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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What happens on public transportation, STAYS on public transportation.

Hello, people. o__O
I just made myself a poutine for dinner. If you don't know what that is, I feel VERY sorry for you and you should come down here to Quebec just because of that, haha.
So, anyways, :D This post is about the crazy stuff that happens in the Metros where I live. For you elsewhere, it's called a Subway.
So, anyways, my friend Angela just texted me to tell me about a strange experience in the metro. This guy was sitting there singing something and clapping his hands and stomping his feet. Angela was sitting with some other girls. A girl was sitting beside the guy and he pulled her hair(?!?!). Odd, much? She said it was some Spanish song. A guy who was sitting across from him stood up to move somewhere else and did the "crazy" hand motion with his hand. Angela thinks the guy singing was high.
Anyways, this is NOTHING compared to what's happened in American subways. O__O The strangest things ever. This guy was going around to people with a hat and asking for money. That has never happened to me where I live. So, it was really crazy to me. But, the rest of the people must have seen something like that many times and didn't even react. I was gaping at the guy like a guppy.
Then, another time in an American subway, a bunch of kids got on with a few women who I guess were the teachers/supervisors. And this black guy got on with a guitar and started strumming and singing. TO THE KIDS. He would sing things like, "A bunch of kids on the subway... going on a...?"
The kids would scream, "FIELD TRIP!"
Then, the guy would be like, "A bunch of kids on the subway, going on a field trip to...?"
Then, they'd shout somewhere and it would continue. Afterwards, the guy moved on to other people on the subway and would ask them random questions. It was weird, but amusing. I still can't believe that most of the people still didn't even react. Like this a natural occurrence. Only a few of them answered the guy. Most of them didn't respond and just looked away.
Is this really a natural occurrence? I don't live in the States, so I don't really know. o___O

Everyone has this sense of togetherness right now. For example, one guy on the subway today, he wanted to share my pants.
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coolblogger said...

Pan handlers in Canada?!

Anonymous said...

Yeahh, some people are strange. We don't have subways here in NS (bummer), but when I was in TO several years ago some guy was walking up and down the... section we were in(whatever the sections of the subway are called) with binoculars. then he stopped directly in front of me, brought the binoculars up to his eyes and stared at my boobs through them.


Aside from that experience, i love subways. It'd be funny to see the singing guy haha. I think some people need to lighten up, he wasn't doing any harm, just singing..

Adrian Paul said...

How awkward! I would be so pissed if someone pulled my hair. I would've knocked a bitch out.

Jodie-Ann said...

@meandmythinkingcap: LOL!
@Ashley: HAHAHA!! Creeeepy! But, yeah no harm done. It was just weird.
@Adrian Paul: LOL, so would I!! (be pissed)

Cece said...

Lol! I laughed so much when i read about the hair-pulling fandango! Crazy things happen on the buses in my country too... Like one guy got on the news for pulling out his you-know-what to show to the lady that was sitting next to him for some unfathomable reason O_o and there's almost always a bunch of women talking about highly inappropriate stuff that make you cringe at the top of their voices... And don't even get me started on the guys that think flaunting their armpit hair and getting BO in your face is FINE *puke*
I said a silent prayer of thanks the day i finally got my licence!

Jodie-Ann said...

Lucky you, you've got a license. o_O

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