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Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen was on The Today Show.

Poor, poor Charlie.
So... I heard that Charlie Sheen was on the today show. How interesting. Oh! Oh, wait! He was on Good Morning America too! Hmm...
Of course, the reason he was on the show was because of his drug problem and... "anger issues"(?). How odd. And Two and A Half Men has been SHUT DOWN. WHAAAAAAAAAT?! I am soo reading this wrong. No. No way. This isn't right! That show is SO AWESOME! How DARE they shut it down?! D: What do they expect me to watch on TV now?!
Okay, there's Family Guy BUT STILL.
Gosh. D:
Go here.
You can read all of the stuff Charlie said from there. [Or shall I call him Mr. Sheen?]

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What does my name mean?

So, I was just bored and looking up what my name means. I was looking it up on Google(of course, it's DAH BOMB!) and I found something interesting on a website called.... Kabalarian Philosophy. Can you imagine saying that out loud? Try it now: Ka-ba-la-ri-an Phi-lo-so-phy. It's so fun to say. Seriously.
Anyways, I'll stop droning on and on and on and on and on... and just tell you what I found here:

  • Your name of Jodie-Ann has given you a generous nature.
  • You will do your utmost to help others in need, despite inconvenience or even hardship to yourself.
  • You are affectionate, and respond quickly to appreciation.
  • As a child you were expressive.
  • An imaginative, impressionable person, you could excel in the theatre as a dramatist or comedienne, and the enjoyment and appreciation of your audience would be your greatest inspiration.
  • Although the name Jodie-Ann creates the urge to be self-expressive and artistic, we emphasize that it causes an emotional intensity that is difficult to control.
  • This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the liver, bloodstream, and nervous system.

And it's SO TRUE!! All of it. (well, I don't know about the health stuff) It'a amazing. It's not normal. It's FREAKY.
...Did I mention it's amazing?
Check out yours with the link I provided. :] Have fun!

Chris Brown's got blonde hair.

Hey, guys! Guess what I just found out? Chris Brown's got BLONDE HAIR now! Yep, you read it correctly: BLONDE HAIR. How crazy is that?! Look at it:
Via here.
That's so weird! It's like... it's like... blonde. Wow. I never would have thought. Hm. Apparently, he's promoting his new album F.A.M.E. Congrats to him and his new album. Someone hired him again.
Well, Chris, you did well. You did very, very well. You manage to get in trouble, get out of it, make a new album AND dye your hair a color that I, personally, do not think goes with your skin tone.
Fantabulous job, Chris. :) Just faaaan-tah-byuhh-luss.

Want to watch The Social Network right now online for free?
Go there and you can watch it for free. It buffers quickly and you don't have to wait. No advertisements and you don't have to make an account for anything.
Enjoy the movie! It's actually really good. It's really slow paced though. So, don't stop watching because you got bored at the beginning. It gets better, trust me. :) I really liked it and I hope you do too.

PS: Maybe of the male characters are H-O-T! ;D Well, I think that Mark's best friend Eduardo is very handsome. Also, the Tyler and Cameron. You'll meet them later. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another update with George.

So, here's an update with George via Facebook:
Him: hey jodie its been 1 month and 1 week u know what i am talking about?
Me: yeah :D congrats
Him: ya thx and its all cuz of u thx jodie i am lucky i have a friend like u
Me: :D i feel special :D
Him: u are!

How sweet is he?! And he has not smoked weed[this is a correction because I wrote cigarettes before. I am still working on the cigs, haha] for a month and one week. :)

3 Signs of Love. What Love means to me. by Adrian

Adrian, the fabulous author of this fabulous post :D
Taken from;Wikipedia:

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.[1] In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection. In some religious contexts, love is not just a virtue, but the basis for all being, as in the Christian phrase, "God is love" or Agape in the Canonical gospels.[2] Love may also be described as actions towards others (or oneself) based on compassion.[3] Or as actions towards others based on affection.[4]

Love to me is so many things. It's the way he looks at me in the morning. The way we laugh at each others jokes. The silence that arrives whenever we have nothing to say. The comfortableness of his presence whenever he is around. The look on his face when he tells me, "I love you." The way he fights with me. The irritation in his voice when I annoy him. It's so many things.

I feel like love is more than just a "strong affection and personal attachment". You can have strong affection for just about anyone. But love? Love is more than that to me. You can't really explain it. 

