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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some people really irritate me.

So, something happened in science class today. I sit behind my friend C and beside this guy named Steven. C sits beside my friend Sophie. You picturing that yet?
Probably not because I suck at explaining things.
Anyways, I was bored and there was like ten minutes until class was supposed to start. And I don't really talk to Steven so, I was just sitting there staring into space. C was talking to Sophie so, I thought: why not ask to join their conversation?
So, I asked them, "Can I join your conversation?"
Now, I'm totally okay with people having private things to say. If something isn't my business, it just isn't. I would have been completely fine if they told me no. But, obviously, they have to be polite.
C shook her head at me, clearly saying no. But she did it in a way that annoyed me. Like in a way saying, "Obviously not, you idiot." And I felt like she was belittling me. Like I was some little kid tagging along to everything they did and bothering them.
So, it really pissed me off and I ignored C and asked Sophie cheerfully, "Can I?"
Sophie, being way too nice, smiled and me and nodded. I could tell that C was angry, but I really didn't care.
Anyways, C was determined to not let me into their conversation. She turned away from me and faced Sophie completely. Leaving me out of it. That just pissed me off even more.
C was having a really stupid conversation anyway. She was talking in this annoying girlie voice saying, "I think he asked me out, but I'm not sure. Like, he's really cute, but I don't know, like if he asked me if I should, like, go out with him or anything. Because he's just so cute and..."
I felt like shooting myself.
I immediately regretted trying to join their conversation. But, since I was feeling a bit stubborn I leaned forwards across the desk and literally butted myself into their conversation. C stopped talking for a moment and Sophie laughed at me and I laughed too. Just because I was in an awkward position and it was funny. C then took a deep breath, turned to Sophie and continued talking really fast.
After a while, I got bored and really had enough of C's voice so I said playfully, "This is getting really awkward. I'm just going to sit back down now."
Sophie and I laughed a bit. C exploded[and it was actually quite funny] and snapped, "Well, no one told you to listen to our conversation anyway." Then, she rolled her eyes which just looked comical and turned around. Sophie rose her eyebrows at me and I rose mine back at her. I really didn't care about C at that moment.
I just sat in my seat and read a novel.
A few minutes later, C continued the conversation she was having with Sophie. I didn't bother joining in again. It was stupid anyway and I just felt(and still feel) silly for trying to hard to join it in the first place.

7 run-on sentences.:

angela said...

I think you and I missed the memo that it's "be irritating to everyone you meet" day, because people were just irritating with me, too ><

Jodie-Ann said...

I think so, too. -.-'

r.alsharif said...

I would have felt like shooting C too :P

ishashime said...

awww. C wasn't very nice in the first place. :|

Jodie-Ann said...

@r.alsharif: Haha :D
@ishashime: No, she wasn't. :l

The Blog Writer said...

Ooooh, that was nasty.

Jodie-Ann said...

Yes it was. :/

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