Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 22: A Letter to Someone who has Hurt you Recently.

Dear, person.
Really, you're being a big, fat MEANIE. Seriously, before you were just weird, now you're rude! Saying such mean things to my best friend like that. And to me. O__O Go stuff yourself in a trash can!
You really think it's funny to say mean things like that to people? Saying, "Oh, it's just a joke". It's not funny! It's mean! And hurtful!! And at school, you asked me, "Why did you blow up like that on Facebook? I was just joking," after I yelled at you on FB. It wasn't funny. That's why I "blew up" like that. Why don't you grow up?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 21: A Photo of Something That Makes you Happy.

So, it's day twenty-one and it's a photo of something that makes me happy. What makes me happy is FOOD. Food makes me happy.
I like everything so, it's hard for me to put here what I really, really, like so...
One of my favorite foods are... * drum roll* BANANAS! :D
I love bananas! :D They're so yummy :3

Bathroom Awkwardness. AGAIN.

So, I went with my dad, my step sister Nikita and my step brother Jermaine to a Canadian Tire today. If you live out of Canada and have no clue what that is, look it up. :D It's sort of like WalMart, though.
So, anyways, we were looking for skates that were on sale. After we looked at the skates, I had to pee really, really badly. So, I went downstairs to the food court where the bathroom was.
In the bathroom, there was a line but I didn't know that because about three women were standing around. Not in any line. Just standing around. So, I ended up at the front. Then, I realized that it was a line and felt too lazy to go to the back, so I just remained at the front. I was going to wait until everyone else had gone and then I would go. So, it's not like I'm budding or anything.
But, as I was standing there, I saw that one of the stalls was closed, but in a way that suggested that no one was in there. It's hard to explain. So, I was wondering why no one was going in.
So, I pushed the door and when it opened, I saw a woman sitting on the seat.
She squeaked, "EEEK!"
And I cried, "Oh my God!"
And she closed it really quickly. Then, I stood there awkwardly while everyone else stared at me.
Nikita said to me, "Oh, crap."
I said, "Why in the world didn't she lock the door? There's a lock for a reason..." Then, I was rambling to myself because I was really nervous.
When the woman came out, she didn't look at me and I didn't look at her. I went in that stall after and found out that the lock was broken.
Genius I clearly am not. I felt so guilty that I had to wash my hands extremely quickly and run out of the bathroom without drying them.
Jermaine asked me, "What were you DOING in there so long?"
I said, "Long line." And left it at that.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Here's another thing I hate: STEREOTYPES.
You know, people tell me: "Oh, you're so whitewashed" or "You're so white". Why are you telling me that? I am an African American person. Don't believe me? WELL, TOO BAD, SUCKA.
So, yeah, I'm black. I don't act "black" and I don't act "white". I act like me. Like Jodie-Ann. That's it.
And my best friend Jasmine always talks in a really ghetto way like saying "Yo" instead of "Your" and things like that. Then, she says that she's "Acting black". I don't like when people say that. How is that acting black? That's acting GHETTO. Not BLACK. GHETTO. There is a difference. I don't talk like that and I'm black. O__O
And also liking rap music. I rarely listen to rap music. That doesn't mean I'm "whitewashed". o___O That just means that I don't really listen to rap.
So, think about that, people who say things like that. It's not funny. *gives you a wide-eyed look* It's... not... FUNNY.
I'm hungry. My dad's making smoked salmon. MMMMMMMMMMMM. Tootles, friends. PEACE!

Day 20: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name.

So, I bet you guys have been wondering why I called my blog ...The Run-On Sentences of Life... eh? Yes? No? Okay, fine. I'll tell you anyway.
The reason I named it that is because life is like a big run-on sentence. It just goes on and on. Until it meets it's period A.K.A. the end. Which will take a while because it's a run-on sentence. And this blog is about life. Things that happen and make me mad, happy, sad, whatever. It's just about LIFE. The reason I put the "..."s (yes, they're there for a reason)is because a run-on sentence goes on and on and on and on... So, the dot-dot-dots show that. They show that the sentence is never ending. Like life. Until, obviously, you meet your end; your period. (HAHAHAHAHAAAA, for a woman, that's every month. (joking)) And, now, I just look really silly because I keep repeating myself.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Update on the Post "Violence is not the answer... except for when you're Chris Brown."