Wen you are in love there are 3 some simple signs that show you how much you love your other half:

1. Affection: Love without affection is like a car without gas. Without affection, the fuel of your love life won't go anywhere. You need to have that initial affection that you felt when you first fell in love to last forever! It's really hard to keep that up but as long as you both know that you are working on being together than you are already on your way to a great relationship with yourself and your partner. A lot of the time people start fighting and it gets really bad. But it's a good thing. You know what gets on each others nerves and you feel that doing that will get you more attention from them. I know I do that sometimes. Or if you are just messing around and joking with each other and suddenly there's a misunderstanding and you fight. Or things get really ugly and you yell and scream and fight because you want to prove your point or you don't wanna back down. And sometimes you just feel so weak to that person because you are so vulnerable to the person you are in love with. It's a difficult situation, but you have to know that as long as both partners have that affection for each other. That WANT to be with your other half. That determination to work things out, then your relationship will blossom and you can get through any troubling situation you find yourself in.

2. Action and Initiation: This is a great key to keep your love life fresh and consistent. Taking action when something happens to your partner or your partner wants from you. It's such a great feel to provide and show that you are listening and it  makes your partner feel great as well. Whenever you perform an action that is not pre-meditated is called Initiation and that goes a long way. Doing something for your partner when they least expect it is a great gesture to show them that you love them and are thinking about them even when your not together or talking. Not saying that sometimes people just don't like surprises, but you need to understand when your actions are wanted and needed. The things you do, reflect on how your relationship is progressing. If you don't do much with each other, it feels like your relationship is dwindling but you just need to find that something that will bring it back up again. Especially if you want to be in a relationship in the first places. Once you stop caring, there's no room for your relationship to grow. Even if efforts fail, you owe it to each other to keep working at it. 

3. The Act of Pleasure: Sex and making love! Yes! Sex is one of the best ways to keep a relationship alive. You shouldn't base your relationship ON sex but it is a great outlet for your emotions and hormones. Making Love is a very intimate act that you get when you yearn for that person you love and you want to feel like a part of them and you want to feel them yearn for you as well. Sex is a great way to get down and dirty and sexy. Sex is such a great feeling that you can use to show the person that you are sexually attracted to them. Some people don't wanna just make love, they want to get their happiness, aggression out, their sexual frustration out, their lustfulness out, their stress out, and their creativity. A great way to keep your sex life "at attention" is to be creative. Missionary just doesn't cut it after the few 100 times, so try doggy style or on the sofa, or in the kitchen... Josh knows I love it everywhere around the house so get creative. You can use toys or whatever suits you are your partners needs and fantasies!

I hope that you guys will take into consideration my top 3 signs of Love! If you have any questions at all about anything, just email me or comment below!! Have a safe and wonderful day! =]

*This is an awesome guest post by Adrian! :D Don't you love it?! Go check out his blog here. And read, love and FOLLOW!!!!! :D -Jodie-Ann)*

Mascara on Bottom Lashes & Why it Rocks! by Sherry Blossom

The beautiful author of this beauty. ;)

Hey Blossoms,

We ALL love mascara but many of us have yet to discover wearing mascara on our bottom lashes. Yes I've heard it all before from "I don't have bottom lashes" to "It smears and gives me racoon eyes" to "I have dark circles under my eyes and can't wear anything there or it'll just look darker!". I'm here to say UNTRUE! UNTRUE! UNTRUE!


"I don't have bottom lashes."

Ok this one is easy. EVERYONE has BOTTOM lashes, unless you suffer from hair loss (which falsies would then suffice), you DO have bottom lashes they may just be shorter or thinner than you may like. That's where mascara comes in to play. It can take short, thin lashes and add volume and length creating an instant eye-opening (no pun intended) look!

"It smears and gives me raccoon eyes"

Ok I can understand this one but it's easy to solve too. One word! WATERPROOF! Using waterproof mascara along your bottom lashes will prevent any smearing or running in case your eyes become watery and run or if your just a sap lol.

"I have dark circles under my eyes and can't wear anything there or it'll just look darker!"

Ok this has got to be the TOP reason! I'll shatter this one in 3 easy steps.

STEP ONE: CONCEALER!!! Place concealer under your eyes and be sure to set it with powder so that it lasts throughout the day and doesnt crease or fade.

STEP TWO: HIGHLIGHT!! Make sure that after concealing the powder you use to set the concealer is lighter than your overall foundation color so that you highlight under the eye and tops of cheek bones!

