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Friday, April 15, 2011


So, today was quite... interesting. I went to a vocational training crap thing and we all had to choose three careers to learn about. I chose Aesthetics first, then Starting a business and then radio/TV.
Aesthetics was quite fun. My friend Sophie and I massaged each other's hands and arms. Quite fun indeed. After, I smelled quite awesome because we had to massage with lotion. :]
Then, in starting a business, the instructor-dude was amusing. He was so CHILL. This kid raised his hand to ask something and the guy said, "Yeah, bro?"
Who says that?!
The instructor-dude does.
(Who're you gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS!)
So, yeah after, he was asking us what kind of businesses we want to start. There were normal answers like selling cars, etc. But then, some kid said "Cemetery business." Which doesn't even make any sense. You can't start a "cemetery business"! You're either, like, fixing up the dead body so that they look at least normal in the coffin or you're putting the dead body in the grave or something. There are different jobs related to "cemeteries".
Anyways, you know what the instructor dude said to the kid's answer? He said, "That's good because the business is always dead."
Then, he laughed so hard I thought he was going to cough up a lung.
The radio thing was really boring. To get there, I had to pass the food career thing and they had crepes out. Mmm... crepes.
Anywho, I took one even though I wasn't in the food thing and it was SO GOOD. Then, I was shooed to the radio and television thing. Afterwards, I saw that they still had those crepes out. SO, being me, I ran to the table with my friend Jessica and saw that people were getting like four at a time. So, I stuffed six in my arms and said to the people who had made them, "Thank you, thank you very much. I appreciate it." Then, I turned to Jess and shouted, "RUN!"
So, we ran off, me shoveling crepes in my mouth and she laughing madly.
So, yeah. It was fun.
On the bus, I was sitting two seats in front of this guy Dario. He kept opening the stupid window and shouting, "BROAD" to any girl that walked by. Then, he'd sit back in his seat really fast and cackle with his stupid friends saying, "S***, I think she heard me."
Then, his friends would be like, "Oh my God, she heard you!"
And Dario would shriek, "S***, s***, s***!!!"
Taco Bell has been giving out free tacos. For like a few days now. But, everyday, I was too lazy to go get some. But, today, I thought, "I WILL GET FREE TACOS! TODAY IS THE DAY!"
But then I heard the guys behind me say, "...No more free tacos at Taco Bell..."
So, I turned around and asked, "There's no more free tacos at Taco Bell?"
One guy said, "No."
I made a disappointed face and was about to turn and face forward again when Dario shouted, "MS. M******!!!!!" (I don't want to show my last name)
I ignored him. He's so dumb.
Oh and you know what saying is popular at my school right now? First, it was "YEAH, GUY!" Then it was "TANK!" like saying, "You're a tank" and whatever. And now, it's "FAT SAC". Yes, "fat sac".
WTF is that?!

10 run-on sentences.:

Anonymous said...

HAHA, fat sac? LOL.
People said tank for awhile here too.
"Dude, that guy is a TANK!". ....yeah.

No free tacos sucks :/

Jodie-Ann said...

XD LOOOOLLL!!! And yeah no free tacos D:

Anonymous said...

pancakes > crepes...
simple as that!

and yeah, seriously, fat sac?
idiot -.-
here it was/still is really popular to say bro to EVERYONE, even the girls...
'hey bro, do you have any eyeliner on you? i left mine in my purse'

it just doesn't sound right...

Furree Katt said...

i want me some crepes!

Lea-Marie said...

wait...since when has there been free tacos? im so mad i missed it
and Fat Sac?? whatt??? i've never hear seb or dario say that

Jodie-Ann said...

@Anon!: Haha!! Yeah, I know they're such idiots. XD And it does sound really weird. o.O
@Furree Katt: LOL, me too! And haha yeah XD
@Léa: LOL for a few days. xD And yeah, they've been saying it for like a week now. Seb's in my homeroom so I have to hear him and Mike say it all day. XD And Dario was on my bus yesterday.

The Blog Writer said...

I am SO glad you could go to this training session! It sounds awesome. :)

Jodie-Ann said...

It was :D

ishashime said...

this training thing sounds really cool. haha.
crepes are awesome! i love them with ice cream and nutella. for some reason, i prefer crepes and waffles over pancakes. weird. haha.

Jodie-Ann said...

Haha! And yes they ARE awesome!! :D Ahh I've never eaten them like that :D it sounds yummy actually :3

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