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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The percentage of normality in my brain? zero.

Well, today, I had to watch  French play at my school. Aww Yay!
I got into the auditorium, sat down beside my friend Bipreet who was sitting beside another girl who was sitting beside the wall. :)
Anyways, when I sat down, my friend with the bad breath sat down beside me. I felt like I was suffocating. Just as I was wondering how to get away alive, the girl who was sitting in between Bipreet and the wall stood up and went to some other seat. Probably to be closer to her friends or whatever. May God bless her soul.
Bipreet said, "I think I'll just move over there and-"
And I said quickly, "NO!" And flew there and sat down as quickly as possible. I was free! Bipreet's breath didn't smell and I could BREATHE! I wanted to KISS the girl who had stood up.
Bipreet shrugged, not really caring. My friend with the bad breath looked at me and I smiled at him. He scooted over to sit right beside Bipreet. I wondered whether she could smell his breath.
Anyways, the play was boring. None of us could understand it very well seeing as it was in French. At one point, the male actor said, "Je m'appele Sherlock Holmes..." [My name is Sherlock Holmes] And then everyone understood. Actually nearly every student in the auditorium said, "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!" So, there was a huge chorus of "OH!"
It was quite amusing. It was only then that we sort of figured out what the play was about. Before that, the actors had sounded like they were speaking some foreign language other than French.
The play looked like it should have been a comedy, but the jokes were all wasted on us. You could only figure them out of you were really paying attention. But, the actors spoke French really fast, so no matter what we did, it was nearly impossible to understand. Like, I heard a lot of keywords at some points, so it helped me understand better. But, it was still really hard.
I was falling asleep halfway through and had to pull at the corners of my eyes for entertainment. Bipreet heard me laughing like a lunatic and looked over at me. She asked, "Why are you laughing?!"
I said, "Pulling at my eyes is fun."
She looked at me like I was crazy and went back to sleeping. She said, "Wake me up when the play's over."
I said, "Sure." And continued fooling around with my eyes.
Do you SEE how normal I am?!

7 run-on sentences.:

Anonymous said...

Haha, was that a pun?
"SEE how normal I am?" When you were playing were your eyes? Hehehe.

You should sneak a little bottle of mouthwash into your friends bag or pocket or something with a note that says "use it". then they'll never know it was you and they'll realise their breath stinks. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Jodie-Ann said...

XD That was sarcasm, haha. And hmmmmmm......... maybe I'll try that. MAYBE. Not sure. I might get distracted and use the money to buy food. :x
I think I have a food addiction. D;

Anonymous said...

haha! yeah, i can see it clearly! silly! <3 i can't imagine how your friend (the one with the bad breath) will react when he accidentally saw this blog and your posts about him... haha.

and uhh! right now, i just want to meet you personally and be friends with you, and laugh! just laugh. ♥

angela said...

"normal" is a myth :)

ishashime said...

i agree with Ashley's suggestion! haha. also, too bad you guys didn't really understand the play since it was French. :|

Furree Katt said...

you're sooo cute, Jodie!
it must have been funny when everyone had that realization at the same time.
i think Ashley's suggestion is actually a really great idea. you have to do it :P

Jodie-Ann said...

@haze: haha, I was thinking the same thing about my friend. XD But, I know he won't. And yeah! lol that would be soo awesome :D
@angela: haha, yes it is.
@ishashime: lol, yeah. it's for French class anyway soo... yeah. D:
@Furree Katt: Lol, thanks! :D and yeah it was hilarious haha. I shall see...

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