So, here is an... update on the post Violence is not the answer... except for when you're Chris Brown. Because I got an anonymous comment that was talking about things that wasn't even really important in the post(sorry, Anon, your comment showed me that I needed to explain the post more). The post was NOT about Rihanna being weak or lame or WHATEVER. And it was NOT about Chris Brown doing a good deed by beating her up. It was NOT about Rihanna not protecting herself or whatever.
It was about the MEDIA. I was making fun of the MEDIA. I was doing that because I was showing how lame it is that they have to find out about what happened between Chris and Rihanna and tell everyone about it. It's none of my business and it's none of yours, reader. Unless you're one of their family members or close friends or something. And Chris should have DEFINITELY not gotten fired from his job. The media should not have played on Rihanna so much and made her look like a princess and ruin Chris. It was none of their business. Their problem is between them. Not between the whole world and them.
So, that was the point of that post. Okay? That was the ONLY point. If you read my third PS, it's explained there. You should read my PSs. They're actually really important.
So, yeah. No further confusion...
This is against THE MEDIA. I repeat: THE MEDIA.
Okay, thanks, I'll shut up now and go to sleep.

PS: It's 11:21 PM right now.
PPS: I've started stretching! Be proud of me :D

Day 19: Another Picture of Yourself.

So, day nineteen. Here's another picture of me:
Boredom is a strange thing. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wait, What? Number Three

So, I had another Wait, What? moment. This is the third one. AND it's Sebastian. Obviously. *rolls eyes*
So, today at the movies for my school's activity day, I was buying food. I was sort of standing out of the line because my chicken fingers(CHICKEN FINGERS! YEAHHHHHH!) were being cooked or fried or whatever. Sebastian was in line and he looked at me and asked, "So, Jodie-Ann, did you like my comment on your D-P on Facebook?"
I said, "No."
He said, "I'm serious though, it gave me a hard on. I swear to God."
I said, "You shouldn't swear to God-"
His friend Marco interrupted me and asked, "Why not?"
I ignored him and continued, "-if you're lying."
He just went "Pfffft!" and the conversation ended there.
Then, after the movie, I was on the bus with Léa(a friend) and Seb and Marco were on the same bus. Sebastian was making small talk but Marco was very quiet. Then, somehow, we got onto the subject of writing. Léa said fiercely(and this is why I love her so much), "Jodie-Ann's an amazing writer. She's going to get published."
Then, Seb got this impressed look on his face and asked, "So, you write stories?"
I said, "Yeah."
"Cool. About what?"
"What kinds of stuff? Like what topics?"
I didn't really answer so he asked, "What's a name of one of your stories?"
I said, "I didn't name any yet."
"But, you're writing them. So, of course you have to name them."
Léa said, "No. You can't name a book until you're done."
And then Seb asked, "Why?" so we got into a whole discussion about that. Then, this other guy named Brian got on the bus and the three guys were talking about what they find attractive in a girl. I tried to hum in my head so that I couldn't hear them.
All I heard were bits like, "'s so hot when they do that..." and "...yeah, I find that really hot in a girl..." At one point, Seb said something really silly and I laughed but changed it into a cough. They didn't notice, so it was all good.
But, then he was looking at me so I couldn't be sure.
Later, I was talking to Léa about Seb and she said, "He either likes you or he's trying to make it look like he likes you."
I thought that it was the second one. O__o

Day 18: Something You Crave A lot.

So, something I crave a lot. Well, that would have to be...
I love honey buns SO MUCH. Today was activity day at my school. Basically where we don't go to school but do an activity instead. There was tubing, skating, skiing, and going to the movies. Oh! And some field trip somewhere to do an amazing race.
So, anyways, since I don't like the cold or the wet, I went to the movies with about one hundred other students. We saw the movie The Dilemma. It was actually pretty good. Boring at first, but then, it got better. :) It was quite funny.
After the movie, I was going home with my friend Léa who lives sort of near me. So, we can take the same city bus.
I said to her, "Aw, I'm really craving a honey bun..."
Léa asked, "What's a honey bun?"
So, my eyes were popping out of my head at that point and I exclaimed, "WHAT?! You've never had a honey bun?! OH MY GOSH! Léa, you haven't LIVED until you've eaten a honey bun!"
"No, but it's really good." (hahahahaha)
We each bought one and ate together while we waited for the bus. She said that it was really good. And, it really, really is. It's AMAZING. If you haven't had a honey bun yet, HAVE ONE.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