STEP THREE: Same as the second excuse given use a WATERPROOF mascara so that it doesn't smear or run and make under your eyes darker.

And VIOLA problem solved!

For myself I take my time and carefully apply waterproof mascara to my bottom lash. Be sure to lightly move the mascara wand through your bottom lashes. If you make a mistake and get mascara under your eye use a Q-tip to quickly wipe it off and if it smears take a q-tip dipped in makeup remover and dab it off be careful not to get it into your eye. Be sure to comb through clumps with the mascara wand and apply as many coats as necessary. Waterproof mascara can be drying so apply a clear mascara FIRST to protect your lashes if you have lashes that break easily, and then apply.

Now that we've shattered all of those "Mascara Myths" let's get down to the different types of mascaras available and their use.


This mascara is used to straighten your lashes and give the look of serious length it's definitely great for those of you who believe your lashes are "too short".


This mascara is used to separate each lash and completely groom lashes that may grow at different angles and is good for any length of lashes that may clump together or grow unevenly.


This mascara adds volume to the base of your eyelashes and make them seem fuller and is great for thin scarce lashes


This mascara adds bulk to the entire eyelash and definitely gives that va-va-voom look from the mascara commercials and is best for anyone wanting super thick lashes!

There are MANY mascaras available from a wide range of cosmetic companies. Don't be afraid to mix different formulas. There are many people that use 2 different mascaras. Pick the mascara that will do the best job for you and your lashes. My eyelashes are naturally long and are full but not super thick. When I say full I mean along my entire lash line there aren't any bare areas. So when I look for mascara for myself I look for lengthening, separation and volume! I've joked before that I want it to look like I have TARANTULAS on my eyes!!

Mascara upgrades ANY makeup look and can even add sass to your overall look by ITSELF! A little foundation, concealer, lip gloss and mascara can send you on your way in 5 minutes flat!

I've already done a TRUE REVIEW on Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara for both the regular formula and the waterproof formula. Check out that youtube video here. MY YOUTUBE BEAUTY CHANNEL  I'll be sure to review many other mascaras I use and the ones in my kit soon so stay tuned!

Mascara is a necessity ladies and this is definitely one you don't want to pass up. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words so can you hear these pictures talking?

*This was a fantastic guest post by Sherry Blossom! Follow her and whatnot :D If you LOVE this post(and how could you not?) check out her blog and follow, follow, follow! -Jodie-Ann)

Looking for more guest posters!!

I just got two new guest poster emails in my inbox! YES! I am SO happy :D I'm going to read through them and stuff. I bet they're awesome. Thank you to who sent them to me :) They will be posted later today if they meet my guidelines. And... I WANT MORE!! :D Come on, people! Guest postings is so awesome. DO IT! >:D It just gets your blog more views, seriously.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Guess what?

I really, really feel like watching Dirty Dancing.

The mysterious skirt thief.

Yesterday, I had just finished my intramurals(time during lunch wasted playing a sport) and I went to the locker room to change out of my gym uniform.
One of my friends, Tara had just shoved her clothes in the locker beside mine before the game without locking it. I had kept her cell phone in my locker because I had a lock for mine.
Anyways, after the game, she went to her locker and took out her clothes. BUT. And there is a BUT. Her skirt was missing.
She said, "What the f***?! My skirt's missing!"
Then, she looked in the other lockers and shouted, "WHAT THE HELL?!"
She went to the office I guess. A few seconds after she left, I heard another girl say, "Ohmigosh. I can't find my skirt!"
I looked at her and gasped. Then, I looked at Felicia who was changing as well. I said, "Felicia, that girl can't find her skirt either."
She asked, "Who?"
I nodded at the girl detective-style.
Then, we were talking to the girl about her skirt and Felicia said that she had seen a girl going around looking in the open lockers and taking stuff. Then, when she had asked the girl-and I quote-"What in the world are you doing?" The girl had said, "I'm looking for my skirt."
Obviously, that was a lie. INSANE! I understand that maybe you don't have money, but don't, like, STEAL!
Wow. So happy I have a lock on my locker.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 19: You suck at flirting.


