Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I thought my day couldn't get any better. BUT. It just did.

Ahhh!!! I just got this award from Furree Katt!! YAYZ! Thank you SO much, Furree! :D Your blog is awesome and just zomg... guys, look what she wrote about me:

because my day is truly brightened whenever i read her blog. i love each and every post of hers, she's an amazing writer. she muses and amuses, no kidding. her blog is bundles of fun and i could spend my whole day there haha :D
really i can. (i hope you don't think i'm a creep for putting your picture up here, Jodie :P)

Isn't she amazing?! I LOVE this girl! Seriously. She's awesome. THANK YOUUU! <3 

Aaaaand, here are zee rules:

- accept the award and thank the award-giver
- award any deserving blogger that comes to your mind
- do the 'a picture from my camera' thing in which you upload any random picture that you've taken from your/your friend's cellphone/camera and write a funny/sad/interesting/disgusting/sweet/lame/awesome caption for it.

So, I did the first part XD
Now, I shall award...
ASHLEYYYY at The Usual Shenanigans! Yayyy!
My day is always brightened when I read her blog. :) It's highly amusing and I LOVE it. She's so awesome. :D Also, she puts videos up of herself with her outfit of the day and other random stuff, like doing her hair. It's really amusing. She says the funniest things. XD I love her videos. She has a great sense of humor, so... yeah. I'll stop before I ramble on too much. xD But, her blog's AWESOME. And it BRIGHTENS MY DAY. So, yeah. It will brighten yours so... click the link. ^__^

Now, on to a random picture on my phone! :D
I took this a few days ago. See my shirt? It says "Lets get this POTTY STARTED!"
Because, you know... Potty... Party. I thought it was really clever and amusing. :)

PS: This award has been added to my awards page. :) Check it outttt!


I am so happy because it's actually WARM outside. Can you believe it? *wiggles arms in air with glee* I'm so happy. I got to wear my burgundy school sweater and my black leather jacket, school skirt and Converses ONLY. That's how nice it is. No winter jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, boots... It was amazing.
However, at one point, I was sitting on the bus with my friend Léa and we were just chatting. I was drinking juice from a juice box[yay juice!] and the window beside us was open. So, the air was shooting in and seeing as my mouth was busy sucking on my straw, I was being suffocated. I couldn't breathe with the wind shooting at me like knives and my mouth closed. So, I moved my mouth away from my straw and said, "I feel like I'm being strangled."
Léa and I had a lol about that.
OH! And this guy at my school is so weird. Frankly, I think he has, like, ever STD known to man. And even some that aliens have. He talks about sex ALL THE TIME. It isn't normal. I remember once, in the eight grade, he walked into French class and said loudly, "It smells like AIDS in here."
How can a place smell like AIDS?!
Anyways, today, he was walking past me in the hall. When he walked by, he made his hand into a circular... shape thing in front of his crotch and stared at me. I guess he was pretending to hold his penis or something. I'm not sure. You can never be sure with him. Anywho, I rose an eyebrow at him saying 'WTF?!' And he laughed and looked away.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I just crowned you Lord Idiot.

You know what RUDENESS I heard today? There's this kid named Alex at my school in grade eleven who did his public speech on HOW WOMEN SHOULD NOT HAVE RIGHTS.
Oooooh no.
You know how much I'm a feminist. Well, you should because I post about being a feminist constantly. But, you know what? If this... *tries to think of nice name* this... this boy thinks that women shouldn't have rights, then so be it. Let him think that. Let him express his opinion to the entire school/world whatever. But, don't BASH girls.
You know what he said?
He was like, "Women can't do anything... the only thing they're good at is using their mouths..." And other horrible things. Then, "Nobody should vote for a female for anything. If Sarah Paline(or however it's spelled) can't satisfy her man, how can she satisfy her country?"
WTF is that?! That is completely irrelevant. It got me so angry. There's a line that you just don't cross with public speaking. Sure, talk about how women shouldn't have rights but don't talk about how terrible they are! WTF is that, you little SOB?! What's your problem? There's a difference between... a proper debate and a hate speech.
I'm not offended by the fact that he thinks women shouldn't have rights. I'm offended that he bashed us. Saying the most horrible things. I wasn't there to see his speech but it's going around the school like crazy. Apparently, my principal, Ms. Pella kicked him off the stage before he even finished his speech. He is also apparently suspended for two days or something and has to do community service because he was *apparently*(sorry for the apparentlies) suspended multiple times prior to this incident and if he gets suspended again, he will be EXPELLED. Henceforth, he had to do community service. That's what I heard. So, kids from my school better not come up and cuss at me because then I am opening a can of whoop-a** on your buttocks.
OH! And apparently(sorry again) his speech was supposed to be sarcastic or something. Like he doesn't believe in  any of it and is making fun of it. Therefore, he shouldn't get in trouble. BS.
You know what, you dummy, if you were being sarcastic, WHY DIDN'T YOU STATE THAT AT THE BEGINNING?! My God, you're dumb. HELLO. He stated at the beginning something along the lines of, "This is not meant to offend anybody..." and something about a sense of humor.
WTF is WRONG with you?! Don't say that! If you were really sarcastic about it, you should have said, "Some stereotypes about women are...", "Some people think that women are..." etc. WHY didn't you say that?! I don't know. NO one knows. But, to be frank, I think you're an idiot and have lost all sanity.
That's just the truth. Or that's just my opinion. XD
You could have saved yourself SO MUCH TROUBLE by just saying your opinion, your facts and SHUTTING UP. But nooo. That's too much to ask. You just had to go and ramble on about how stupid and useless women are.
Some people think that he shouldn't have gotten suspended. Just a detention. But, I think he deserved it. And AGAIN, not because I think his opinion is wrong. It's not. It's an opinion and he's entitled to it. But he went a bit too far with saying rude things. And, apparently, he went behind his teacher's back and said those rude things. His teacher is a woman. So, I REALLY don't think she would allow him to diss women like that. He could have just said that he thinks women shouldn't have rights, but not diss us the way he did.
It wasn't right.
Did I mention I think he's an idiot?

