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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Violence is not the Answer... Except for When It's Chris Brown.

Remember what happened to Rihanna? How she got, like, beaten up by Chris Brown?Here's a picture:

 Gorgeous, isn't it? That happened a while ago, right? Yeah, well, honestly I thought that everyone was making a huge deal about it that they didn't need to.
People began to hate Chris, he got fired from his record label or whatever and Rihanna began to get adored. Everyone was thinking, "Oooh poor Rihanna!" and treating her like some glass doll.
It really annoyed me how magazines were so interested in it for so long. I couldn't care less. First of all, Rihanna's voice is fake. She never really interested me in the first place. Especially since she screwed herself over by changing from her unique "Island Girl" style of music to her "Rock n' Roll Punk" style. At first it was kind of cool, but when she shaved her hair off, I started to wonder if she was sain or not.
So, anyways, when I heard about what Chris Brown did, I really didn't care. Everyone was saying, "OMG! How could he do that?!" and "OMG?! How could he do that?!" and even(yes, you guessed it): "OMG! How could he do that?!"
So, yeah. I really didn't care. Maybe Rihanna was being really annoying or something. Plus, I don't even think she fought back, which is really lame. I know, you're all probably saying "But, how would you know? You haven't been in that situation!" But, so what if I haven't been in a situation like that? I would know to fight back. How in the world did Rihanna get so messed up but Chris Brown's almost perfectly unscathed. Well, I didn't hear anything about him. Which really pisses me off. Why did no one bother to think about him? About how injured he is? Or why the fight started in the first place? Everyone just cared about Rihanna which is messed up. Just because she's female and "boys are not supposed to hit girls". BS. Rihanna should be treated the same as Chris. Who knows if she wasn't trying to kill him or something? And he fought back? No one really knows the whole story. Even the paparazzi.
But anyways, come on, Rihanna. Let out your "Crazy black woman" side.
If I was getting beaten up, I don't care WHAT happens to me, but I'm aiming for his crotch. Or his eyes.
Whichever one's easier to reach for.
Most likely his eyes. O__O
Sometimes, violence is the answer. Ladies, don't forget that. If someone's trying to do something bad to you, you've got to go after them with all you've got. My body is my temple. If someone's trying to mess with it, I swear they won't get away alive. Or at least they'll have some pretty bad injuries.

PPS: I took self defense lessons, so I know how to get out of very tricky situations. *wiggles eyebrows* But, I'm going to take more when I get older. Since I'll probably forget all the moves. Hehehehe.
PPPS: Not saying that what Chris Brown did was right. Just that the media made too much of a big deal about it. Which they had no right doing because it was none of their business.

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coolblogger said...

Not every1 is same. Every person is unique and I would not judge or preach anyone how to react in case of violence.

Jodie-Ann said...

You're right, but what pisses me off is that everyone freaked out about her, but didn't care about Chris. Sure, what he did was wrong and he shouldn't have done it. However, I'm pretty sure she fought back. Why is no one talking about his injuries? Or how the fight started in the first place? Everyone just jumped to conclusions and went against Chris. This is how messed up the media is.

iZaynab said...

iReally cared less about it. :P
She got beat up, too bad for her dating a mentally unstable man.
But yeah. It'll haunt Chris Brown for life

Jodie-Ann said...

Same for me! I had no clue why everyone was making such a big deal. And yeah, it'll definately haunt him for life.

Miss Bobo said...

I like certain parts you said. However, we are talking about a society that has the whole patriarchal thing of women being weaker than men, so along those lines there is cynicism and obvious things like poor Rihanna or whatever stupid mentality. It is pathetic but it is how it is. At the end of the day its the persons choice

Jodie-Ann said...

Yes, it is mucho pathetic. And yes, it is the person,s choice. Sigh, the way society is is so messed up it's unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

i get what your saying about the whole rihanna thing..i didnt care either but when it comes to domestic violence like that..sometimes it isnt that easy to just fight back..things arent always as simple as they seem

Jodie-Ann said...

Agreed. Things are definately not as simple as they seem. That's the whole thing about this case. It could have been Chris in danger for all we know.

Anonymous said...

Well in the end, Chris learned a valuable lesson. I don't know why he pulled such a dumb move when he knows the media are all over him 24/7, but whatever. It does bother me that everyone was so quick to defend Rihanna without having a single clue as to what was actually going on.

But in the end, I love them both haha. I adore Chris Brown, and I love Rihanna's new stuff.

Crazy black woman side, LOLOLOLOL.

Jodie-Ann said...

True that! :D And yeah, crazy black woman side. XD

Anonymous said...

okay like woah there... when your head is getting slammed up against the head board of a car and his fists are litteraly pounding at your body, a person's replexes haven't anytime to kick in. She must have been terribfied, maybe even knocked out. And you know what? even if she did do something to provoke chris, that doesnt give him ANY right to beat her. and if u had actually taken the time to read all of the articles and interviews on the story, you would have found out that rihanna was very controlling and that's what set Chris off. regardless, NOBODY deserves to get beat, and when it's happening to you, all you're thinking is "get off of me before you kill me" not "im going to kick you in the balls" Honestly ur pretty damn harsh on rihanna and thats pretty lame. Maybe Chris shouln't have been fired from his job or anything, because men beat up on their wives and girlfriends ALOT, but still, he absolutely does NOT deserve a round of aplause.

Jodie-Ann said...

I see what you mean, but I didn't say that he deserved a round of applause. and I KNOW that she was very demanding and whatnot. I don't even have to read the articles for that. Yes, I am being harsh on Rihanna, not because I don't like her(I don't), but simply because the media put way too much publicity on that. Sure, maybe she was terrified and whatever, but honestly, I really couldn't care less. The point of this post was not to talk about how weak Rihanna is and how wrong Chris is, but to show how lame the media is that they have to go and dig into other people's business all the time. My third PS explains this. Did you even READ my third PS?! >:O

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