Hi. Today was horrible. -.-'
Every morning, my step-brother and I take turns to bring my little step-sister who is now eleven to the bus stop. Today was my turn. But, we had an argument this morning(as usual. I don't like that child in the slightest) so, i wasn't feeling very inclined to take her to the bus stop. And it is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. It is literally not even a minute away. She just has to walk out the front door and take a few more steps and that's the bus stop. Frankly, I think that it's RIDICULOUS that she isn't allowed to go there alone.
At around 7:04 AM, we were in my bedroom. Her bus is supposed to come at 7:06 AM. It usually does. So, I said to her, "It's 7:04, you should go outside now."
She said stubbornly, "No, I'll wait for you."
I felt like slapping her.
But, I took a deep calming breath and said, "If you don't go now, you'll miss your bus."
She shrugged or something.
She said, "I'll wait downstairs." Then, she left my room.
I wasn't rushing  to take her to the bus stop because she pissed me off. I was taking my time and looking for a pair of socks. It's cold outside and I am NOT going out there in boots with no socks. So, as I'm looking, I hear the sound of a bus outside.
I freeze and hear the front door downstairs open and close. So, I let out a breath. She left. I'm safe.
Or not.
I gasped and looked out the window, the bus was driving away.
I squeaked and then she ran upstairs. I don't remember what happened next. I began to hyperventilate and felt like I was going to pass out. I was freaking out a la MAX.
We had to call out parents and tell them that she missed her bus. My parents yelled at me on the phone and said, "You go too slow on mornings" "You want a job, but they're going to fire you at the speed you go." "You need to hurry up" "You move like a snail" and on and on.
When they finally hung up, it was concluded that I had to take her to school with me. But, when we got outside the house, my parents showed up to yell at me some more from the van.
On the bus, it was terrible. I don't like her at all and had to sit with her. Plus, she kept trying to make conversation.
I dropped her off at her school which is ten minutes away from mine. I had only like twelve minutes to get to school. I dropped her at the door and then walked as quickly as possible to my school. I was late. v__v
After school, my step-mom asked, "So, Nikita was late right?"
I said, "I dunno." I wasn't in any mood to talk to her.
She asked rudely, "What do you mean you don't know?"
I said, "Well, I don't know what time her school starts so..."
She said, "But, they didn't tell you anything?"
"I don't know, I dropped her off at the front door."
"You mean, you didn't go to the office with her?"
"Jodie-Ann, I asked your father to talk to you because your behavior is very strange."
I just looked at her. Clearly, she was implying that I'm insane.
She rambled on some more and I left. Right before I closed my bedroom door, I heard her say, "...And I don't treat you unfairly..."
Go to Hell.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

19: Please leave.

As hot as ice!

Today at my school, there was a science fair. My school is split up into two separate campuses: Junior and Senior. I'm on Senior and the science fair was on Junior. So, I went with Jasmine and George during lunch. It was quite fascinating to say the least.
Did you know that hot ice exists? Seriously, I touched ice and it was HOT! It was amazing. I nearly peed myself from excitement. And I had to pee really badly anyway. When I told George this on the way over, he just took his pack of cigs out of his pocket and said, "Yeah, and I have to have a smoke."
So, I said, "But, peeing is more important than smoking."
He stared at me and said, "That's what you think." Then, he raised an eyebrow. I raised one back and we just looked like idiots raising our eyebrows.
Anyways, George kept asking the students really roughly, "What's this?" And pointing to their projects. They would explain everything to him(and I thought it was all really interesting) and then he would say, "NEXT!" And we'd move onto the next station.
He's actually a really good sport. Whenever we had to try an experiment, he always volunteered. You could tell he was having a good time.
Then, on our way back, he smoked another cig.
I said, "You'd better try and quit that soon."
He said noncommittally, "Yeah, soon."
I sighed deeply. That soon will never come. -.-'

"Gotta use some D.O. for my B.O!"

Hey, guys! Just a little tidbit(LOL) of something I learned a while ago.
Were you guys aware that smelling is very connected to sexual desire? I did NOT know what! Like, if you smell someone of the opposite sex(or the same, whichever way you swing), and you like it, you have great chemistry. Or something like that.
Like, if someone is sweating and you smell them but can't smell the sweat when everyone else can, you have amazing sexual chemistry. So, basically, you have to go up to someone you might like and, like... smell them. Just go really casually like, "Hey... Bob... what's up...?" And just lean towards them a bit and sniff. But, wait until they've just been working out or something.
Then, he'll ask you, "Are you... are you smelling me?!"
And you'll respond with, "No, I'm not... do you want me to?" Cue eyebrow wiggling.
Okay, so that's not a very clever response but WHATEVER, OKAY! Gosh.
Oh! And chocolate produces the same chemicals in your brain that sex does. :D

PS: The title of this post was said by Felicia. :) (Fee)

Monday, February 21, 2011

18. Dude, no.

"I'm a fatypus!"

