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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bathroom Awkwardness. AGAIN.

So, I went with my dad, my step sister Nikita and my step brother Jermaine to a Canadian Tire today. If you live out of Canada and have no clue what that is, look it up. :D It's sort of like WalMart, though.
So, anyways, we were looking for skates that were on sale. After we looked at the skates, I had to pee really, really badly. So, I went downstairs to the food court where the bathroom was.
In the bathroom, there was a line but I didn't know that because about three women were standing around. Not in any line. Just standing around. So, I ended up at the front. Then, I realized that it was a line and felt too lazy to go to the back, so I just remained at the front. I was going to wait until everyone else had gone and then I would go. So, it's not like I'm budding or anything.
But, as I was standing there, I saw that one of the stalls was closed, but in a way that suggested that no one was in there. It's hard to explain. So, I was wondering why no one was going in.
So, I pushed the door and when it opened, I saw a woman sitting on the seat.
She squeaked, "EEEK!"
And I cried, "Oh my God!"
And she closed it really quickly. Then, I stood there awkwardly while everyone else stared at me.
Nikita said to me, "Oh, crap."
I said, "Why in the world didn't she lock the door? There's a lock for a reason..." Then, I was rambling to myself because I was really nervous.
When the woman came out, she didn't look at me and I didn't look at her. I went in that stall after and found out that the lock was broken.
Genius I clearly am not. I felt so guilty that I had to wash my hands extremely quickly and run out of the bathroom without drying them.
Jermaine asked me, "What were you DOING in there so long?"
I said, "Long line." And left it at that.

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Anonymous said...

LOL awwwkwarddddd.
And WTH, none of the CTs here have food courts! I would know, I worked at one lol.

also, I thought it was called "butting" and not "budding"... hmmm

Furree Katt said...

i hate it when the locks are broken! it always results in awkward moments. :P

ishashime said...

broken locks are so frustrating. i have to either hold the door with my hand or stick my foot out the bottom to let people know i'm in there. haha.

Chika said...

Haha... hilarious :P

Hanis. said...

Hahahaha. OMG. My friend once pushed open a door with her foot and since we have those "Asian closet" bathrooms or more known as crouching toilets, we saw a very awkward view of a woman.

... It was traumatic. I don't know who got more traumatised. The woman. Or us.

Kaleena J. said...

LOLOL I actually LOVE awkward moments. I live for them.

Jodie-Ann said...

@Ashley: Lol, the CT was in a mall. XD And yes, I think it IS butting. Budding is like a flower. XD
@Furree Katt: Ackk me too! D;
@ishashime: They really are. And haha, that's what I usually do.
@Chika: Lol, I know XD
@Hanis: LOL! OMGGG!!! :O That must have been horrible! Oh, God!!
@Kaleena J.: Lol! I love awkward moments too. Because afterwards it's fun to think about. :)

PurpleMist. said...

The exact same thing has happened to me before!
Ugh, I hate these awkward moments lol :P

Jodie-Ann said...

OHMIGOSH!!!!! :O I hate them but like them at the same time. o__O

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