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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Well, I have stopped procrastinating.

I have stopped procrastinating due to The Blog Writer. Thank you very much, The Blog Writer! See, I'm writing a new novel and it's just been in my head floating around for the longest time... ("ahh... not just a hat rack!" as my friend Léa would say)
Anyways, I started writing it and I must say, it's quite awesome. But, sadly I can't even tell you guys about it for fear of some lazy crook stealing my ideas. Which canNOT happen. Because you know what I'd do? Oh, wait no you don't. Why do I always ask you that when I KNOW that you don't know what I'd do?
Well, let me tell you what I would do. I would hunt that person down and STRANGLE him/her. Okay, maybe not strange there, but just beat the crap out of enough that they are rendered unconscious. I'll be a crazy black woman. o.O Or girl. WHATEVER.
Anywho, I will then take that person to court and I'd probably get in crap for having beaten him/her up anyway. Whatever. At least I'll get my book back. Can you imagine going into a bookstore and seeing YOUR book there and you didn't even publish it yourself?! Can you IMAGINE that?! Holy mother of Pearl. I would just.... just.... *grabs a knife* just...
Make a cheese sandwich.

PS: That wasn't funny, was it?
PPS: Of course not. My Internet wasn't working last night, so I couldn't comment on anyone's blog or post something new on mine. I nearly went insane. That's why I was writing my story: to stop myself from going crazy. This morning, before the Bell(company name) people got here I was staring out the window whisper-shouting, "WHERE ARE THEY?! WHEREEEE AREEEEE THEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!"
See what happens when I lose my Internet?
Anyways, when the guy came, he was a cute twenty-something guy. I though "Mmmmhmmm". Hahahahahahahahahahaha. I was in my nightgown. I must have looked like an idiot. Anywho, he fixed everything then left. Before he left, he went downstairs into my two brothers' room and Jermaine(step-brother) was playing on his PS3.
The guy asked, "So, you play PS3?"
Jermaine: "Yep."
The guy: "Cool. It goes fast?"
Jermaine: "Yup."
The guy: "Cool. It goes fast for me too." Then, he was checking out Jermaine's games. Hahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaha!

9 run-on sentences.:

Anonymous said...

Hahah whenever we have someone coming over to fix something(phone, internet, heating, plumbing whatever) I always hurry to get dressed and look decent. JUST IN CASE there happens to be a cute guy.

I'm lame, I know. I'm not even single, but whatever. I like to have my fun in the little ways I can without being a.. skank. Couldn't think of a better word, sorry lol

Life without internet even for a day sucks. =_=

The Blog Writer said...

Jodie, I'm thinking- in that case, you have Bell, the internet company to thank as well! :D

I bet I'll be reading YOUR published story off the stands soon! Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha... XD

i hate losing the internet connection too... it seems like my everyday routine is ruined. tsk.

i like the "WHERE ARE THEY?! WHEREEEE AREEEEE THEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!" ... you really are crazy! haha

Jodie-Ann said...

@Ashley: LOL! It's not lame, haha. That's really smart actually. I do the same. XD Even though I'm only 15. And yes, Internet is extremely important.
@The Blog Writer: Haha, probably XD THANK YOU!!!!!! :D
@haze: Yeah! That's exactly it! Because I can't blog or anything. It messes everything up. And LOL, yes I'm crazy hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

You best start writing that story you said you would.... *serious face*

Furree Katt said...

ooooh yay for a cute guy coming over!
and YAY FOR A NOVEL ♥ when it gets published and stuff, i'll be the first to buy it, and i'll fly over to Quebec to get it signed by you :D

ishashime said...

i hate it when my internet is not working. :| i feel like i can't do anything else. haha. addicted, much?
anyway, glad you started writing that novel. keep it up! i'd buy it for sure! :D
also, when repair people come over, i tend to shy away and lock myself up somewhere. i don't want to be seen! xD

iZaynab said...

iReally go back to sleep if my internet is not working. Or I'll speed walk to the library for some free internet x P

Aha iTried making a book but after like making an outline iReally never wanted to write it. : P Good luck with it then~

Jodie-Ann said...

@Spazzykins: Some day... my other one is taking up all my time XD
@Furree Katt: Haha! YAY! :D
@ishashime: Me too D: And yay thanks! :D I'm happy you'd buy it :) LOL! I always stay in my room unless I need to converse with the people.
@iZaynab: LOL free internet! LOL, I never write an outline. XD

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