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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love ya, Gee.

So, I learned something new recently. On, like, Monday. At lunch, I was walking around the school two of my best friends, Jasmine and George. Then, George said, "Guys lets go outside."
So, I said, "Are you crazy?!" Obviously. It was freezing outside. AND it was snowing. Albeit, lightly, BUT STILL. It was snowing! That's how cold it was! And, I didn't have my jacket with me; it was in my locker on the third floor. I was just in my burgundy school sweater, that you've all seen already, haha.
George said, "Come on! It's not that cold."
I just looked at him.
I looked at Jasmine. "Do you want to go?"
Jasmine said, "Well... yeah... I would like to go..."
So, I sighed and said, "Oh, alright."
"YES!" George yelled excitedly. He grinned at me and said, "I've got to get something from my locker though."
So, we went upstairs to his locker and he got out something I couldn't see. We then went outside, I had to zip my sweater up all the way.
Once we were outside, we went off school grounds and he got out a cigarette box from his pocket. I groaned. I sort of knew he was coming out here to smoke, but wanted to pretend I didn't, you know? Because he's my best friend and I hate the fact that he smokes.
So, anyways, he lit one up and started smoking. We aren't allowed to smoke on school grounds because we could get expelled.
So, we were standing out on the sidewalk, smoking. Well only George. Then, these other students from our school showed up and started smoking too. This girl looked at George and said, "Ohmigosh! Is that a b**** stick?"
I screwed up my face in confusion. B**** sticks? What in the world is that?!
George said, "Yeah."
The girl, whose name was Kayla said, "Oh cool, can I have one?"
He gave her one. It was just a really thin cigarette.
Then, another girl walked up to him and asked, "Can I have one, too?"
He gave one to her, too.
Another girl who was standing pretty far from us saw George and rushed over. Her name is Stephanie. She stood a few feet from him and asked, "Can I have one too? Please?"
He rolled his eyes but gave her one anyway.
She smiled and said, "Thanks." She lit it up and took a deep drag like her life depended on it. It actually saddened me to see it. She's only sixteen.
Then, she said, "Ohmigosh, I didn't know that you smoked!"
George said, "Yeah, since grade eight. No, grade seven!"
So, I grumbled, "And I am going to kill you for it." But, no one heard me. -.-'
Stephanie said, "Oh, wow..." Then, she looked at Jasmine who was standing beside me. "Do you smoke?"
Jasmine said, "No."
Stephanie looked at me after and asked, "Do you smoke?"
So, I said, "No." And scowled for effect. Just a little one. *teehee*
She made a relieved face and said, "Oh, okay." Why was she relieved?
Then, George's cigarette was finished and we headed back to school. I leaned over and smelled his sweater and muttered stupidly, "Dude, you smell like smoke."
He said, "Yeah, I know."
I didn't know what to say after that, so I said nothing. Then, Jasmine and I went to gym class and George said that he had French.
I really hope he can live to an old age. He's my best friend. Love ya, Gee.

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Kaleena J. said...

gah! no :( it's the worst when close friends are smokers. it's so so bad for them.

Jodie-Ann said...

I know D;

Anonymous said...

You did a good thing. As per fact sometimes passive smokers do get affected because of other's smoking habit

Jodie-Ann said...

I did a good thing in what exactly? And yes, I am very affected by this. He's my best friend after all.

iZaynab said...

-_________- Some of friend smoke some hard stuff & my other friend is/was taking heroin shots .
Sometimes you can't stop certain things you know. But you know speak up about it cause it could really help them out. iTold my friend to stop it cause its stupid & will come back for you when your older & within time they listened.
>:D But just annoy the heck out of that person alot about it~ & Show that you care~ & If he ever offers you one don't take it or if your the can't knock it until you try it do it once never touch again.

Adrian Paul said...

It's okay my husband smokes, and I hate it so much! But we worked things out. He will smoke less and less and will finally quit once we have a kid. And I feel bad for him because I don't really have any habits like that that I can give up for him either. I fell in love with him as a smoker so I wouldn't want him to change for me, he wants to do it for himself and once he gets what he wants, he will quit.

ishashime said...

surprisingly, none of my friends smoke. no-one in my immediate family, either. my grandpa does, though and i wish he would stop. :|

Jodie-Ann said...

@iZaynab: Aw ;( I've tried that, haha. Speaking up actually helped. He's had his moments where he stops smoking, but then he'll start again.
@Adrian Paul: Sucks. :( I wish your husband luck!
@ishashime: :O Lucky you! I hope your grandpa will stop too. But, you know, back in the day, smoking wasn't even considered that bad for you. It was just this super cool thing people did. o__O

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