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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I just crowned you Lord Idiot.

You know what RUDENESS I heard today? There's this kid named Alex at my school in grade eleven who did his public speech on HOW WOMEN SHOULD NOT HAVE RIGHTS.
Oooooh no.
You know how much I'm a feminist. Well, you should because I post about being a feminist constantly. But, you know what? If this... *tries to think of nice name* this... this boy thinks that women shouldn't have rights, then so be it. Let him think that. Let him express his opinion to the entire school/world whatever. But, don't BASH girls.
You know what he said?
He was like, "Women can't do anything... the only thing they're good at is using their mouths..." And other horrible things. Then, "Nobody should vote for a female for anything. If Sarah Paline(or however it's spelled) can't satisfy her man, how can she satisfy her country?"
WTF is that?! That is completely irrelevant. It got me so angry. There's a line that you just don't cross with public speaking. Sure, talk about how women shouldn't have rights but don't talk about how terrible they are! WTF is that, you little SOB?! What's your problem? There's a difference between... a proper debate and a hate speech.
I'm not offended by the fact that he thinks women shouldn't have rights. I'm offended that he bashed us. Saying the most horrible things. I wasn't there to see his speech but it's going around the school like crazy. Apparently, my principal, Ms. Pella kicked him off the stage before he even finished his speech. He is also apparently suspended for two days or something and has to do community service because he was *apparently*(sorry for the apparentlies) suspended multiple times prior to this incident and if he gets suspended again, he will be EXPELLED. Henceforth, he had to do community service. That's what I heard. So, kids from my school better not come up and cuss at me because then I am opening a can of whoop-a** on your buttocks.
OH! And apparently(sorry again) his speech was supposed to be sarcastic or something. Like he doesn't believe in  any of it and is making fun of it. Therefore, he shouldn't get in trouble. BS.
You know what, you dummy, if you were being sarcastic, WHY DIDN'T YOU STATE THAT AT THE BEGINNING?! My God, you're dumb. HELLO. He stated at the beginning something along the lines of, "This is not meant to offend anybody..." and something about a sense of humor.
WTF is WRONG with you?! Don't say that! If you were really sarcastic about it, you should have said, "Some stereotypes about women are...", "Some people think that women are..." etc. WHY didn't you say that?! I don't know. NO one knows. But, to be frank, I think you're an idiot and have lost all sanity.
That's just the truth. Or that's just my opinion. XD
You could have saved yourself SO MUCH TROUBLE by just saying your opinion, your facts and SHUTTING UP. But nooo. That's too much to ask. You just had to go and ramble on about how stupid and useless women are.
Some people think that he shouldn't have gotten suspended. Just a detention. But, I think he deserved it. And AGAIN, not because I think his opinion is wrong. It's not. It's an opinion and he's entitled to it. But he went a bit too far with saying rude things. And, apparently, he went behind his teacher's back and said those rude things. His teacher is a woman. So, I REALLY don't think she would allow him to diss women like that. He could have just said that he thinks women shouldn't have rights, but not diss us the way he did.
It wasn't right.
Did I mention I think he's an idiot?

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Fiona said...

He's a jerk.

The Blog Writer said...

Whoa! Are you feeling better after this post?

Anonymous said...

What a d-bag. I'm not going to rant, you covered all the things I would've ranted about anyway haha.

But seriously. What. A.. DUMMY. I was going to say something nastier, but I'm keeping it pg-13. Even though you're not 13. But I dunno, maybe someone reading is..?


ishashime said...

tsk. you're right. he is an idiot.

Furree Katt said...

Jodie, i loved the way you made your point clear without insulting him. :D i probably would use every profanity in the book, but you didn't and i'm proud of you! :')
yes, he is an... idiot *holds back all the bad words in the world* and he deserved a suspension.

Jodie-Ann said...

@Fiona: IKR.
@TBW: Yes, MUCH better actually xD
@ishashime: He really is. :l
@Furreeeee: Lol! Thanks :D

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