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Monday, March 7, 2011

My gym teacher is an oxidized banana. (that is the coolest insult ever.)

Today at school was tedious as usual. I woke up, ate, celebrated that my dad is taking my step-sister to the bus stop for a week(I get a week off of taking turns with my step-brother. He was celebrating as well. I actually thought that champagne would be good at that moment.), went to school, blah blah blah.
On my way to school, one of my friends was standing in front of the seat I was sitting at. He was talking to me and his breath smelled really bad. o__O I hate to have to say that because it doesn't sound very nice, but I couldn't breathe. Like, the smell was so pungent that I had to turn away from him. I felt like I would throw up if I smelled it too much. And literally. My stomach was churning and I was feeling a bit dizzy. I had to pretend like I was looking for people at the back of the bus so that I could look away and not look weird.
Even when he wasn't talking the smell trickled out. It had the consistency of gas. When the bus stopped, I practically flew myself off of it and into the fresh air. Every time that someone came onto the bus, the door had to open(obviously, people don't walk through doors, hahahaha) and I was mentally blessing them because fresh air was coming in.
Anyways, at school was boring. I had gym where my evil gym teacher, Ms. K decided to make us do boot camp. It was the longest 75 minutes of my life. Not even half way through it, I was exhausted to the point of passing out.
My friend Léa was actually lying on the floor like she was unconscious so I called out to her, "Léa!"
She shouted, "Yeah?!"
I asked, "Are you okay?"
She dully responded with, "No."
Ms. K is EVIL. Evil I say! She is even more evil than an oxidized banana. (Oxidized bananas are so evil it is nearly impossible to even explain why)
Anyways, after class was recess and I ate a sandwich. Yum yum. :3
Then, I had science which was utterly boring. Then it was lunch where I had to finish a science assignment. Then math which was so tedious that I kept falling asleep. At the end, I had to copy the notes off of my friend Megan. I had written them myself, but since I had been in a sleep-deprived state, my notes were illegible.
Basically, my writing looked like something written by a newborn. And that's right, NEWBORNS CAN'T EVEN WRITE!
After school, I got home and made myself a sandwich(as you can probably tell, I love sandwiches) and ate a banana. Then, I studied a bit for my science test tomorrow and now here I am writing this to you. :)
How was your days, friends? :D

PS: Here are some random pictures of me and my friends during gym class last year:
Standing on the lockers! Left to right: Me, Nadia, Jessica
Left to right: Me, Tanya, Jessica
From left to right: Nadia not wanting to fall over something,  Evelyne, Me
Our shoes. Mine is the second to the right. You probably still don't know which one is mine haha.

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Anonymous said...

ooh i heart the tie <3

haha... i love reading your posts, it makes me laugh all.... the time :)

Anonymous said...

It's SO uncomfortable standing near someone with bad breath. Then you're stuck there trying to be polite while you're slowly suffocating..

Oxidized banana hahahaha

Jodie-Ann said...

@haze: Haha thanks it's my school uniform's tie :D And Yay! I'm happy you love reading them and that they make you laugh :D
@Ashley: YES IT IS! ZOMG! Seriously. D; And yes, that is the coolest insult ever.

ishashime said...

i know what you mean about the bad breath thing! haha. it's a long story but yeah, i feel you. haha. i always liked gym class since it's like a break from all the other classes like math. ugh.

Jodie-Ann said...

@ishashime: LOL, I actually really hate gym. I'd rather be in math, which I hate slightly less. XD

LeaMarie02 said...

you wrote about me
my evil plan to be on your blog has worked!!!!!!!!

Jodie-Ann said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! You're so adorable! :D <3

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