Wait, what? Number Five.

Hello guys! Yesterday, I had another Sebastian adventure. Well, all the grade tens did because it was our turn to go down and watch the grade tens do their public speaking speeches. :) Sebastian's speech was about how gingers(people with red hair. WTF, I call people with red hair 'red heads'. Isn't that what everyone else calls them? Or, 'that girl/guy with red hair'. Or 'that redheaded girl/guy'.) have souls. Apparently, people have been saying they don't.
He went up to the microphone and then started struggling to fix it to his height because he's pretty tall and the other contestants before him weren't as tall. After a while, he gave up and said loudly, "Anyone know how to fix this?" Someone shouted, "PULL IT!"
He pulled then twisted a bit and got it perfect. He mumbled a thanks and announced into the microphone, "Good evening everyone. I'm going to talk about how gingers do have souls. Okay? They have souls." He leaned much too close to the microphone and shouted, "THEY HAVE SOULS!" Causing us in the audience to cower and cover our ears seeing as the speakers are in mint condition. I don't want to deafen myself.
But, Sebastian's just getting started. (The capitals are where he's leaning into the microphone and shouting) "They DO. Okay? It's not right how we, gingers, are treated. It's not. We have mean taunts and mean things said to us EVERYDAY. Do you know how much that hurts? Do you know HOW MUCH that breaks my heart? No, you don't. YOU DON'T. You know what? I'm AFRAID to come to school everyday. AFRAID. Because people are going to MAKE FUN OF ME. *pause* BE MEAN TO ME. We deserve the same respect as everyone else. Yeah. Just like blacks and Mexicans. WE DESERVE-dammit." He dropped his paper. He picked it up and continued. "We deserve the same amount of respect."
So, of course, us in the audience were laughing our heads off. Sebastian shouted, "IT'S NOT FUNNY. Don't laugh. Don't LAUGH!"
So, this makes us laugh harder. They're not supposed to tell us not to laugh. They're supposed to pause and wait for us to finish then continue. Sebastian shouted, "YOU SEE?! You guys are just LAUGHING at me! You guys are all jerks. I hate you all."
I nearly peed my pants.
At the end, he stepped away from the mike and the MC dude or whatever stepped up to it. But, Sebastian just turned back around and shouted, "WE HAVE SOULS!" or something stupid like that and went to sit down. MC dude said slowly into the mike, "Well... thank you, Sebastian for a very... loud speech..."
It was amusing. XD

PS: Sebastian was joking; it wasn't a serious speech. Just in case you guys actually thought that was serious. XD

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Okay you guys I just watched *laugh* the funniest *laugh* videos EVER on Youtube. I've never seen other youtubers' videos funnier than this guy. His name is ItsKingsleyB****. Here's his channel. It's HILARIOUS. Watch and pee your pants.
WARNING: Lots of swearing. Viewer discretion is advised.

"Wuhhs guhh, homie?"

Today was quite interesting. Third period, instead of French class, we got to go see the public speaking students. It was amusing. The topics were very different. From why prostitution should be fully legalized to why UFOs don't exist. It was hilarious! One guy, Fizzle was talking about how comedians enforce stereotypes or something.  He's brown and was talking in a brown accent like "I like cuddy[curry], I don't like deordrant[deodorant], dee bathtub is my enemy..." Then, he moved on to black people stereotypes "I like fried chicken and kool-aid. I don't finish mah wurrrds. Like wuhhhs guhh, homie?" And then Canadian "I live in an igloo. I say 'eh' all the time. I love poutine. I ride a polar bear to school." Then, he was slashing them and ranting about them. It was soo funny. :D
One girl was talking about how the world wouldn't be able to handle a zombie outbreak. It was random but amusing. Another kid talked about how video games do not make people violent. That one was really funny. Some were more serious though. There was one on suicide and another strangely serious on baby beauty pageants and how they shouldn't exist. I had to agree on that one. xD
Anywho. Yeah. Fun. :]

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Hey, baby. I like your eyes. In fact, if I had a spoon, I'd steal them."

Today, I had a great day: I didn't have to think! Ha! Heaven. Anyways, first period, I had drama. It was quite... interesting. Second period, I had French. My teacher, Mme. B made a speech about how if we hear racist comments, we should tell her and she will take care of it. I thought that was nice of her. AND at recess, I went with Bipreet to the office to get free food. I got Simply Naked chips! Yes, that's what they're actually called: Simply Naked. I was thinking "What a sexy chip...."
How odd am I? They're the orgasmic chips that I screamed and grabbed from my friend Tara when she offered them heehee.
Third period... what did I do third period? Oh right, I went to English class. Public speaking was still going on. It's finished today. Anyways, I asked her if I could do my speech in front of the school and then MAYBE make it to the level against other schools. But, she said, "Well... your subject isn't a global one... so, I can't let you go up. Because it has to be a global issue... Yours is school related..."
I felt like biting her head off. Why didn't she tell me this BEFORE?! When I was WRITING the stupid thing, I asked her, "Miss is this an acceptable topic?"
And she said-and I'm quoting her here!-"*giggle* Hmm, yes. This will be interesting actually. It's good."
So, I kept it. But now, it's not ACCEPTABLE?! Girl.... *takes off earrings*
Anywho, during lunch, I stuffed my face with delicious pasta and walked around school like some crazy stalker person. Jasmine was rambling on about random topics, keeping me amused[YOU SEE, JASMINE?! YOU ARE IN THIS POST! I AM NOT DISMISSING YOU. SHEESH. I LAFF YOU!]. Bipreet was doing the same thing. Actually, during gym class fourth period, she was super hyper and saying lots of sexual innuendos.
During lunch, she was talking about my blog. She said, "OHMIGOSH! I saw your blog! It was so funny! I was in it! *giggle*. I'm seriously going to start from, like, the beginning and go up to the latest one."
I was so happy about that. :) Laff you Bipreet :)

