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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hitler: Murderer or Misunderstood Madman?

Hey, guys, I really want your opinion on this. WHO WAS HITLER?
Was he:
a) Murderer.
b) Insane.
c) EVIL. ?
The obvious answer should be a) and c), right? WRONG. Some people ACTUALLY beg to differ. Can you believe that? That horrifies me so much. How could you think that what Hitler did was RIGHT? That he was RIGHT to kill all of those people just because they were different than himself. It disgusts me. No, HE disgusts me. Just look at him.
With his silly mustache and silly hand movements and silly Swastika and silly SELF. :/
I despise him with all my being. He is really the only person in this world that I hate with SUCH A PASSION. Only person. I hate only one other person, but it's a gentle hate. Like the kind that you don't want to even look at the person and you just feel disgust around him/her/it. But, Hitler... oh no. Oh no... Oh no, no, no, no, no, noooo....
Hitler's an entire other story. I loathe him. I just cannot stand people like him. ESPECIALLY like him. Killing people just because they're different? No, no, no. That's not right. Killing people in GENERAL is not right. What gives this dude with the ugly mustache the RIGHT to do something crazy like that? Nothing. That's what: NOTHING. And you know what, I found a website last time talking about how wonderful he is. I was so disturbed that I felt like throwing up. That's not right. Hitler was not a good person. Not even a little bit. Because no good person would do something like that. Killing isn't right. We're not talking about bullying or something. Oh no. This is DEATH we're talking about. No one deserves death. Everyone was given life for a reason. What gave Hitler the right to take lives away? He's not God. He's just Hitler. A murderer. An INSANE murderer. An insane murderer who I despise with every part of me.
I have to say though, I probably hated his mustache more than him. I kid, I kid. I hated him more than the mustache.

PS: Look how sexy he thinks he is here:
He has that I know you want to kiss me look on his face.

15 run-on sentences.:

Anonymous said...

Hitler thought he was doing a good thing, though. He didn't just think, "hm, I feel like killing people today. I think I'll kill of some jews. Then maybe when I'm done with that I'll kill off some muslims, then.." He thought that jewish people were bad people, and so had to be wiped out. Obviously he was a bit off his rocker.

It's a bit sad though, because he was an extremely charismatic abd brilliant leader, but took the path of evil. If he hadn't had such a hatred for certain people, he probably would have been a fantastic leader.

Regardless, I don't much care for him either. What he did was terrible. I do find him intriguing, if a bit horrendous as well.

I've rambled long enough.

angela said...

Hitler was all three. However, he was also part Jewish. So they weren't so different than himself. Hell, he even had brown hair and eyes. Hitler hated his ancestry, and he took advantage of his power by trying to rid of all the Jews. He thought it would be a better world. However, many Jews did escape before things got too bad, so he never would have fully killed the race. He didn't just say, "you're different, I'm going to kill you."

coolblogger said...

They are many hitlers around us,it is not like he was the only person who was pushing his ideas no matter how horrible it was.
The mistake is if we give them power and let them override our brain.
I feel that way about mother-in-laws and father-in-laws and control-freaks who plan for other's life and futue..
:) Be better not fall in their trap and kiss goodbye to ours

Kaleena J. said...

Hitler sucks. Do you want to something that I think is ironic? Hitler was a vegetarian. haha

Adrian Paul said...

The only thing that I liked about Hitler was he actually got things done. He planned them well, executed them well and completed every single plan he put into effect. He was a natural born leader and was probably the only person who has ever really said he was gonna get things done and backed up and gotten things done. I can't say that for a lot of people who are in power today as well as for the past few decades. Other than that, I thoroughly dislike him as well.

Adrian Paul said...

Another thing that's ironic is he wanted a world with the perfect race, which in his eyes were blond hair and blue eyes... but he was neither! Hypocrisy!

