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Friday, January 28, 2011

Update on the Post "Violence is not the answer... except for when you're Chris Brown."

So, here is an... update on the post Violence is not the answer... except for when you're Chris Brown. Because I got an anonymous comment that was talking about things that wasn't even really important in the post(sorry, Anon, your comment showed me that I needed to explain the post more). The post was NOT about Rihanna being weak or lame or WHATEVER. And it was NOT about Chris Brown doing a good deed by beating her up. It was NOT about Rihanna not protecting herself or whatever.
It was about the MEDIA. I was making fun of the MEDIA. I was doing that because I was showing how lame it is that they have to find out about what happened between Chris and Rihanna and tell everyone about it. It's none of my business and it's none of yours, reader. Unless you're one of their family members or close friends or something. And Chris should have DEFINITELY not gotten fired from his job. The media should not have played on Rihanna so much and made her look like a princess and ruin Chris. It was none of their business. Their problem is between them. Not between the whole world and them.
So, that was the point of that post. Okay? That was the ONLY point. If you read my third PS, it's explained there. You should read my PSs. They're actually really important.
So, yeah. No further confusion...
This is against THE MEDIA. I repeat: THE MEDIA.
Okay, thanks, I'll shut up now and go to sleep.

PS: It's 11:21 PM right now.
PPS: I've started stretching! Be proud of me :D

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iZaynab said...

Preach It.
Ignorance is Bliss.

Jodie-Ann said...

Haha! Love this comment!! XD

Adrian Paul said...

You need to watch GloZell on Youtube and her video for "Rude Boy". I am confident that you will find it absolutely hilarious and amazing. Also, her Chris Brown ALLEGEDLY beat up Rihanna video. You and her are very much alike. LOL.

I don't condone domestic violence, but domestic violence is a very personal matter, no one really knows the story between two people, just from what they tell people... about each other.

iZaynab said...

xP iAm glad you do~
Its just that people take others opinions to seriously & don't stop to think~


Very true, the media did play a big role in their relationship and how everything played out when it's not necessarily anyone's business. However, the media attention still brought up the issue of domestic violence to the public, which is better than no attention on the issue at all.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so to start: you know I love your blog. Very obviously. I always read it. Like every day.

I also agree that the media delves into things that are not the general public's business and need to be dealt with by the people involved and other people shouldn't throw in their two cents. However, I disagree that this issue should NOT have been left alone. If it was left alone it would have kept going where it was going. And hitting someone is NOT okay. He DESERVERED to get fired. I don't want my little sister respecting someone who beat a woman. If Rhianna hit him, I'd want her just as fired as I want him. His career isn't ruined. It was stunted. It'll pick back up. This really brought to light the issue of domestic violence and I think that in some cases, people deserve the what they get (in this case I'm talking about Chris Brown. I don't think anyone deserves to get hit. Not even Rhianna).

Love the blog. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

Writing Junkie said...

The media made it bigger than it might have been.
I agree with you on some aspects it brought to light how domestic violence is all around us, BUT the media is so stupid that they had to show it to us through stars.
We always hear the news about the big stars but never about some random person who was killed by it, disfigured or deeply emotionally ruined. The media makes us forget the people around us and what they may be going through each and every day. We are all focused on people who actualy pull these types of stunts for money!!!!

Thank you Jodie-ann for making fun of the media.

Jodie-Ann said...

@Adrian Paul: :D I shall check it out. Yeah, true. No one ever knows. I don't know what happened and I don't need to know. O__O
@iZaynab: Yeah, I agree.
@The Social Shrink: Yeah, it's good that they brought attention to the issue, but they brought WAY too much attention.
@Delaney Kay: Hmmmmmmmm... I really like your comment. I agree with some of your points. And yeah, no one deserves to get hit. I still think that he shouldn't have been fired. I don't know, I still really don't like the fact that he did. He is an amazing artist and what happened in his personal life should not affect his job life. You know what I mean? o___O
@Writing Junkie: Haha I agree. You're welcome. I make fun of the media all the time, haha.

Infidel said...


Since WHEN is something like domestic violence NOT everybody's business? If somebody is raped, do you say it's "between her and the rapist"?!

Crime is society's business. I'm fucking glad the media reported on it, because no fucking way will I spend money on anything related to Chris Brown now (not that I would have in any case).

Jodie-Ann said...

Haha! I just think that domestic violence should be kept between them. It, in my opinion, is not our business. It's not you or me being beaten up by Chris or whatever. We're basically just budging into their own business.
I honestly don't know about rape. I was only talking about domestic violence in this post. Rape is an entirely different story. Probably. I have to think about that. But domestic violence(again, in MY opinion) is none of our business.

Infidel said...

Why do you think rape is an entirely different story..? They're both violence issues. Or do you think that if people in a relationship commit crimes against each other, it's not anyone else's business?

In that case, what do you think of spousal rape?

Jodie-Ann said...

Rape in general is wrong. Violence itself is wrong. But, because rape is more... intimate, it's different than domestic violence. It's hard to explain. I don't like violence(obviously) and rape is a part of that. So, I don't like rape, if that's what you're asking when you asked "what do you think of spousal rape?"
Because spousal rape is just between a woman and her husband, it's obviously not going to be on the news. But, it should be told to the police, so that maybe it could end. But, of course, you're not going to see on the new someone saying, "A woman has been raped by her husband last night..." It's just not going to be there. The media chooses the silliest things to put up for us to see. Like what happened between Chris and Rihanna.

Adrian Paul said...

The whole rape issue is sad. Rape is definitely in it's own little category. I'm going to get a lot of flack for this but other peoples business is their peoples business. If someone I know or loved is being raped, what can I do? It's between them. Beat up whoever it is? Yeah and risk going to jail for assault. No. It's their business, if they want to get out of that relationship, take it up with the police, or whoever deals with it. The only I can do is offer help, a place to stay, or a call to the authorities. But still, it's none of my business unless I want it to be my business so don't come running to me about it, I will give you the phone so you can go and call 911. Oh well. That's how life goes. Not saying rape is a part of life but unfortunate things happen to people. If you are a victim, then do something about it. Don't go telling people about it. To me it sounds like you want attention. Because if I was raped, I would go to the authorities, make sure it's dealt with because it's embarrassing to tell people you were raped and in taking action and doing something about it makes it more of a cause, informing people that you dealt with a situation as best as you could.

Jodie-Ann said...

THANK YOU, ADRIAN! Someone who sees my POV. Lool!!

Adrian Paul said...

You know I try. =]

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