PS: Title of post said by a friend of mine: Mike. (Acquaintance?)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This makes me feel bad for Rebecca Black.

I can't embed the video here but here's the link:
At one point, she sang the national anthem of America and actually sounded good, in my opinion. She has talent. But stupid Ark Music Factory auto-tuned it and made her voice sound terrible. Or, in a video I saw "...sounds like a prepubescent boy having his balls squeezed." My personal favorite. It made me LOL.
But anyways, yes, her song was horrible. The lyrics are incredibly stupid. But she IS only an eight grader. She's even younger than me!
But, I just think that she should have made better lyrics.
AND she has Bieber Fever! Can you believe it?! Wow. AND! She wants to do a duet with him! Frankly, I don't think he'll say yes. But... yeah. What do you guys think?

Thought Friday was bad?

Walking down the road, my friends at the mall
Everybody is looking at my new dress is blue (WHAT?! WHO CARES WHAT COLOR YOUR DRESS IS?!)
My hair is perm and my perfume smells good ( You probably don't smell good.)
I like a boy, he’s nice (WOW!)
Gotta wear heels so I look good (LOL!)
Waiting at my teacher, time for the dance (What? :$)
I see that boy and his new haircut (LOL!)
Is he gonna ask me? (No.)
Is he gonna ask me? (Probably not.)
Time for us to dance (How? Don't you not have someone to dance with?!)

It’s prom night
Whom I gonna dance with (Prom Night)
You’re looking at me (Prom Night)
That boy is kinda cute Prom Night) (hahahahahahhahhahahaha!)
I like his stare (Prom Night) (LOOOOOOOOOOL! WHAT?! Stalker much?!)
Whom I gonna dance with (Prom Night)
You’re looking at me (Prom Night)
That boy is kinda cute Prom Night)
I like his stare (Prom Night)

dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancing (2x)

Walking over to sip some punch
Our eyes they meet and my heart stops
Fly away my butterflies, fly away fly away (lolwut?)
He hands me a flower and …
Will you be mine, I think in my mind
Grabs my hand, he walks me over to the dancefloor
Young and in love,
Is he gonna ask me?
Is he gonna ask me?
Time for us to dance

It’s prom night
Whom I gonna dance with (Prom Night)
You’re looking at me (Prom Night)
That boy is kinda cute Prom Night)
I like his stare (Prom Night) (lol)
Whom I gonna dance with (Prom Night)
You’re looking at me (Prom Night)
That boy is kinda cute Prom Night)
I like his stare (Prom Night)

dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancing (4x) (ROFL! FUN FUN FUN FUN!)

We’re all dancing in the sky
His eyes look great coz they are brown
Our hands are touching, I like him a lot (haha!)
Time for us to dance


It’s prom night
Whom I gonna dance with (Prom Night)
You’re looking at me (Prom Night)
That boy is kinda cute Prom Night)
I like his stare (Prom Night)
Whom I gonna dance with (Prom Night)
You’re looking at me (Prom Night)
That boy is kinda cute Prom Night)
I like his stare (Prom Night)

dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancin’ dancing (repeat x times)

LOL What a lame song! I honestly think it's a parody or something. This can't be a serious song. It's worst than Friday! But, it's apparently on iTunes. o_O

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh, Hell no.

Today, I heard the most bothersome thing ever. My friend Evelyne went to a school to play a badminton game. She told me that when she was walking down the hall, with a group of brown kids(Indian, etc.), some blonde kid stuck his head out of a class and said, "Ugh, terrorists." Or something like that. WTF?! How DARE you?! You little.... Lord have mercy. If I was one of those kids, I would have... mmm. Ohhh no. Oooooohhh no no no.
Anyways, Evelyne said that the school didn't even have a girl's or boy's locker room but they have an elevator. WTF?! Why do schools even NEED elevators?! So, Evelyne and the other girls on our team had to change in the girls' bathroom. Some black girl from the school had to use the bathroom but didn't because there were "too many dirty immigrants" in there. Meaning Evelyne and the other kids. I was actually really offended by this when Evelyne told me. Because the girl is BLACK. Not white or yellow or anything... BLACK. I mean come on! Your ancestors had to go through slavery and segregation and you turn around and act like THIS?! Come on! That pissed me off so much. She should know what her ancestors had to go through. How can she possibly be rude to any other race? How? I just don't understand. I really don't. I would expect a black girl to understand something like that. Any race can, but a black person... I would expect it more because of our ancestors having to go through it and whatever.
If that girl had said that when I was there... oooooh no. I'll just stop here.
Oh! And something to amuse you: Two people are standing really close to each other because they are arguing.
First person says: Did I order you for my barbecue?
Second person says: *confused* ...No...
First person says: So then why are you all up in my grill?!

PS: I listened to the song "I just had sex" today, It was AWESOME.

A rant on dating in high school.