So, here was my fabulously interesting day(the fabulously interesting parts of my fabulously interesting day):

1. Gym class.
Right before it, I was changing into my gym uniform consisting of a white t-shirt, black shorts and running shoes. Whenever I have gym, I wear the buttoned-up school blouse. You know why?
Of course you don't. Why in the world did I ask?
The reason I do this is because I can wear a tank top underneath. If I wear a tank top underneath my school polos, it gets way to hot and I sweat profusely.
So, anyways, I wear the tank top and then, I can simply unbutton the blouse, take it off and put the gym t-shirt over the tank top. No parts of my body have to be shown. :D Works like a charm. I am very self-conscious.
Jessica(a friend) was sitting on one of the benches in the locker room beside the locker I was changing at. I guess that my arms were in a weird position(which they probably were, the better to shield myself, har har) because Jess asked, "Why are you holding your arms like that? To try and hide yourself?"
So, I said, "Yeah, I'm very self-conscious."
Jess said, "Why?!"
Then, Felicia joined in and sat down beside Jess. She asked, "Why?!" too.
I sighed and explained my reason for wearing the buttoned-up blouse.
Jess and Felicia were confused. Felicia asked, "But why?"
I said, "Because I am very self-conscious."
Jess said, "You don't have a reason to be. You have a really good figure. I have a reason to be because I am a fatypus." Like a platypus. But, like a fat platypus, I'm guessing.
She is NOT fat. She's crazy.

Anyways, during the actual gym class, we had an instructor instead of our gym teacher because we're doing this super duper cool fitness segment. This class was cardio boxing. It was exhausting. I lost my stamina after a few minutes. So much punching and stuff. Gosh.
The instructor was really odd. He was an average-height black guy with a shaved head. He was really buff. He kept shouting things like, "Oh, yeah. Come on, girls. That's right. Aw, I like it, I like it!"
It was weird to say the least.

2. After school walking home.
I got off the bus after school and waited for Elena and Phil(two friends) to get off the bus. They live a few blocks down from me(in two separate houses. They're not related or anything). Anyways, somehow, we got onto the topic of cats.
Phil said, "I have two cats at home."
The lucky guy.
Elena said something about cats. Then, she moved onto kittens. She said, "They're so cute!"
Phil said, "I guess. But they're so stupid. If you point a light at the ceiling, they could sit there for hours staring at it and making noises. Also, they try to make friends with skunks. Why would you try to make friends with an animal that's just going to spray you?! They try to make friends with animals that they shouldn't."
Elena asked, "But can't you just soak them in tomato juice or whatever?"
He said, "If you can get them in the bathtub."
Then, they started talking about how Phil has an uncle whose cat had kittens. "I got to see them when they were, like, six hours old."
Elena said, "Awww!! That's so cute!"
I said, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" And then Elena and I started spazzing over the extreme cuteness of it all.
Phil said, "No, not aww. They're these tiny pieces of s*** that just sit there with their eyes closed and make these really retarded mwaarrrrrgghh mwaaarrgghh sounds. And they're covered in this disgusting glop."
Elena said, "Phil, you're such a pessimist."
I was laughing too hard to say anything because come on! What he said was hilarious!
In a mean way o__O

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello, people! I am going to be completely honest here when I tell you that I have absolutely no idea what to blog about. I have no clue why I even started this post, seeing as I have no idea how to finish it. But, of course I'm going to end the post with a period. Like, the end of a sentence. I don't mean that I won't finish the post like THAT. I mean, I have no clue what to write about here. So, basically, the way this post is going, it's going to be about me not knowing what to post about.
See how much sense that makes?
NONE. That's how much: NONE.
I am so silly! Honestly, I amuse myself so well. If you put me in a house alone, for a day with no objects but food, a bathtub and a toilet, I'd be able to amuse myself. Really.
Okay, maybe not. I'd probably end up banging my head against the wall for entertainment.
But, at least I won't go crazy, right?
Please agree with me. So.... hmmmm... something to blog about. I like... cats. I want a cat some day. Or a dog. Who knows. Hey, did you guys know that dog can be God? If you spell dog backward, that would be God. Can you imagine? A dog wearing a white beard and sandals and white clothes...
Can dogs even wear sandals?
Anywho, I think that I have bothered you readers enough. I shall now end this post with a period, like I said I-

PS:-would. You guys thought I wouldn't end the post with a period, huh?
PPS: Ahaha, it's still not being ended with a period!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What a wonderful birthday bash.

