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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Are you kidding me?!

Today, I went to Best Buy and saw the most ridiculous thing EVER. I saw a pair of Skull Candy earphones fror 69. 99$ (CAD)
Then, I saw some other earphones for 129.99$
But, let me ask you something: WHAT IS THAT?! Why would you pay SO much money for EARPHONES?! I was expecting to see a lot for like 9.99$ or something. But, noooo. They're all over twenty bucks except for a few that are actually ten. How ridiculous is that?! I've never had to buy earphones because I have an iPod and earphones come with it. So, seeing those prices terrified me. Those earphones are MORE than a double Big Mac trio at McDonald's. I find it so messed up that earphones are more expensive than food. O_O
Sorry, but this is just too messed up.
Anywho, I am reading the novel Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford. Which you SHOULD know because it's the book in my currently reading thingie in my sidebar. AND, it's not even a romance book, but there were multiple steamy scenes. Can you imagine if the book actually WAS a romance? My God, I'd stay up all night reading.
AND AND AND... it's gay romance. Ahhhhhhhh. God must have known that I was craving my monthly homosexual romance novel and told me to borrow it from the library. I just saw it there in my school's library and thought. 'Hmm... Suicide Notes. Must be about suicide.... Sounds... deadly.' LOL I didn't actually think that but whatever.
Anywho, I checked the information page. You know, where it says all the info about the book like the publisher, etc. And I saw where it says all the subjects, 'Homosexuality-Fiction.'
That was it. I borrowed it right away. XD
Love you guys!
Oh! And I got two new followers. So, YAY! Thank you!! And if you have a Twitter, follow me. So, you can keep up-to-date when I have new posts. If you feel like it. :) Or, if you just love me and feel like following me.
OOOOOHHHH! And, tell me if my font is hard to read. If it is, I shall change it. BUT TELL ME! I need to know. There's no point in posting stuff if no one can read it. It's like talking to a deaf person who does not know how to read lips and you can't sign language. Wouldn't that be like talking to yourself?
Zomg... that reminds me of Hellen Keller who couldn't hear or see. Didn't she feel the word 'W-A-T-E-R' written on her palm first? Or was it some other word? And some lady did it. But, I can't remember her name...
Gosh, what was her name?

10 run-on sentences.:

The Blog Writer said...

It was her.

I like the font. It's very nice.

I'm glad you found a fun read! :)

Anonymous said...

Rhea and I found unopened headphones in their packing in a parking lot. Finders keepers! (they're ours now)

Free headphones bitch! xD

meandmythinkingcap said...

gal, u gotto fix ur font or I need to fix my eyesight. And U r right abt water and Helen.
And the price is u pay for brand, they mark the price so much bcoz if it breaks in 2 months, u can sue them and they can pay u back in bignumbers

angela said...

You should get Sony earphones, they're $10 and work really well :D I like them better than the iPod ones, actually.

Furree Katt said...

^lucky Jasmine!
i just stole the ones that came with my dad's cellphone when mine broke.
and i can read your font, but i need to squint a little to do so. :P

Jodie-Ann said...

@TBW: Ahh okay thanks XD And yay thank you!! :)
@Spazzy: lol lucky you! >:O
@meandmythinkingcap: Lol, okay. XD
@angela: Oooh thanks :D
@Furree Katt: Me too D: And okay, I think I'm going to change it. XD

iZaynab said...

How weird iJust was at the 99 cent store yesterday & bought some headphones..
They look really legit & probably would sound crispy.
Too bad iLost them as soon as iGot home ~ : " D

& x P That was off-topic.
But yeah, if you go to Target you can get them for like $20-80 : P
If there's Target in Canada ~

ishashime said...

i love shopping for headphones. over here we have some pretty cheap ones (most are knock-off's) hahaha. but meh, they work pretty okay.
and yes, Helen Keller did learn to sign water first. Her teacher Anne Sullivan taught her. I know so since we watched a film about her in class. haha.
also, why is everyone saying your font is hard to read? Isn't it Times New Roman? Or is my computer just messin' it up? Or maybe you already changed it. haha.

Cloud Strife said...

you mean earphones or headphones??
font is really cool just a little small and skinny for me but its still readable but its about the content of the post not the looks :) i've actually been looking for a nice pair of big headphones but boy they cost A LOT ive even seen the really good quality ones for more than $1000 ! you'd be mental to buy that, you can buy a really crap car for that!!

Jodie-Ann said...

iZaynab: There's no target in canada D:
@ishashime: Cool :) And yeah I changed it, lol.
@Cloud Strife: What's the difference? And wow 1000$?! :O

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