So, I just have one thing to say(but of course it will lead to MUCH more things but whatever!): education is important. I know that you guys are all thinking "Oh, God not an education speech!" But, it's sort of not an education speech because I'm sick of them too.
Anyways, the point of this post is to say that girls and guys should not waste their time worrying about dating during high school. Because helloooo what if the girl's eggo gets preggo? Girl, your life is over and boy... I just feel really, really bad for you right now. Think about ALL the other beautiful and kind and intelligent girls(or guys, whatever way you swing. But if you got a girl preggo, I would just assume that you're straight) to date. How will you do that when you got a girl pregnant? You basically just, like... glued yourself to a girl who you probably don't even love. I just have one thing to ask you: what's the matter with you? See I understand that things can happen. Yes, she has nice boobs or whatever. Yes you would like to "tap that" but NOOOO you will not TAP THAT FOR GOD'S SAKES. *takes deep breath* You can't DO that! Unless you use protection but to be honest, you probably won't because you won't really be thinking about a baby.
AAAANNNNDDDD, that totally messes you up. Your life is OVAH. O-V-A-H. OVAHHHHH! Did I mention your life is over?
And, even if you're not sexually active, it's still not really an excellent idea to date. For one: if it doesn't work out, you will break up, you will be depressed and will get low marks at school and therefore will be working at McDonald's asking "What would you like?" all day long. FYI, I would shoot myself. :]
AND! AND AND AND! If it DOES work out, you will be focusing on your love life and not on your education and/or future. Henceforth(sounds smart doesn't it?), when the person dumps you(and frankly, it isn't really a matter of if but when. Because like 70%[dunno the actual percentage. Please don't hurt me...] or more of high school relationships don't become marriage. Sadly.), it totally ruins you. Because before, even if you failed high school and whatever, at least you have your lover by your side. Do you have that lover when you break up? NOOOOOO. No, you do not! So, where does that lead you?
Nowhere. Dead end of a bridge. But, don't drive off the side of the bridge. Just make a U-turn. Start fresh. :) You can do it, my friend!
BTW, this was not to offend any teens currently dating in high school. Because I know Angela does. And I haven't seen a post of her dissing him. I mostly read about her calling him "the cutie-patootie boyfriend". I'm not sure if that's how she spelled it though. BUT ANYWAYS, her romance seems wonderful. So, maybe she is part of the 30% who might make it to marriage and whatever. You never know. :] So, this was not to offend anyone. Just a rant because I haven't done one in a while, haha. Hope you enjoyed it. o__O
OOOHHHHHHHH I just thought of another one! ZOMG! MUST! POST! AFTER! THIS! ONE!

Friday, March 25, 2011

That's so odd.

You know what's really odd and super random? The fact that two of my oldest posts are getting read NOW. How random is that?! Seriously! They're both from summer last year and weren't popular then. o.O So, why now?
Here are the posts so you can laugh at them and wonder why people keep reading them:
The Runaways: AWESOME! (this seriously got like 80 views in like two days)
Ronnie Radke aka: Bonnie Radke. 

I don't get why they're so popular. The writing is kind of... bad. o.O That was when I was just starting to blog. LOL. My only follower was myself ROOOOOFLLLL!

You are AWESOME!

Yes, you. You're so awesome that you're blinding me with your ray of utter awesomeness...
...I love you =D?
So, guess whaaaaaattttt?! I have no school today. So, YAY for a three day weekend! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like I have said before, my school is on crack. But, I like it. My school should stay on crack more often. :)
Oh and it's apparently Greek Independence day today. Jasmine just texted me to tell me. XD She's Greek. So, I said, "Cool lol happy greek independence day then! Eat lots of souvlaki and stuff :D
Jasmine: NO!
Me: Why?!
Jasmine: I hate souvlaki...
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Jazzy-wazzy-spazzy-kins-spazzerpants :] How I wuvs you!
*blows kisses!*

PS: A bit much on the name right?
PPS: Oh well! :D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Did this ever happen to you?

When you have this, like... weird almost-kissing thing. Today, I saw George at school(obviously we go to the same one) and he was putting on his jacket.
I asked, "Going out...." But sort of not a question. I have no clue why I even said it.
He said, "Yep." Then grinned at me. Meaning he's going to smoke a cig. He always grins when he's going to smoke a cig.
I said, "Not weed right?"
"Nope! I've been off it for the longest time."
I beamed at him and said, "I know; it's awesome." Then I opened my arms for a hug. And this is where it got awkward.
I moved my head to the right and him, thinking I was going to the left, moved to the right as well. So, our faces were really close. I quickly moved to the left but, he thought I was going to stay on the right so he moved too. And AGAIN our faces were really close. It was so AWKWARD. We finally figured out where to put our heads and hugged properly. Then, we said bye and parted.
I know that if I had light skin, it would have been red. Thank God for being black. >.<


Hey, guys! Today was sort of interesting. Actually not really.
But anyways! First period, I had math. My math teacher Ms. J made us do an assignment. We had to use rulers because we were plotting points on a Cartesian plane to solve word problems. I don't really see how this is useful for my future, but whatever. Some kid wanted to switch his ruler for Ms. J's because I guess his was small or something. Ms. J said, "It's not the size that matters; it's how you use it."
We all loled for a bit. Then, Ms. J said all innocently, "What? I was talking about the ruler! Man, you guys have dirty minds."
And we just kept loling.
Nothing really interesting happened in Frnch. Just a stupid guy with a pizza-shaped face bullied me about my seat. I yelled at him for a bit and sat where he wanted me to just to keep the peace. I was seriously about to punch his pizza off.
Anywho, third period, what did I have? Oh, yeah! English. We're doing public speaking and this guy named Hamza went up and talked about how capital punishment is good. He was saying, "...If someone's going around killing people, shouldn't they die? I think that mofo deserves to die..."
The entire class LOLed at this. My English teacher, Ms. A gaped at him in horror. Especially since at the end, he said, "...So to wrap this crap up, I think capital punishment is good...And yeah. 'Kay I'm done." Then, he walked back to his seat.
It was hilarious. He obviously failed. XD
Then, during lunch, I had soccer intramurals(when I have to play a sport at lunch). I was defense and I was AWESOME if I do say so myself. Even my friend Ceisha patted my shoulder and said, "You know, you're pretty good at defense. The ball didn't even go in once!"
I stared at her.
She said, "Okay, it went in once."


