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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"I'd love to have your superfluis-ness."

Hey, ladies and germs. :) I want to thank you all for your amazing comments yesterday/earlier today on my previous post. They really mean SO much to me. I read them this morning and I started tearing up. I love you guys, you're all amazing and I'd marry you all, but I don't want to marry multiple people at once to be honest.
Anywho, today I meditated. Was it awesome? No. Was it utter crap to the point where you feel like YOU need to take a crap to cover up the crapness of it? No.
It was just... not great. Cool, but not great. I couldn't feel my feet or hands, so that was pretty cool. After a while, I couldn't even feel my body. I was like a... like a... like a body without a body. Know what I'm sayin'?
Don't answer that.
So, wanna know what my guilty pleasure is? Too bad I'm saying it anyway: walking home with a really cool guy named P. I don't mean 'really cool' as in Ooooh he's, like rich and has, like, a zillion girlfriends and, like, yeah.
No, I mean, cool as in he's good looking, funny and has a sexy voice. That's all I care about in a guy. Not the sexy voice, but of course, that's a bonus, but I only care about their sense of humor. It has to be good. And they have to be nice, I guess. I don't want a jerk. :/
Anyways, he has to walk a bit further than me, but we walk together for like three minutes and just talk. It's quite nice. :)
Oooh and today, while we were meditating(see how quickly I jump from one thought to the next?), our school's spiritual animator or whatever named Mr. Mike(the dude who was running the meditation course) told us to think of someone we admire and think of a quality of that person that we wish we could have. At that moment, I was too busy trying to actually get out of my body to think about someone else.
But, my awesome friend Léa and I sent notes to each other in history class(And the teacher, Mr. P. WAS LOOKING! Genius he CLEARLY is not.). The note read(except for the 'Léa' and the 'Me'):

Léa: Kay, my person was you and the quality was your endless love and warmth, and care, and just you. I'd love to have your superfluis-ness.

Me: Aww :) I feel so loved :D <3 Lol... erm... what does superfluis mean? :O

Léa: I don't know the specific definition, I read it in a book once... my definition is a wonderful-lovely-special-beautifully awesome person.

Me: Aw, thanks, Léa. :) This made my day. Can I put this on my blog? xD

Léa: YES!!
-Please  :7

Love you Léaaaaa! <3 And everyone else reading this :D

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Anonymous said...

Aw, that's cute .

& I wanna apologize for not commenting anything yesterday on your post.. I wanted to say something to help cheer you up, but I'm so crappy at words of.. cheering up. I couldn't think of anything. Then I felt bad because I wasn't doing anything to help. But I wanted you to feel better!

Maybe that doesn't need an apology, but I felt I should give one anyway. Happy to hear you're feeling better though <3

The Blog Writer said...

So, P is your teacher?!

I'm glad you sound good and happy today. :) Thumbs up!

Furree Katt said...

i don't think i've ever meditated :O
yay you for feeling better! ♥
and i awww-ed at what your friend said.

Jodie-Ann said...

@Ashley: Thanks :) And it's okay. XD Hehe. I appreciate your concern(wtf, I sound so professional. I can't think of any other way to say this though, haha)!
@TBW: ROFL, no, P is my friend XD And thank you :D
@Furreeeee: Hehe, it was my... second time yesterday. And thank you!! I awww-ed too haha XD

Jodie-Ann said...

@TBW: My teacher's last name starts with a P and my friend first name starts with a P. XD

Lea-Marie said...

I Love You to Jodie-ann ♥

Jodie-Ann said...

I love you, too :)

The Blog Writer said...

Ah, I get that now!! :D :D

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