So, as I said in an earlier post, it was my little step-sister's birthday party today. It was actually quite fun. Even though it was all little kids and like a few adults and Jasmine. And my step-brother and my real brother.
And me.
Anyways, music was playing S O  L O U D. My older step-sister Taneshia took it upon herself to make the house sound like a club. The Time(Dirty Bit) by the Black Eyed Peas was playing extremely loud MULTIPLE TIMES. I was pretty sure that out neighbors could hear it. When I expressed my fears to my step-brother he just looked at me and said, "And I bet that they're sitting there in front of their TV in their couches saying 'Man, why wasn't I invited?'"
It was amusing.
We also played A LOT of Justin Bieber. A LOT. And one after the other. One of my little step-sister's friends, Yasmine was ecstatic over the amount of JB. We had JB posters, balloons, music... it was insane. At one point, Yasmine said, "I love Justin. If he dies, I die." I thought that to be a little bit excessive, but what do I know? She's ten. Maybe she means it.
I hope not.
Anywho, I was a bit bored and took a few pictures:
Jasmine playing my Nintendo DS in my room. Yes, that is an Apple sticker on it. Courtesy of my pink iPod Nano.

Doesn't she look high?
And yes, that is my Beatles shirt. :] BE JEALOUS. >:D Especially since I ate a Hannah Montana cake(ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!).

We wreak havoc.

This is what happens when my older step-sister comes over: we wreak havoc.
Do not be fooled by her pretty face. :P

PS: Yes, that's my Nintendo DS on my bed. Harhar

*Clears throat*

Ahem. Ahem hem, hem, hemmmmmmm.
Aha, you know what is... (black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow)
I hate that song SO MUCH. Yet, I am addicted to it. It's, like, STUCK IN MY BRAIN. Implanted. My brain shall implode with the colorful lyrics of this song. Eeek.
Last night, I had a blog-posting-SPREE. I posted seven posts in total yesterday. SEVEN. Don't believe me? Go look. LOOK NOW. Then, just come back. Because you must finish reading this post. Okay?
Ah, never mind. Count the seven posts later. o__O
So, tomorrow is my little step-sister's eleventh birthday. She is having a birthday party TODAY. Yes, I repeat: TODAY. It starts at 3:00 PM and it's 12:00 PM right now. How will I survive?
There will be Justin Bieber music playing and Justin Bieber cups and whatnot. It is JB heaven. Thank goodness that Jasmine is coming along. I know that I probably wouldn't survive without her, teehee. :D

Friday, February 18, 2011


PS: From GraphJam :D

Are you guys getting annoyed with the amount of posts I am posting?


PS: Kidding... Just be happy. Be happy that I am showing you so many hilarious comics. Laugh and be merry. :D

16. Special zombie powers. :D

15. Don't eat meeeeeeeeee!

14. RAPE!

This is what happens when I'm bored in the morning.

Not sure why I took this exactly. It was this morning and I was bored, haha. :P

The sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.

So, the sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to me was-Oh, right sorry where are my manners? Hi! :D
(No that's not it)
Anyways, in the third grade, my best guy friend George told me the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Yes, we've known each other for that long, haha.
In the third grade, we were dating. How weird is that?! We didn't even do anything! We never kissed(even though he kept begging me to let him kiss me) and we only held hands. Haha! How lame is that?! I was really shy then.
Anyways, he told me that I was beautiful and I still remember it now. I will always remember it because it was so sweet. Especially since we were like eight years old. He's the only guy who's ever told me that I was beautiful. THE ONLY GUY. He's one of the sweetest guys I've ever known. :)
And this summer, I was talking about the fact that there were really cute guys in New York. Because that's where I was spending the summer. We were talking on Facebook. Anyways, he said, "So, why don't you go out with one of them? You're pretty."
This made my day. George always makes my day! What's so great about him is that he's not afraid to just be weird. Like, this morning, we were on the bus together and I said to him, "Congrats for two weeks!" because of not smoking. We high fived and were grinning at each other like crazy people. My stepbrother was on the bus with us and looked at us like we were nuts. Which, I guess we were. Then, George and I just laughed for the longest while.
Yeah... he's awesome.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

13. Sometimes, I feel like I'm invisible.


12: There's some good news and some bad news...

From Cyanide and Happiness. My new favorite website :)

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