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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A rant on dating in high school.

So, I just have one thing to say(but of course it will lead to MUCH more things but whatever!): education is important. I know that you guys are all thinking "Oh, God not an education speech!" But, it's sort of not an education speech because I'm sick of them too.
Anyways, the point of this post is to say that girls and guys should not waste their time worrying about dating during high school. Because helloooo what if the girl's eggo gets preggo? Girl, your life is over and boy... I just feel really, really bad for you right now. Think about ALL the other beautiful and kind and intelligent girls(or guys, whatever way you swing. But if you got a girl preggo, I would just assume that you're straight) to date. How will you do that when you got a girl pregnant? You basically just, like... glued yourself to a girl who you probably don't even love. I just have one thing to ask you: what's the matter with you? See I understand that things can happen. Yes, she has nice boobs or whatever. Yes you would like to "tap that" but NOOOO you will not TAP THAT FOR GOD'S SAKES. *takes deep breath* You can't DO that! Unless you use protection but to be honest, you probably won't because you won't really be thinking about a baby.
AAAANNNNDDDD, that totally messes you up. Your life is OVAH. O-V-A-H. OVAHHHHH! Did I mention your life is over?
And, even if you're not sexually active, it's still not really an excellent idea to date. For one: if it doesn't work out, you will break up, you will be depressed and will get low marks at school and therefore will be working at McDonald's asking "What would you like?" all day long. FYI, I would shoot myself. :]
AND! AND AND AND! If it DOES work out, you will be focusing on your love life and not on your education and/or future. Henceforth(sounds smart doesn't it?), when the person dumps you(and frankly, it isn't really a matter of if but when. Because like 70%[dunno the actual percentage. Please don't hurt me...] or more of high school relationships don't become marriage. Sadly.), it totally ruins you. Because before, even if you failed high school and whatever, at least you have your lover by your side. Do you have that lover when you break up? NOOOOOO. No, you do not! So, where does that lead you?
Nowhere. Dead end of a bridge. But, don't drive off the side of the bridge. Just make a U-turn. Start fresh. :) You can do it, my friend!
BTW, this was not to offend any teens currently dating in high school. Because I know Angela does. And I haven't seen a post of her dissing him. I mostly read about her calling him "the cutie-patootie boyfriend". I'm not sure if that's how she spelled it though. BUT ANYWAYS, her romance seems wonderful. So, maybe she is part of the 30% who might make it to marriage and whatever. You never know. :] So, this was not to offend anyone. Just a rant because I haven't done one in a while, haha. Hope you enjoyed it. o__O
OOOHHHHHHHH I just thought of another one! ZOMG! MUST! POST! AFTER! THIS! ONE!

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Cloud Strife said...

agreeeed! a lot of girls i know date for fun but what's the point of dating if its not gonna last??

The Blog Writer said...

You have my vote! I am SO glad that you're so wise! Hope this catches on. :)

Anonymous said...

Guess you're one of the few girls who think with their brain and not their heart , appreciate that.

Absolutely true !

Anonymous said...

Hey, I dated in highschool.
Though the first guy I dated was like.. 23(I was 17? 18? Hey dont judge) and wanted sex. But he didn't get to pop ma cherry ;) Lol.
The other one was my bf now, and we made sure that we were doubly protected, with condoms AND the pill. Cuz we's smart like dat.

Was that tmi?

Jodie-Ann said...

@CS: Seriously?! xD
@TBW: Hehe thank you :D I hope so as well :)
@FA: Haha :D Thanks :)
@Ashley: No, that wasn't tmi xD I'm happy that you guys were smart enough to think about it :D

iZaynab said...

iAgree with everything here.
But iDo know some friends who got preggo or guys who a girl preggo.
D": All bad, but they still are in school & the parents handle the kid.
:{D Sex is the thing now.

Jodie-Ann said...

Wow LOL! "Sex is the thing now" XD

ishashime said...

i know some girls who got pregnant and guys who got girls pregnant, while they were all still in high school or college and most of them pulled through and are still together and are continuing their studies.
but yeah, others weren't so lucky

Jodie-Ann said...

Ahh that really sucks though. It must have been super stressful. D:

jacobluver321 said...

So true

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