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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wait, what? Number Five.

Hello guys! Yesterday, I had another Sebastian adventure. Well, all the grade tens did because it was our turn to go down and watch the grade tens do their public speaking speeches. :) Sebastian's speech was about how gingers(people with red hair. WTF, I call people with red hair 'red heads'. Isn't that what everyone else calls them? Or, 'that girl/guy with red hair'. Or 'that redheaded girl/guy'.) have souls. Apparently, people have been saying they don't.
He went up to the microphone and then started struggling to fix it to his height because he's pretty tall and the other contestants before him weren't as tall. After a while, he gave up and said loudly, "Anyone know how to fix this?" Someone shouted, "PULL IT!"
He pulled then twisted a bit and got it perfect. He mumbled a thanks and announced into the microphone, "Good evening everyone. I'm going to talk about how gingers do have souls. Okay? They have souls." He leaned much too close to the microphone and shouted, "THEY HAVE SOULS!" Causing us in the audience to cower and cover our ears seeing as the speakers are in mint condition. I don't want to deafen myself.
But, Sebastian's just getting started. (The capitals are where he's leaning into the microphone and shouting) "They DO. Okay? It's not right how we, gingers, are treated. It's not. We have mean taunts and mean things said to us EVERYDAY. Do you know how much that hurts? Do you know HOW MUCH that breaks my heart? No, you don't. YOU DON'T. You know what? I'm AFRAID to come to school everyday. AFRAID. Because people are going to MAKE FUN OF ME. *pause* BE MEAN TO ME. We deserve the same respect as everyone else. Yeah. Just like blacks and Mexicans. WE DESERVE-dammit." He dropped his paper. He picked it up and continued. "We deserve the same amount of respect."
So, of course, us in the audience were laughing our heads off. Sebastian shouted, "IT'S NOT FUNNY. Don't laugh. Don't LAUGH!"
So, this makes us laugh harder. They're not supposed to tell us not to laugh. They're supposed to pause and wait for us to finish then continue. Sebastian shouted, "YOU SEE?! You guys are just LAUGHING at me! You guys are all jerks. I hate you all."
I nearly peed my pants.
At the end, he stepped away from the mike and the MC dude or whatever stepped up to it. But, Sebastian just turned back around and shouted, "WE HAVE SOULS!" or something stupid like that and went to sit down. MC dude said slowly into the mike, "Well... thank you, Sebastian for a very... loud speech..."
It was amusing. XD

PS: Sebastian was joking; it wasn't a serious speech. Just in case you guys actually thought that was serious. XD

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Anonymous said...

The no soul thing is because of South Park, I think. There was an episode where Cartman made fun of gingers(and a lot of people call them that. I call them that lol) then "became one"(hair dye overnight) and lead a ginger revolution. It was pretty funny. Everyone thought that gingers had no souls and were like.. demons.

Was Sebastian seriously mad, or just putting on a show? O_o

r.alsharif said...

I wish i was there!!! :P I was laughing just readin this!

Jodie-Ann said...

@Ashley: LOL I thought it was from a youtube video. And, I had no clue people called redheads gingers LOL. XD And no, he wasn't seriously mad. He was just joking around. I was actually surprised he wasn't kicked off of the stage. xD
@r.alsharif: LOL, I wish you were there too. IT WAS SO FUNNY!

ishashime said...

i watched a youtube video of this red-haired guy ranting about gingers having souls. haha.
sebastian is weird. yet funny. haha.

The Blog Writer said...

I'm glad you put in that last line. I was thinking, "Poor silly guy!"

Jodie-Ann said...

@ishashime: LOL, I know. He's amusing indeed xD

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