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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Jewish and Their Pennies.

I'm pretty sure that you've heard this being said before to a Jewish person: "You like pennies", "Want a penny?", "Got a penny?" and "Want a penny?"
Yes, it seems funny, HAHAHA. But no, it's not. It's not funny at all. It really, really makes me angry when people say that. They call the Jewish cheap and things like that and it's not right.
That's a stereotype. There are other ones like: Asian and Brown people are all smart. NOT TRUE. Sure, there are many Asian and Brown people who are smart, but there are also some REALLY DUMB Asian and Brown people. Also, White people are all nerdy and boring. Not true. There are so many white people that I know who are awesome. Like my BFF Jasmine for example. Also, Black people are ghetto and love friend chicken and(oh, god the worst ever) love Kool Aid. EW, NO. I hate Kool Aid. I love fried chicken though. But, really, who doesn't love friend chicken?! Other than vegetarians(God bless you all).
These stereotypes have got to stop. I know that this post will not make the entire world change, but it may change some of my readers. Do not rely on stereotypes. Most of them are not true. Yes, you may THINK that Black guy is going to steal from your store, when really, he just wants to buy a chocolate bar. Yes, you may THINK that Asian guy's going to get 100% on his test, when really, he may fail so epicly that he won't make it out of school. But, the Asian kid sitting next to him might get that 100%. You don't know. Don't just assume things because of someone's color.
Okay? Okay. I'll shut up about that now. Here's a few quotes on racism that I really like(not that I like racism obviously, I'm black. But, because I like the quotes):
"God created one race: the human race. Humans created racism."
-Woman on the Oprah show that I don't know the name of.

"I am a 47 year old man and I don't understand. I was raised that if I shave my chin and cut myself and a black man does, if we put our blood in one cup, it's the same."
-A man on the Oprah show.

Thanks, Oprah

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Anonymous said...

I like that quote by the woman. Very true :)
My bf makes racist jokes all the time which bothers me, though I know he's not racist and he's never serious. He likes to call himself black sometimes, even though he's white. Don't ask why.

I won't tolerate racist slurs though. I'm half black, half white. My sister is asian. Some of my friends are asian, some white, some black, some mexican etc. So racism just don't fly wit' me.

Jodie-Ann said...

Yeah, I have some white friends who call themselves black lol. And that's good that you don't tolerate racism.

iZaynab said...

iReally have never heard the Jew thing. iHeard other jew slurs though.
But iAgree, me & friends always talk about things like that. :P Like we do joke about things like that cause were all different races. But like you don't EVER say stuff like that to make them feel bad.

Jodie-Ann said...

That's good that you don't stay stuff like that. :)

angela said...

I have many Jewish friends, and they all make the penny jokes first. They also make the cheap jokes first and stuff like that. It's really no big deal.

And you have to remember, stereotypes come from SOMEWHERE. Asians are usually thought of as smart because they're usually forced to BE smart and take a bunch of advanced classes. There's especially a lot of pressure on the first born in an asian family, because the parents want them to do well and carry on the name through marriage or business since when the parents were younger (at least in this generation and previous ones) the parents didn't have much, and want their kids to do well.
That's where that one came from. It just depends on the family, and where they came from. It's likely that if the kid was born out of an asian country, that their parents might not be as strict.

I've never heard of whites being nerdy and boring, just that they can't dance, and that's.. that's pretty much true after being in dance for two years. LOL

Though the kool-aid stereotype didn't last long, not many people like kool-aid. HOWEVER, at my school there was this black girl who sold "koo-bears" which were kool-aid covered gummy bears. They were so delicious.

I don't like fried chicken much :( Smells icky.

All stereotypes came from somewhere. They may not all be true as of right now, but they were at some point, unless they wouldn't exist.

Jodie-Ann said...

You make a good point. I have to admit, there is SOME truth to them. I just hate hearing them.

ishashime said...

i have a lot of friends who like to make and laugh at racist jokes. but they aren't really racist. they don't really mean it. but sometimes, i question the fact that these types of jokes even exist.

i am an asian and when i studied in an international school in the middle east, i have to admit, there was the pressure of having to have high grades just to meet the belief that asians are supposed to be super smart and must ace all their exams. ugh.

oh well. i liked the woman's comment on racism, too. so true.

Furree Katt said...

being a Pakistani, living in UAE was both easy and difficult. easy because the general community had no issues with Pakistanis/Indians, and difficult because the officials do. people like police and stuff are very racist towards people from the subcontinent. they don't even consider us people O.O just slaves and scum. so even though my school and general life went smoothly, there were times like in the airport or in a high society wedding or in some shopping center where certain people used to be disgusted by the fact that my family and i are Pakistani.
racism sucks. :( and even though i've heard of the stereotypes you've mentioned, i've never, ever believed in them.

r.alsharif said...

I loved the ladies quote!

Jodie-Ann said...

@ishashime: Oh, yeah I heard of that. I heard about it being really difficult in China(I don't know about any other Asian country) for students because you are expected to ace everything. O__O And yes, the woman's comment is very true.
@Furree Katt: Ugh, that's not right. I hate racism. It's good you don't believe in them.
@r.alsharif: Me too :D

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