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My encounter with a jerk.

Today, I went to Jean Coutu(like a pharmacy place) with my little step-sister, Nikita to buy toothpaste. When we were on the bus about to get off, we saw a guy we don't like: Matteo. I'm not sure if that's how you spell his name, but who cares?
I don't really like him. He is incapable of saying something nice to people. Once, at the beginning of summer last year, I was just meeting him. He asked, "What grade are you in?"
I said, "Going to ten in September. You?" I asked just to be polite.
He told me some grade I can't remember.
Then, he looked at my boobs and said, "You don't look like you're going to grade ten."
That really pissed me off. Yes, I have small boobs, but that's because I'm really, really, skinny and tall. I'm a size one in pants. If I have huge boobs while being really skinny, I'd look really weird. Like I'm tipping over or something. He's said other rude things that I shall not say. -.-'
Anyways, Matteo was with two other guys and I think one of them was smoking. As soon as Nikita and I got off the bus, we speed walked past the guys. I heard Matteo shouting, "Yo! Yo! YO!" But, we ignored him and hurried off.
I heard one of his friends ask, "Vous les connaissez?" (You know them?)
But, I didn't hear his response because I was already too far away.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson!

SO! I just finished reading the amazing novel novel Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. :) It was AWESOME. So, so AWESOME. I really liked it. I have to say though, there wasn't enough making out scenes, but meh. It was still a good book.
It's about a guy named Will Grayson who meets another Will Grayson. Basically. It's a gay romance. It's cool. It's a gay romance. IT'S AWESOME. I love gay romances. I think that gay protagonists in general are more interesting than straight protagonists because they have more complicated problems. Especially if they aren't even out of the closet yet(what a stupid term... It's like I'm jumping out of a closet *rolls eyes*). It just spices everything up. PLUS, gay romances are hotter than straight ones[in novels, I dunno about real life]. To me. Selon moi. :) (selon moi means like in my opinion.)

-One of the gay characters, Tiny(who as you will find out if you read this book REALLY isn't tiny AT ALL) is SO CUTE! Ahhhhh!
-The romance was adorable.
-The characters were very lovable.

-Not enough making out scenes. And like, the one they had in one of the character's room was so short. v_v Silly you, John Green and David Levithan. :l I still love you guys and hope you write a LGBT novel again, but PLEASE, much more making out. :)

"You go down, down, down. I fall out of love with you..."

So, today I have no school. Odd much? I think my school's on crack.
Anyywayyys. I won't complain. I slept until like eleven something XD And yeah. Now, I'm here blogging to you people. :D Because I love you all SOOOO much.
And yeah.
SO! here's a song I am now obsessed with. Don't judge the song the first time you listen to it. You've got to listen to it multiple times to really like it. It's AWESOME though. I am obsessed with it. OH! And I finished reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson last night, so, I'm going to put up my review soon. :)

PS: Isn't the video so creepy?!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"A girl's first time."

As you lie back your muscles tighten. You put him off for a while searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches you. 

He asks if you're afraid and you shake your head bravely. He has had more experience, but it's the first time his finger has found the right place. 

He probes deeply and you shiver; your body tenses; but he's gentle like he promised he'd be. 

He looks deeply within your eyes and tells you to trust him-he's done this many times before. 

His cool smile relaxes you and you open wider to give him more room for an easy entrance. You begin to plead and beg him to hurry, but he slowly takes his time, wanting to cause you as little pain as possible. As he presses closer, going deeper, you feel the tissue give way; pain surges throughout your body and you feel the slight trickle of blood as he continues. He looks at you concerned and asks you if it's too painful. Your eyes are filled with tears but you shake your head and nod for him to go on. He begins going in and out with skill but you are now too numb to feel him within you. 

After a few moments, you feel something bursting within you and he pulls it out of you, you lay panting, glad to have it over. He looks at you and smiling warmly, tells you, with a chuckle; that you have been his most stubborn yet most rewarding experience. 

You smile and thank your dentist. After all, it was your first time to have a tooth pulled.

from but I found out about it from my friend Léa's blog.

This is what happens when I see food.

