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Friday, April 29, 2011


The Royal Wedding made all the teachers at my school super insane excited(and frankly, I don't see why. It's just a wedding. I don't even plan on watching it).
The female teachers wore dressy hats with veils in the front and fancy dresses and heels. I'm not sure what the male teachers wore because I didn't see any of them. I didn't have any male teachers today. So...
My science and math teacher Ms. J. wore a black dress, black heels, white pearls around her neck and a fancy white hat with a white veil and the top of it was blue. I thought it was a pretty awesome hat. It brought color to her outfit. :)
My English teacher, Ms. A wore a blue frilly dress and a small white and blue hat with a veil.
One of the secretaries of my school wore a grey dress that was gathered in random places and jewel things all over it. the way I describe it, it sounds ugly. But, it's not. It's really really pretty :D A little too pretty for school, actually. It looked like a dress she would wear to some place fancy. Not a high school where all the students were staring at her like she was insane. Just to humor her, some dude in my homeroom said to her, "Hey, miss! Ow ow owwwww!" He was like howling or something. Then, she walked by waving her hand like a princess(you know just twisting your hand back and forth and not really moving it).
I barely resisted the urge to smack my forehead.

Anyways, the woman's dress was like the girl on the book Splendor. (BTW, I read all three of those books, THEY'RE AMAZING! YOU MUST READ THEM! Splendor is part of a series called The Luxe, which is sooooooooo good. One of the best(if not THE best) series I have ever read. And Fallen and Torment are the two books of the Fallen series that's out already. The third one is coming out this summer or something.)
Anywho, I'm reading Unearthly right now and it's really good. And that's the problem. See, I read REALLY quickly. I started Unearthly yesterday and I'm on page... *checks* 150 right now. And I've only read it for like an hour and a half, total because of school. I can't read while the teacher is teaching.
There are 435 pages in total. So, I'm going to end up finishing it in like two days and then I won't have another book to start reading because SILLY ME forgot to borrow another book to read when this one's finished. 
And I have no school on Monday. So that means that I must wait till Tuesday before I can get something else. XD
Ooooh well. AND I FORGOT TO GET MORE COLLEGE BROCHURES! So, I have to wait till Tuesday to get those, too.
Oh, barnacles.

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Yannick said...

i have watched it too....
but then thy only kissed 1 second "/

Faraja Tina said...

I watched it on TV and i missed both kisses. Thank God for the Royal wedding highlights

Jodie-Ann said...

@Yannick: Ugh, why must they have such a short kiss?! That's the best part of the wedding!
@Faraja Tina: Hehe XD

Anonymous said...

haha... i wonder what your teachers look like :)

oh oh, haven't seen it yet :(

The Blog Writer said...

Oh my! Your school teachers must have plenty of courage to come to school like that! Wow!

Jodie-Ann said...

@haze: Haha XD And you haven't seen what yet? :S
@TBW: LOL, yeah XD

Furree Katt said...

hahahahaha i only saw TWO seconds of it on tv, i decided to go to my room and sleep instead hahahah
but from what i have heard, it was really adorable!

Jodie-Ann said...


ishashime said...

i watched a pretty good portion of it. i missed both kisses, too! it was annoying since those two instances where the only moments i looked away from the TV for a second or so. haha. xD

Jodie-Ann said...

@ishashime: LOL!!! I hate when that happens!! XD

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