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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 23: 15 Facts About you.

So, it's day twenty-three and this post is supposed to be about fifteen facts about myself. So, here goes...
1. I have recently begun to stretch. I'm already noticing more flexibility in my inner thighs. *wiggles eyebrows* Maybe some day I can do the splits? :D
2. I love to dance. I took dance class at my school in grade seven and eight, but then quit because I found it to be too much physical exercise. I have Gym class once a week(thank God it's not any more than that, or I wouldn't survive high school) and I thought that having dance(sometimes even right after Gym!) tired me out too much. In short, I was lazy.
3. I have horrible hair. Well, I'm fully black, what would you expect?
4. I've always wanted to learn how to do the Jerk dance(since it became popular), but I won't bother trying before I kill myself.
5. On Facebook, I am married to my best friend, Jasmine. Hahahahahahahahaa.....
6. I love wearing mascara, but my parents don't allow me. So, if I wear it to school, I have to put it on from home in the morning before they see me. Then, at lunch at school, I have to wipe it off. Oh, the hard life of an illegal mascara-wearer.
7. I love to read. This must be obvious since I love to write. And reading and writing are linked. :)
8. I love food. I'm always eating.
9. I really like Uggs, but I think that they're way too popular to even bother getting. I'll just feel like everyone else. I hate that feeling. -.-' Plus, aren't they really expensive?
10. I love to hear and tell jokes.
11. I am in the process of writing a lesbian romance(no, I am not lesbian myself, har har. OR AM I?! *makes crazy face* I kid, I kid.) because I feel that there can never be enough lgbt fiction. You never know, my book may help some girl some day who doesn't know if she's gay or straight or bisexual. Or, it may just help a straight person understand what a lesbian girl is going through. You know? :)
12. I've always wanted braces just because I found them cool. Even though I have absolutely no use for them because my teeth are straight.
13. I hate seeing people with yellow teeth or smelly breath. GROSS. Do you NOT have a toothbrush? Or toothpaste? Or MOUTHWASH?! No? Okay, then why didn't you say so? I'll buy you one of each. (I probably won't. o__O A chocolate bar will distract me. Then another... then another... and then WOOPS all the money is gone)
14. I love black nail polish. Not because of the "gothness" of it(that's not even a word). But, because black is a cool color. I own everything in black. Seriously!
15. Uh... I can't think of anything else...? That's a fact, right? :D

PS: Okay, that was probably not a fact. I'm very sorry, readers. Jodie-Ann has failed you.
PPS: I want a honey bun.

10 run-on sentences.:

Anonymous said...

Black isn't a color >_<
I've never had braces either. But i never wanted them haha.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, i think black people have cool hairs... i mean, they have curls (kinks) and the color is really black... i like it a lot!

i love to write but i don't like to read...well, i read but not always! :)

i love foods as well! we're bestfriends on that!

PurpleMist. said...

lol, you make me laugh :P

I would love to read that novel you're writing! I'm a writer too and we're almost the same age. I've always been really curious about how other young writers like me write :)

Haha you wanted braces just because they're cool? My friends who have them are always complaining about how painful it is :P

And wow, you must really love mascara to go through all that just to wear it :D

Furree Katt said...

oooh i used to want braces because of their coolness too!
i love food as well *highfives*
wow, you wear mascara. :O i've been wearing kohl in my eyes everyday since i was 11 :P and i'm almost 17 now!

ishashime said...

when i had braces, i distinctly remember how they hurt like heck and how i was always teased because i was a "metal mouth". i don't think i'd ever want to have them again. hahaha.
i love food, too. nom nom.
i've always been fascinated by Uggs as well. unfortunately, i think it would also be very impractical to wear them where i live right now. haha.

sarameugh said...

Just to let you know I'm doing a GIVEAWAY on my blog - over £100 worth of goods to be one!

L'oreal skin products, make-up and brushes, chocolate, a professional painting of YOU! and much much more!

Visit to enter!
I look forward to seeing your entry :)
love saraMEUGH xx

Jodie-Ann said...

@Ashley: Oh, yeah I heard of that. O__O And haha! :D
@haze: LOL! Seriously?! LOOL. I would switch with you, LOL. Yours is awesome. And, that's cool that you love to write. It's okay if you don't like to read, haha. And yeah!! Food's the best!
@PurpleMist: Teehee yay, that's my goal. And awesome, when I publish it, I'll sell it here on my blog with a discount or something. Lol. or free to certain bloggers. I don't know yet. :) And yeah, I heard it's painful, but I think they're pretty. And yes, I really love mascara.
@Furree Katt: LOL!! And yes! *highfives* I wear mascara sometimes, haha. And LUCKY!
@ishashime: Awwz ;( I've only seen people being made fun of because of braces in movies, LOL. Never in real life. XD And food's awesome. Yes, it would be impractical where I live as well. With all the snow and the slush and... the snow o__O
@sarameugh: Um... thanks...?

iZaynab said...

1) D': iWish iCould do the splits..

3) =________= iHate when my hair gets all fugly..

4) xP lmao Me too~

5) ;D iMarried my sisters best friend & iMade a fake family~

11) :O Get out ~!! iWanna write a book of short love stories >:D

12) ;D Same here~

Jodie-Ann said...

LOL! We have a lot in common :P

Anonymous said...

Dear Jodie-Ann, haha! I'm sorry if we couldn't switch hairs for the very reason that my hair color is also black. I used to have curly hair too but now it became wavy. How i miss my curls.

Mwuah! love yah! thanks for the comments! :)

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