At my school, we can go to the office and get free food. It's for students who forget their lunch and stuff. So, anyways, they give out these really amazing chips. My friend Bipreet forgot her lunch or something and went to the office to get some food. It took her a while to gather the courage to go and ask the office("I feel so... cheap").
When she did, she returned with an orange juice box, square cheese thingie[yum], banana muffin/cookie thing[mmm] and a bag of pita chips[OHHHHHHH MYYYY GOOOSSHHHH SOOOOO YUMMYYYYYY].
I was like, "Ackk! Can I have a chip?!"
She said, "Just one." Because she loves 'em too.
I took one and ate it slowly, savoring the taste.
Then, we saw our friends: Tara and Alex. They spazzed when they saw Bipreet's food.
Alex was like, "Oh, did you get that from the office?"
Bipreet said, "Yeah."
Alex asked, "Can I have a chip?"
She gave him.
Tara asked for one too and she gave her one as well.
Alex said, "I'm gonna go ask for food now."
Then, he left. He returned with food. I asked him for a chip and he cried, "NO!" all protective. LOL.
Then, Tara went to get some too. When she came back, she asked, "Anyone want my chips?"
That was when I spazzed. Quite literally. This other girl said sweetly, "Oh, I want it!" while reaching her hand out. But, try to imagine this: a black girl shouting, "MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!" And reached for the chips with her entire body like she's going to tackle Tara. I'm laughing now as I think about what I did.
Bipreet swallowed a chip and said, "That? Was creepy."
Tara handed the chips over and I ripped them open right away and ate. It was amazing. :X

PS: Picture of my friend Léa on the bus after school?
As you can see, she got very comfy. <3 you Léaaaaaaaaa!

World Water Day!

It's World Water Day today! It's basically a day where we try to help other people who don't have clean drinking water. :) Here's the website:
Check it out! :D And, let's be grateful for what we have. I've never really thought about what would happen if I didn't have clean water to drink. But, now that I do think about, it wouldn't be pretty. v_v

PS: I'm off to school now! PEACE.
PPS: Yes, I did come on the computer at like 7:00 AM to post this to you, LOL. I saw it in Google Trends and was like AWESOME! MUST! SHARE!

Monday, March 21, 2011

What I do while shopping at Payless.

I try on, like, one shoe but I don't buy it because it isn't fabulous enough to buy. o.O
I tried on the red shoes. The Converses are mine. XD And yes, those are indeed red skinnies, haha. I think it looked cute on my foot, don't you? :D
Convo between my step-sister Nikita and I in the store:
Me: *getting out cell phone and aiming it properly at foot in shoe*
Nikita: I don't think you're allowed to take pictures of the shoes in here...
Me: Who cares?!


The wonderful section of public speaking has begun in English class. I don't mind it because I love talking in front of audiences and whatever. But, you should see some other kids at my school. They look scared poopless.
Anyways, today in drama, Sebastian was being weird. We were sitting there talking and not doing work like we always do and he was like, "Look, I can't say your name. J-J-J-J-Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo-Jodie-Jodie-Jodie-Jodie-A-Jodie-A-A-A-A-Jodie-here we go-Jodie-Ann."
I just stared at him.
He laughed and started fooling around with someone else. He is so odd. o_o
I just finished history homework about how women in Canada have benefited from Feminism in the first half of the twentieth century. I just read the textbook and wrote whatever came to mind. Whatever.
Oh! And, the book I'm reading: Will Grayson, Will Grayson does not have enough gay romance in it. It's irritating me. I WANT MORE KISSING SCENES. Reading about same-sex couples making out is oddly sexy to me. *shrugs* I'm weird.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"It's like TV but in your head!"

So, here is yet ANOTHER book review. It is on the book After the Moment by 

Garret Freymann-Weyr. It was pretty awesome. 

It's about this guy named Leigh(I have no clue how you pronounce that. Lay? Lee? Ah who cares?!) who meets this girl named Maia. Of course, it's a romance, but not your typical romance. Oh no no no. This romance is different from others because it's not. 
See how that makes sense?
It doesn't make sense. 
See, their romance ends with a horrible event happening and then another horrible event happens and then... the romance is just ruined. But not in a bad way. It's hard to explain.

What I liked:
-The characters were very easy to love.
-The guy, Leigh wasn't a total jerk and I actually really like him.
-The romance was great.
-The best violence scene EVER. (Kay that came out wrong. I mean the description was great and the fighting was entertaining.)
-Not at all an ending that you would expect.

What I didn't like:
-Not enough kissing, etc.

So, there you have it! Read this book because it's AWESOME.

PS: The quote is from iCarly. Sam said it while she was reading a book. She was talking about how awesome reading is. :D

Well, I have stopped procrastinating.

I have stopped procrastinating due to The Blog Writer. Thank you very much, The Blog Writer! See, I'm writing a new novel and it's just been in my head floating around for the longest time... ("ahh... not just a hat rack!" as my friend Léa would say)
Anyways, I started writing it and I must say, it's quite awesome. But, sadly I can't even tell you guys about it for fear of some lazy crook stealing my ideas. Which canNOT happen. Because you know what I'd do? Oh, wait no you don't. Why do I always ask you that when I KNOW that you don't know what I'd do?
Well, let me tell you what I would do. I would hunt that person down and STRANGLE him/her. Okay, maybe not strange there, but just beat the crap out of enough that they are rendered unconscious. I'll be a crazy black woman. o.O Or girl. WHATEVER.
Anywho, I will then take that person to court and I'd probably get in crap for having beaten him/her up anyway. Whatever. At least I'll get my book back. Can you imagine going into a bookstore and seeing YOUR book there and you didn't even publish it yourself?! Can you IMAGINE that?! Holy mother of Pearl. I would just.... just.... *grabs a knife* just...
Make a cheese sandwich.

