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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mascara on Bottom Lashes & Why it Rocks! by Sherry Blossom

The beautiful author of this beauty. ;)

Hey Blossoms,

We ALL love mascara but many of us have yet to discover wearing mascara on our bottom lashes. Yes I've heard it all before from "I don't have bottom lashes" to "It smears and gives me racoon eyes" to "I have dark circles under my eyes and can't wear anything there or it'll just look darker!". I'm here to say UNTRUE! UNTRUE! UNTRUE!


"I don't have bottom lashes."

Ok this one is easy. EVERYONE has BOTTOM lashes, unless you suffer from hair loss (which falsies would then suffice), you DO have bottom lashes they may just be shorter or thinner than you may like. That's where mascara comes in to play. It can take short, thin lashes and add volume and length creating an instant eye-opening (no pun intended) look!

"It smears and gives me raccoon eyes"

Ok I can understand this one but it's easy to solve too. One word! WATERPROOF! Using waterproof mascara along your bottom lashes will prevent any smearing or running in case your eyes become watery and run or if your just a sap lol.

"I have dark circles under my eyes and can't wear anything there or it'll just look darker!"

Ok this has got to be the TOP reason! I'll shatter this one in 3 easy steps.

STEP ONE: CONCEALER!!! Place concealer under your eyes and be sure to set it with powder so that it lasts throughout the day and doesnt crease or fade.

STEP TWO: HIGHLIGHT!! Make sure that after concealing the powder you use to set the concealer is lighter than your overall foundation color so that you highlight under the eye and tops of cheek bones!

STEP THREE: Same as the second excuse given use a WATERPROOF mascara so that it doesn't smear or run and make under your eyes darker.

And VIOLA problem solved!

For myself I take my time and carefully apply waterproof mascara to my bottom lash. Be sure to lightly move the mascara wand through your bottom lashes. If you make a mistake and get mascara under your eye use a Q-tip to quickly wipe it off and if it smears take a q-tip dipped in makeup remover and dab it off be careful not to get it into your eye. Be sure to comb through clumps with the mascara wand and apply as many coats as necessary. Waterproof mascara can be drying so apply a clear mascara FIRST to protect your lashes if you have lashes that break easily, and then apply.

Now that we've shattered all of those "Mascara Myths" let's get down to the different types of mascaras available and their use.


This mascara is used to straighten your lashes and give the look of serious length it's definitely great for those of you who believe your lashes are "too short".


This mascara is used to separate each lash and completely groom lashes that may grow at different angles and is good for any length of lashes that may clump together or grow unevenly.


This mascara adds volume to the base of your eyelashes and make them seem fuller and is great for thin scarce lashes


This mascara adds bulk to the entire eyelash and definitely gives that va-va-voom look from the mascara commercials and is best for anyone wanting super thick lashes!

There are MANY mascaras available from a wide range of cosmetic companies. Don't be afraid to mix different formulas. There are many people that use 2 different mascaras. Pick the mascara that will do the best job for you and your lashes. My eyelashes are naturally long and are full but not super thick. When I say full I mean along my entire lash line there aren't any bare areas. So when I look for mascara for myself I look for lengthening, separation and volume! I've joked before that I want it to look like I have TARANTULAS on my eyes!!

Mascara upgrades ANY makeup look and can even add sass to your overall look by ITSELF! A little foundation, concealer, lip gloss and mascara can send you on your way in 5 minutes flat!

I've already done a TRUE REVIEW on Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara for both the regular formula and the waterproof formula. Check out that youtube video here. MY YOUTUBE BEAUTY CHANNEL  I'll be sure to review many other mascaras I use and the ones in my kit soon so stay tuned!

Mascara is a necessity ladies and this is definitely one you don't want to pass up. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words so can you hear these pictures talking?

*This was a fantastic guest post by Sherry Blossom! Follow her and whatnot :D If you LOVE this post(and how could you not?) check out her blog and follow, follow, follow! -Jodie-Ann)

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Anonymous said...

haha... i just love wearing mascara, but my mom hates me using it... at night she will see me, and i look like a ghost who died 8 times a row (the racoon eyes, you say) thanks for the tips!

Jodie-Ann said...

Lol, you have to thank Sherry Blossom XD I love mascara too. :P

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

lol!! waterproof mascara stops the raccoon eyes!! but use sparingly and with care...thanks so much!

Jodie-Ann said...

aha... if you're thanking me, you're welcome XD

Anonymous said...

I love mascara as much as the next girl, though I've never liked it on my bottom lashes. I prefer them to be less noticeable. Don't know why. I prefer eyeliner on the bottom lash line.

Good post though! :)

Jodie-Ann said...

Lol, me neither. I only wear it on the top lashes. :D

ishashime said...

well, i don't really like wearing mascara. one time, i nearly poked my eye out. hahaha. i prefer using just eyeliner. :)

Jodie-Ann said...

Lol I LOVE mascara. I don't ever wear eyeliner haha

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