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Friday, March 4, 2011

You have life so easy and you don't even know it.

So, my evil eleven year old step-sister has fallen into a deep, deep depression.
Okay, not really.
My step-mom has gone on a cruise for a week around the Caribbean. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Now, it's just me, my step-sister, my step-brother, my real brother and my dad.
Yesterday, before my step-mom left, Nikita(my step-sister) was complaining like crazy. She whined, "Oh my God, now it's going to be Hell... The only people I have to count on now is Jermaine[her brother, my step-brother] and Taneshia[her older sister, my step-sister who is visiting us for a bit to do Nikita's hair and mine]!"
It's nice to know that she doesn't consider me part of her family. Not that I really care, since I don't really consider her part of mine either.
I was getting annoyed with her whining so I snapped, "So?"
She shrieked like a crazy person, "SO?! SO?!?!?! I have to be stuck with YOU!"
So, I retorted, "And I have to be stuck with you. So, it's even."
Then, I retreated to my bedroom and flipped my middle finger at the door. Lame, I know, but I can't possibly do it to her face. My parents would hang me.
Not literally.
Anyways, this morning, my step-mom had already left and Nikita was bawling her eyes out in her room. Her mom is only gone for a week and she's sobbing. What if, like mine, she was gone forever? [God forbid]
She has life so easy and doesn't even know it. She's a total snob. v__v

PS: She just said, "All I want in my life is for mommy to come home. That's literally all I want."
Well, good luck with that. You have a week to wait.

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FeliciaShortii said...

wow! Jodie- Ann and you know that she just thinks your pretty and doesn't know how to deal with you without feeling un- worthy. Lol love you. check out my blog. please. :) love you. <3

Jodie-Ann said...

Maybe, lol. I'll definitely check out your blog.

iZaynab said...

V-V iPity you.
Hopefully she won't bother you too much or she won't like go in your room or something ~
Wishng you the best in this challenge of a lifetime ~

angela said...

God I hate eleven year olds. When my cousin was eleven, she bitched and complained to her mom about EVERYTHING. Her older sister (her and I get along much more) would want to do anything the one time they come down a year, and she'd complain. We'd offer to take her with us, she'd complain. I hope one day your step sister realizes how much she has, because I know losing a parent can be hard, and people take that for granted.

Anonymous said...

aww! i have an 11-yr old sis but she's not that cry baby.. and she's not really into complaining about the people around her...

it's just a week, Jodie-Ann. i'm sure you can handle her. hehe. :)♥

Furree Katt said...

i hope your week goes by fine and your step-sister doesn't annoy you!
maybe if she stays in her room and cries, your paths won't cross often and it'll all be good. :O

PurpleMist. said...

Haha, gosh, I think she's pretty spoiled :P

Jodie-Ann said...

@iZaynab: I hope. -.-'
@angela: So do I. And that sucks. o_O
@haze: Lucky lol. I hope lol
@Furree Katt: I hope so!
@PurpleMist.: She really is.

The Blog Writer said...

I hope there is peace at home.

Jodie-Ann said...

It's alright now, thanks :)

jacobluver321 said...

lol this is so relate-able. the flipping off the door part was funny :)

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