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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why is this happening to me? Part two.

I just found out that there's a place in Wisconsin called Eau Claire. o.O
Anyways, this morning, I ran to the drama room to get my books. BUT, the door was locked. So, I ran back down to the office and waited for a secretary to notice my existence before saying, "I forgot my books in the drama room..."
She said, "Okay, hold on." Then, she went to talk to Gary, the caretaker. When she returned to me, she told me that Ms. S. is there. I thought: "WTF?! She's there NOW?!" But, said out loud as calmly as possible: "Okay. Thank you."
I walked out of the office at a normal pace, trying to look normal. But, as soon as I stepped out of the office, I ran like the wind back to the drama room to find it still locked with no one inside. I growled like a beast and decided to run to Ms. N's room. Because the drama room isn't really a classroom. It's just a really big room with big tables that we never use because we're usually standing and acting. But, she has a classroom where she teaches English or something where she can use the SmartBoard(hahahaha it's so stupid because instead of us getting Air Conditioners for the summer, we get SmartBoards) and actually desks.
So, I ran to that class and my awesome friend Léa shouted to me, "It's going to be okay, Jodie-Ann!"
And I shouted something I don't remember and kept running. When I reached Ms. N's class, I found her sitting at the desk writing something.
I said, "Ms, I left my books in the drama room, yesterday. Did you see them?"
She said, "Oh, yes. Yes, I did. Ms. S is not in there?"
I said, "No."
"Hm." She stood up and got her keys and we walked there together. She was trying to keep up conversation and I was struggling to think of proper answers. I didn't really feel like talking. I just wanted my books so I could grab them and RUN LIKE THE WIND!
When we reached the class, she unlocked the door and I grabbed my books. She was still talking. I nodded along and responded merrily and thanked her for my books as I eased myself out the door like a snake. She stepped outside with me to talk some more though and I continued nodding along. Then, we parted and I greeted Jasmine with a victorious "YES!"
I got my books back, people!

10 run-on sentences.:

iZaynab said...

mMmm, iLove using those SmartBoards ~ ♥
But so far, thats a l l bad.
/ l a u g h
My friends get mad cause my thing is just nod & smile.
& You really don't care what their saying.
C O N G R T A S > : D

Anonymous said...

haha... i feel so awkward talking to professors just because i do not know how to answer properly too... and that i cannot look straight from their eyes... hmm. i think i'm awkward. haha.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear of your victory! That must be a big relief.

Jodie-Ann said...

@iZaynab: LOL my friends don't ramble on that much, so I don't have to just nod and smile. XD And thank youu!
@haze: LOL! I feel the same way. Maybe it's because they're grading us. Haha.
@Ashley: Thanks!! And yes, it is a huge relief. I was able to breathe properly. I think I have anxiety issues.

ishashime said...

there see, now didn't everything work out fine? :)
glad you got your stuff back. hooray!

Anonymous said...


i haven't even read the whole post yet but i read the first sentence and it said 'i heard about a place in wisconsin called eau claire.."

and guess what....

that's where i live :D

ahahaha just thought you should know ;)

Furree Katt said...

YAY, JODIE! i was super worried for you and your stuff but now i can breathe a massive sigh of massive relief. yes i said massive twice in that sentence haha.

Jodie-Ann said...

@ishashime: XD Yeah lol. And I'm glad too, thanks!
@Anon! LOOOL! I saw it on my Feedjit widget. Haha. So, that was you who came to visit on it. Lol.
@Furree Katt: :D Thank youuuu!!

The Blog Writer said...

Whoa!! Congratulations girl! This Wisconsin comment has me laughing. :)

Jodie-Ann said...

Thank you!! And LOL! :D

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