Furree Katt said...

i despise Hitler, too. what he did was wrong in every way. his beliefs were deranged, i suppose.
did you know, if you rearrange the letters in 'Mother In Law', you can spell 'Woman Hitler'?

coolblogger said...

furree katt-awesome:)

Mia said...

I can actually relate to Hitler on one count. He was a rejected artist.
I researched him awhile back, just curious. I know how he felt about the whole rejection thing, it's a horrible feeling to know someone doesn't see the world the way you do.
I'm not saying because of rejection you should go and attempt to kill off a race of people.
I'm just saying he was a human being that suffered a lot and experienced a lot of pain. He also believed very strongly in a cause, no matter how twisted it may be.

I don't know where I'm going with this, hahaha. But I agree, I think he's a, b, and c.
He was an evil man and I'm glad his cause didn't work.

Kamila said...

Hey I'm sorry I've been missing in action Jodie-Ann.. well to pay for that.. I have a little something for you in my blog..

I know nothing about Hitler.. And I don't wanna know anything about him.

coolblogger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
coolblogger said...

If you had studied in catholic schools or in convent you would know nothing about holocaust or hitler. I was taught that Hitler was just a ruler of Germany during world war.
They say so ghastly about jews and what they did to Jesus - what was done to one person by bunch of people and how cruel jews were but never ever mention about what one man did to an entire race.
For around 5 to 6years he was my hero,I considered him as one of the brave rulers just like Alexander, Casear,Asoka, and many more who stood against powerful nations without fear and how advanced was he with his hitech weapons and how protective he was about his nation. When you read about the facts outside the school, then I remember having sleepless nights and I was so much ashamed of myself.I hated my school. How can they just hide a very big crime against humanity ,genocide,holocast and paint a false pic. I hate my school.
He was one - mad man who had to be institutionalised ,it was foolish of people to give him power and turn his hatred to law and kill people. Pretty horrible.

ishashime said...

Hitler was definitely one very deranged person. sure, he was a great leader and all but when you look at what he did, every single "good" thing about him seems to not matter anymore.
i'm actually surprised that there are some people who actually approve of his actions since they believe "the end justifies the means" and since Hitler wanted to create the perfect race, they believe whatever methods he used were unimportant.
rubbish. i believe every single life is valuable and Hitler had absolutely no right to do what he did. just thinking about all those atrocities and suffering makes me very sad. :(

on a lighter note, I have something for you on my blog. go and check it out. :)

iZaynab said...

Hitler can suck my imaginary Dick.
For English were reading books about things of this matter~ { & Watching Movies }
iThink what he did was horrible & its sick.
But insane, nope. He. Is. A. Fucking. Genius.
Like iHate what he did but like how smart do you have to be to accomplish this. Like if he put his hate for Jews in a better way he could be like the King of Germany ~

Jodie-Ann said...

@Ashley & angela: Yeah, I know, he really believed what he was doing was good. And people bought it SO QUICKLY. Everyone was like "Oh, yes! It's the Jews' fault! Kill them all and Germany will be saved! blah blah blah" It really surprised me and DISTURBED ME.
@coolblogger: You're so right! There are many around us. And yes, we should definitely not allow them to boss us around.
@Kaleena J.: HAHA!
@Adrian Paul: Yeah, I liked that about him too. He did what he set his mind to. I still hate him though. Haha. And Yeah! I know! He's such a hypocrite.
@Furree Katt: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!
@Mia: I didn't know that. I also found out something about how he was looking fro a cure for breast cancer or something. He certainly did good things, but the deaths of all those people overwrites it all.
@Kamila: That's alright :) And ooh yay! :D
@coolblogger: Wow. Thank God I don't go to a school like that. My school's public with no special religion, haha.
@ishashime: Yes, he was definitely a great leader. And yeah, the good just gets overwritten by all the bad. Hitler was EVIL. And ooh awesome :D
@iZaynab: LOL! Yes, he was a GENIUS of the highest order. XD

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