PS: That wasn't funny, was it?
PPS: Of course not. My Internet wasn't working last night, so I couldn't comment on anyone's blog or post something new on mine. I nearly went insane. That's why I was writing my story: to stop myself from going crazy. This morning, before the Bell(company name) people got here I was staring out the window whisper-shouting, "WHERE ARE THEY?! WHEREEEE AREEEEE THEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!"
See what happens when I lose my Internet?
Anyways, when the guy came, he was a cute twenty-something guy. I though "Mmmmhmmm". Hahahahahahahahahahaha. I was in my nightgown. I must have looked like an idiot. Anywho, he fixed everything then left. Before he left, he went downstairs into my two brothers' room and Jermaine(step-brother) was playing on his PS3.
The guy asked, "So, you play PS3?"
Jermaine: "Yep."
The guy: "Cool. It goes fast?"
Jermaine: "Yup."
The guy: "Cool. It goes fast for me too." Then, he was checking out Jermaine's games. Hahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaha!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Hey girl, you are beautiful."

Today in French class, these guys called my friend Felicia "Precious". You know that girl from the movie Precious? No? WELL, TOO BAD! >:D
Anyways, it really pissed me off. She ended up crying and that irritated me even more because I hate to see my friends cry. I hate to see anyone cry. Unless it's people I don't like, then I LOVE like it.
After school, I texted Felicia and told her that I thought Precious was beautiful in the movie and so is she. And I'm serious. I didn't see Precious as being "overweight" or "ugly". I saw her as being a very pretty young girl who had to go through a lot in her life. That's what I saw. Especially when she smiled. I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the movie. And I'm not kidding.
I told Felicia that she's PHAT. Pretty Hot And Thick. And it's true.
Okay, Felicia? You're gorgeous and your PHAT. Be proud of your body. Who cares what stupid people in French class think?! When they grow up, they're probably going to all get beer bellies. XD

PS: Title is from the song "Big Girls" by Mika. (I think Big Girls is the song's title)
PPS: Happy St. Patrick's Day to all who celebrate!

Do you know how silly you sound?

You know what really really irritates me? When girls giggle and talk in really high-pitched girlie voices. It annoys me much more than it should. I just hate to hear it. It makes the girl sound so stupid!
Yesterday, I had to stay after school with my math/science teacher Ms. J to finish an assignment. Throughout the entire thing, I heard my friend C outside the class talking to other people and playing around. She said the words "Oh my God" more than twenty times. And I'm serious. In this really annoying, girlie way. It distracted me so much from my assignment. I wanted to run out there and shout, "WILL YOU SHUT UP?!"
But, of course I couldn't. Even Ms. J was getting irritated. At one point, after C had said "Oh my God" for like the fifteenth time, Ms. J muttered, "Oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwd", imitating C. It amused me. XD
Ms. J then looked around her to see if me or any of the other students staying to do the assignment had heard her. We all did, but no one cared. We were amused by it. Ms. J smiled and said, "I shouldn't be saying that."
Then, it was quiet and we finished our assignment.
Well, it was sort of quiet. I could still hear C and some other people making noise outside. -.-'

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am a horrible person.

Okay, not really. But, I feel like one right now.
See, a few weeks ago, someone used the girls' bathroom on the second floor and made it smell really bad. It still kind of smells like poo. Anyways, Jasmine told me that everyone thought it was this girl in the ninth grade named T[the name continues, of course]. So, I was assuming that was what everyone thought. And that it was true, maybe. Of course, I didn't really care. I wasn't going to talk to T or anything because I don't know her. I just pass her in the halls. We aren't even in the same grade or anything because I'm in tenth.
Anyways, in French class today, they were talking about her. These guys in my class. They were just joking around and not really saying mean things but it sounded mean anyway. It's hard to explain. T is this girl who cut her hair really short[boy short] and walked in a weird way[sort of bouncy and happy. It's just weird because no one walks bouncy and happy] and I once saw her wearing a short skirt with no tights or anything in December. But, I don't think much of it. It's like whatever. I don't know who she is or anything. So, I don't judge.
So, in French class, the guys were talking about how T had lice. I asked this girl named R, "Which T are they talking about?" Just to keep myself safe. o.O
She said, "You know that girl in the ninth grade who's really weird and has her hair cut really short?"
I said, "Yeah... Oh. Hm. I hate the fact that people are so mean to her just because she made the bathroom smell bad. It's not her fault. Maybe-"
R's eyes widened and she asked, "Ohmigosh that was HER?!"
That was when I felt like shooting myself. I decided to try lying. "Um, no, well-"
R said, "Ohhhh my gosh." She turned to this guy sitting close to her and said, "Ohh you know when the bathroom stunk? It was T!"
The guys said, "OOOOOHHHHH S***!" Then, they passed it around and I just sat there, not knowing what to do. I hope that they don't tell T anything. This could ruin her. Simply because this is high school and when the bullies are bullies, they really ARE bullies.
I'm sorry T. I know that you're not reading this, but I'm sorry. D:

Sorry, guys...

I haven't been ranting for a LONG time. Sorry! This blog's initial purpose was to debate and rant. (The link was actually haha.) But, it's now just me talking about my day. o.O
What do you prefer? If I rant and debate about things I find stupid or if I talk about my life? Like, what happens daily. Of course no matter what I'll be talking about my life, but I guess it'll be less with more debates. So. More debates? Or do you like what I'm doing now: mostly what happens in my day and the occasional debate?
Tell meeeeeeeee!!!

PS: I just ate pancakes and I'm going to leave for school in twenty minutes. :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My blog amuses people!

