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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Bomb Threat At My School. o.O

Hey, guys. You will NOT believe what happened today. Really, you won't. It was INSANE.
I had exams today and I was on my way to them at my school. My school has two campuses: junior campus(grades seven and eight) and senior campus(grades nine to eleven). I'm on the senior campus because I'm in the tenth grade.

So, anyways, I was on the bus going to the senior campus. The two campuses are just across the street from each other. So, the bus I was taking had one stop near the junior and one stop right in front of senior. So, obviously, I always get off at senior along with the other senior kids.
I was on the bus with a friend of mine, Justice. At the junior side, we saw all the seniors getting off so we were wondering what was going on. They were all shouting, "[name of my school here] students get off the bus!"
So, we slowly got off, really confused. A whole bunch of seniors were shouting outside that we couldn't go to the senior campus. We looked and saw a horde of police cars around the school. More of my friends came walking up to me then and told me that there was crime scene tape and everything. Apparently, there was a bomb threat.
We had to go to junior and wait and then there was an announcement saying that we could go home. We would have to do the two exams we were supposed to do today on Monday because we have a different exam tomorrow. I'm so pissed! I really wanted to do my exams this week and get them done.

PS: Everyone else was cheering. I was not. Because I have an exam tomorrow because I'm in advanced science, and everyone in regular doesn't have that exam. So, most of the advanced science students were pissed with me. It was a little comforting. :)
PPS: I bet it was just some kid who didn't feel like doing the exams so he told the police about some fake bomb threat. But the police said that they found a "suspicious object".
PPPS: Oh, please.

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angela said...

Haha, I actually slightly like when that happens, though it's annoying when it does.

My school, in lovely Los Angeles, has had this happen a few times. The last serious one I was in was when a man was ontop of the apartments across from our school with a gun, so we were in lockdown. Same thing happened a few weeks ago, but since I graduated I wasn't there.

There's also a lot of fires that people start.
Once in my ninth grade year, there was this huge racial fight between the blacks and the hispanics, so bad that they had to shut down lunch 10 min early and there were cops swarming the school. And then a few years later there was another huge ass riot during lunch. There's fights all over the place now, they're nothing big anymore. We just walk by them lol

There was also a couple gun scares here and there. But nothing was ever serious.

Kind of sad how that became NORMAL.

angela said...

Oh and fyi, I don't know if it's just my browser or what, but the last two of your facial expression check box things don't show up. :(

PurpleMist. said...

Haha, wow!
You know when I read the blog post title I was freaking out, thinking something serious happened, but you're saying that it must have been a student so I guess that was fine :P
At least you get some more time to study for the exams!

Jodie-Ann said...

@angela: Wow. That's NORMAL?! When it happens at our school(like once every few years or so), everyone freaks out and starts bawling.
And D; It's probably just your browser. I'm on Chrome and I see the last two O__O
@PurpleMist: Haha! Yeah :D

iZaynab said...

(x lmao Thats like golden.
Like No comment~

Jodie-Ann said...

Lol, IKR :D

Jodie-Ann said...
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