?! GRRR!!! D; And that's okay, most people who know her hate her.

ishashime said...

oh no. i can totally relate since i'm a bit of a scatter-brain and i leave my filecase and pencil case at school all the time. one time, i left my filecase with all my math reviewers and notes in there and i had a major exam the next day. my awesome friend somehow managed to take the time to scan her own notes and send them to me, even though i did not tell her to. i am forever grateful.

anyway, i think your stepmom was wrong for making you feel worse and your stepsister, ugh! Why does she have to be so mean?

all you can do now is get it in the morning. i hope it will still be there or that someone found it and handed it in to the lost and found office. don't fret anymore. you can think about other possible ways to sort this all out when you're calm.

Jodie-Ann said...

Thank you :) That was really cool of your friend. And I have no clue why my step-sister is so mean! She's EVIL. And yeah, all I can do is hope. God, I hope it's there... D:

The Blog Writer said...

Talk to your dad instead of your mum then. It'll feel better. The notes will be back to you tomorrow. Breathe.

Jodie-Ann said...

Lol, I told my dad and he wished me luck. XD Better than what my step-mom did. Lol. And I really hope they'll be there. *takes deep breath* Thanks. :)

jacobluver321 said...

"Gee, thanks, you little cow'
tee hee.

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