Today, this boy at my school and I were talking. His name is Pat Ricky(yeah, I thought that was pretty awesome, too). You know what he said? Well, of course you don't know! Silly me.
He said, "Oh, I saw your blog! It's really funny."
In my head, I was like, "YESSSSSSS *orgasms*" but out loud I was like, "Oh, really?"
He said, "Yeah *laugh* I saw the post where you were talking about *laugh* about when you left your *laugh* tampon thing on the counter *laugh, laugh, laugh*"
I corrected, "Pad lining."
He stared at me cluelessly.
I explained, "You know that thing-Wait, of course you don't know. Okay, it's that thing that you peel the pad off of. A lining."
He said, "OOOOOOHHHH!"
I said, "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Then, we chatted some more about my blog and he left and I spazzed in front of Bipreet who just looked at me and said, "Whoa... calm down..."
Lol. :D
I had a honey bun today. :3 Yay for me! Be jealous.
Oh and in drama class, Ms. N. said to me, "And your blog is just FABULOUS! I love it! It's so true! So... real! And so, so FUNNY!*giggles*"
I beamed at her. At the moment, I am very proud of myself. :)


Today I saw a French play: Le Chef-D'oeuvre de Monsieur Goldman.
It was actually quite good. Like, you could tell that the actors had researched their characters. They all had a lot of emotion and so, so much DEPTH and it was beautiful and...
Okay, really, I was mostly paying attention to one of the actors who was GORGEOUS. He was hot. Mmmmm. Yummeh.
So! Anyways! To be honest, it was a great play. I actually understood what they were saying. I felt smart! :D And the guy was hot. And it was a mystery, which is always cool. And the guy wore a fitted buttoned-up red shirt. And there was a bit of humor. And the guy wore snug jeans.
Did I mention the guy was hot? :D
Anyways, students from my school kept making noises. When a girl got on stage, I heard some dude whistle. I dropped my face in my hands in embarrassment. And THIS is what they call one of the top schools in the province of Quebec?! I don't THINK so.
I think those guys got kicked out. I can just imagine my French teacher, Mme. B. shouting furiously, "SORT!"(GET OUT!) She's very sweet and adorable. You don't expect her to get angry. So, when she does, it's quite amusing.

PS: My step-brother Jermaine just came out the shower and asked my step-mom, "Mom wanna see my sexy shirt?"
What an odd teenager.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Powerpoint, I have one question for you: Why are you being so MEAN to me?!

*wail for a bit*
Powerpoint it being a total jerk. It's not WORKING properly! I don't have Powerpoint on my computer, so I have to use it on Hotmail(did you know you could use Powerpoint on hotmail?!) and it's being evil. I've had to redo a slide so many times. Because when I do it, I press New Slide and the slide I just did deletes itself. Like it's God or something.
You can't do that, PP! You just can't DO that!
Anyways, I gave up. I can't be bothered to struggle with it. I have slight cramps and my lower back hurts. I have no TIME for this stupid PP that won't do what I say.
Pictures? :D
My dad laughing.

My dad reading a newspaper.

My dad's ear piercing. XD

Me when I came home.

Me with my "I'm too sexy for my shirt" face. I'm horrible at it. v_v I pity my future husband.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight savings time, YOU SUCK!

And it sucks. Because of daylight savings time, my days are now one hour shorter. Do you know what this now means?
It means that I have to go to bed one hour earlier.
It means I have one hour shorter to blog.
It means I have one hour shorter to be out.
It DOES NOT mean that I have one hour shorter of school[sad face].
WHYYY must this happen?! D: Do you KNOW what could happen in one hour?! ANYTHING. That's what: ANYTHING. The possibilities are endless!
Ahhh my life is OVERRR[dramatic echoing]
Okay, whatever I want a cookie.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

When you fall in love with your sister's husband...'re pretty much screwed.

So, this is a book review of the novel The Six Rules of Maybe by Deb Caletti(do you think her name is actually Debbie? Or Debra? Or something. Okay, not the name Something because that would be weird but-SHUT UP, BRAIN!).
It is about a seventeen year old girl named Scarlet who is an extremely sweet girl. She is always trying to make people feel better. But, when her older [evil, but that's just my opinion]sister Juliet comes over with her husband Hayden, everything gets crazy. Juliet comes back PREGNANT and newly married. Scarlet is sort of okay with everything but when she falls in love with Hayden... stuff happens.
Anyways, here's my rating out of five: ****
It was actually pretty good. Nothing turned out how I expected it, but whatever. I'll complain by myself in a corner. Then, I'll look insane and be committed to an asylum.
Anywho, here's what I liked:
-The title is actually relevant to the novel. :) You figure out the reason for it about halfway through the book.
-The main character Scarlet is so likable.
-It's a great story.
-Awesome characters.

What I didn't like:
-So many "suspenseful" things happened, so it wasn't really suspenseful anymore. Just irritating.
-Not enough romance. NOT. AT. ALL. Okay, so maybe it's not really a romance novel. But STILL. I wanted some more somethin'-somethin'. ;)
-Not enough happened. I just thought that the novel just wasn't enough. Hard to explain.

So, there you have it! I've read much more books since my last review. But, anyways, I hope you'll read this book and enjoy it and whatever. :D

Which weblog award should I make next?

Check my sidebar for my poll on which weblog award should I make next. You guys know how much I LOOVE making awards. I made two already, and now I'm planning on making more. If you guys have any ideas, you can comment here. :) But, if you have ideas, you should just make them yourself, haha. XD But, if you don't feel like it and want me to do it, I will. :D
So, vote in my poll!!!

I made cupcakes!

So, my little step-sister and I made cupcakes and a cake. I didn't put a picture of the cake up here because it doesn't look so great but I took pictures of the cupcakes!
What my kitchen looked like while we were baking. :)

Four of the cupcakes we made. We made much more, haha.

We made icing because we were too lazy to go to the store and buy some.

Our homemade icing.
The icing was actually quite delicious. We put Marascino cherries in it, Pear essence[I have no clue why. It ruined the taste] and vanilla flavoring. :)
Yay for cupcakes!
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