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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hey, readers. Today was an absolutely horrible day. No, I did not shoot myself in the foot. Where did you get that idear[har har idear] from? I don't even own a gun.
Anyways, so, today I went back to school. Exams start on Monday so I guess that the school wanted students to be able to review work and whatever. I brought lunch with me today that I had to warm up in the microwave. Which I RARELY do and when I say RARELY, I mean RARELY. Maybe just like five times a year. Literally. I usually bring a sandwich or buy lunch from the cafeteria at school.
So, anyways, I brought lunch that had to be warmed. At lunch, I went to the cafeteria and put it in the microwave. My friends Brandilynn and Megan were there. Megan had her lunch in the microwave already and I put mine in. Then, Brendilynn put hers in and we closed it and turned it on...(obviously.)
Close to the microwave, there's a Foosball table and these guys were playing. One guy, let's call him Ugly Loser Dude(ULD) and his friend, let's call him... Shorter Ugly Loser Dude(SULD). There, names that fit them. :) So, anyways, they were playing and then I opened the microwave to take out my lunch. 
ULD was leaning against the small table that the microwave was on and when I opened it, I have no clue what happened, but Brendilynn's lunch slipped from my hands because I had to move it over slightly to get mine out. Her lunch fell sideways and most of the food spilled out on the table.
A teeny-tiny bit splashed on ULD'S pants. He went ballistic. Like he's not a super disgusting slimeball anyway. He starts yelling at me saying, "WHAT THE HELL?! ARE YOU STUPID?! WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!"
So, I apologize profusely and apologize to Brendilynn and tell her I'll give her money for lunch.
ULD's spazzing and starts swearing at me and yelling at me to go get him a napkin. Not even, "Can you get me a napkin please?" But, "GET ME A NAPKIN! HURRY UP!" Then, he even called me a b****.
And he barely has anything on his pants anyway. Like literally just two tiny pieces of meat.
So, I said, "Wait." Because I'm talking to Brendilynn.
ULD gets pissed and looks at his friend SULD. His friend tells him to wipe his pants on mine. So, he does and I get pissed and start yelling at him. Though I could have yelled more. But, I was in such a bad mood that I just got him napkins, threw them at him, cleaned up Brendilynn's lunch, took mine and left the cafeteria.
Then, I had a class with Brendilynn and and brought money to give to her but she refused it. I was in a crummy mood all class. AND it was the class with HIM[]. :l
This really, really sucks.

5 run-on sentences.:

Mia said...

Dude. What a dick.
Pardon the language.

[And what have I told you about foot violence?!]

iZaynab said...

:O My lord.. iNever thought stuff like that happened before. iHope you get over it or feel better about it. Cause like if someone screamed at me iWould curse them out & tell them to clam down~
If it makes you feel any better, in 6th grade iFell off my bike in front of 1/3 of the school one morning. & As iWent home some girls were like "Nice bike, Haha." Scared for life~

PS# ;D You should soo go slap ULD. Cause you don't EVER treat a girl like that. Thats a ignorant jerk. :|

Kamila said...

Waaaahh! At first I was laughing on how funny ULD and SULD's name... but those things that happened to you wasn't funny at all..

and Mia was right, dick head.

coolblogger said...

Missing all those teenage fun,name-calling and silly fights:)
Poor ULD and SULD they messed with wrong gal. :)

Jodie-Ann said...

@Mia: Seriously. And you told me smtg about foot violence? >:O
@iZaynab: I feel better now... and OUCH. That's definately scarring for life. O__O And I decided to not inflict violence upon his slimyness.
@Kamila: Lolz, yeah :P And yes, what a dick head.
@coolblogger: Harhar yes they did. :P

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