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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Smokers, This One's For You.

Why would she do this?!
Hello, people! This is a rant for smokers. No, this is not against your habit, even though it is horrible. No, this is not going to go on about how horrible the habit is, it was just one sentence.
No, I don't hate you.
Why so many questions?!
Anyways, so. This post is about the one thing that I will never(yes, even in a million years) understand about smokers. What I cannot understand is why you would smoke around your children.
See, I see people all the time smoking around their kids. I see parents smoking and pushing strollers. I see parents with a cig in between their lips while hugging their children. I see parents blowing smoke out around their kids. I see parents driving a vehicle and smoking WITH CHILDREN INSIDE THE CAR.
I don't give a noodle if you smoke and give yourself cancer and a whole bunch of illnesses, but don't put that onto your kids.
Damn straight.
The reason I'm ranting about this is not because I hate you guys or feel the need to tell you about how bad your habit it. But, this rant is to(hopefully) open your eyes to the danger you're causing. I honestly don't care how badly you're hurting yourself, because you must know that already and you're choosing to ignore it. But, your children don't know. They just want to be around you. How about you not smoke around them.
When I was younger, my father used to smoke. But, he would always step outside to smoke. He'd go on the balcony and close the door and tell me and my brother to stay inside. He'd be outside smoking for a while and then he'd come in. He never smoked around us.
My friends sometimes smell of smoke and it makes me sad. It makes me sad to know that they're choosing to ruin their lives so young; when it's only just beginning. I know someone who always smells of smoke, but I know that she herself does not smoke. Her parents do in the house, so she always smells of it. I really, really hate the fact that people smoke around their children. It also really, really flabbergasts(love this word. Found out about it from 'Arry Pottah) me.
Why would you do it? I just don't understand. I really, really don't. I hope that this post got through to some smokers who have children or plan to. Please, don't do it around your children. Think of the brain damage you're causing them. And the lungs, etc. And that they'll grow up wanting to follow in your footsteps. They'll want to smoke as well. Do you want your kids to smoke when they get older? Please don't smoke around them.
And don't think that this post was too be mean to you. It was simply to tell you that I think what some(see, SOME. I did not say ALL.) smokers are doing is wrong. My father stepped outside, so can you. Wait till your children are gone to bed then step out on the balcony. If you don't have a balcony, step outside. If you're outside with your kids, leave them with a spouse or someone you can trust and go smoke. Go outside with a spouse or someone if you know you need to smoke when you're with your kids. I know you have your cravings, but you can hold them for the sake of your children's health.
And... yeah... well. That's uh... that's pretty much it. Please don't be offended, smokers! I just want to tell you about what really pisses me off. Yeah... tootles!

PS: Or you know... you could also do yourself a favor and you know... quit smoking altogether... I know it won't be easy, but you could try?
PPS: Okay, I'll shut up. Just trying to help.
PPPS: ...I got the Sims 3 for my Nintendo DS in case you were wondering. IT'S AWESOME. And I'm now obsessed with-
PPPPS: Oh, right. Please, think of the children. *large eyes*
PPPPPS: Ow, that feels weird.
PPPPPPS: Wow, long post much?
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angela said...

"Why would she do this?!"
It's a posed picture, relax, it's photoshopped.

Anonymous said...

Ugh I hate it when people smoke around children. It's bad enough when it's family, but it really bothers me if it's a babysitter or nanny or something too. If someone is entrusting their children to your care, you could at least have the decency to actually care for their health..

Jodie-Ann said...

LOL! This is why you're one of my fave bloggers. :] Your comments are the best. And yes, it may be photoshopped, but still. This does happen in real life. This is real. People really do do this crap. And that's what's annoys me.

Jodie-Ann said...

@Ashley: Seriously. That crap REALLY pisses me off.

Noorie said...

wow! you read my mind on smoking! its sick, and leaves yellow fingers and smelly breath!

Jodie-Ann said...

SERIOUSLY! Thank you very much for agreeing with me. :]

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