YES! I got 88% in English!! YES!! That's like... an... A or A- in letters. Not sure. Just think of it like it's out of 100%. :D Isn't that amazing?! It was the highest mark in the class.
This other girl named Chrystal(or Krystal or Christle, no clue) got an 84% and my teacher, Ms. A(who, like, every male in the school lusts over and stares at her butt) told her that she got the highest mark. But then, she called me up for mine and I looked and Ms. A said to Chrystal, "Uh, no, Chrystal. Jodie-Ann got the highest mark."
And then Chrystal stared at me with her mouth hanging open and asked, "What did you get?"
I said, "88%. You?"
I grinned widely.
"I've got my eyes on you." She then moved her index and middle fingers to her eyes to show that she was going to be watching me, in a joking way.
I am SO HAPPY. Never have I gotten the highest mark in the class! I mean, I'm good at English(I read like all day everyday and write all the time), so I knew that I would get high seventies(B+ or so). But, not an 88%! Holy smokes!
Joy to the world, the lord has come! (Is that how it goes?)
But, anyways, I am super proud of myself. :] good job, Jodie. I always knew you could do it. I'm getting high marks in all of my classes. But, I didn't get my report card yet, so I don't know EVERY class. Just most.
I also got 91% on my English exam. That's an A, I think. Maybe an A+. Wait, let me look up some translator on the Internet. If one exists.
*a few minutes later*
Yep, for my exam, I got an A+! OHMYGOSH!  For the term mark,(the 88%) I got an A. :D

PS: I used this website by the way. Just in case you want to convert your letters to percents or the other way around.

Day 17: A Photo of me and my family.

Errm... well, I don't have a picture of me and my family. Haha. I have one of me and my dad, and me and my Auntie Myrna.
The dad pictures I put up here before:

And for my aunt...
Love you both. <3 :]

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10. Super Bunny?

He will destroy you and feast on your soul.

I Know That This is A Weird Question but... can I Lick you?

Hey, guys! Today, a Shakespeare theater company came to my school for only the drama students to perform Othello. Now, I don't really like Shakespeare. But, this play was AWESOME.
There was so much action and kissing and a hot guy and weird words and a hot guy and weird sentences and a hot guy... Did I mention that there was a hot guy?
He really was hot. Okay, so, here's the description:
-Blonde curly hair that nearly touches his shoulders.
-Skinny in a way that would make him seem awkward, but he's a bit muscular so it evens it out.
-A sexy voice that will make any heterosexual girl/homosexual guy drool.

And that's all I've got. I couldn't really see much from sitting in the audience. But he was GORGEOUS! Oh, my lord. His voice is so gruff and deep in this really... *drools* awesome way.
At one point in the play, there was some fight going on and someone ripped off his sweater, revealing his body in a tight black t-shirt. I nearly fainted. It was the hottest thing ever. Especially since he kept running his hands through his hair. I love when guys run their hands through their hair. I find it so sexy. Especially if it's curly hair. O__O Sigh.
My friend Ceisha and I were talking about how we wanted to lick him. :D Muahahahahaha(evil laugh). Oh, good times... good times. Can you imagine that, though?
Me: Hey, uh, sir?
His gorgeousness: Yes?
Me: I was wondering... you know, this is just a question and whatever but... Can I... Can I, like... Lick you? Can I lick you?
His gorgeousness: What?!
Me: I want to like you.
Ahahaha a fail at life.

So, anyways, *clears throat* yeah, it was super awesome. And at random points, Sebastian would guffaw or something. It amused me. Hehehehe. Oh, Sebastian. You are so very special.
*laughs uncontrollably for a few minutes*
So, yeah, in Othello, there are these weird creatures or something called Yarp-Yarps. I think. And, after the play, the cast was letting us ask them questions and some kid asked, "What are those characters in the play?" And pointed at the hooded people.
So, one of the girls who was acting as one said in a painfully awkward way, "Uh, a Yarp-Yarp." Her voice cracked on the second Yarp. It was quite funny.
But, anyways, some other kid asked this really dumb question after, "Where can I find a Yarp-Yarp?"
So, one of the cast members said, "Okay, so, you go home and look for a mirror."
It was the funniest thing ever. We all laughed for like ten minutes. Then, the person who had asked was bowing and stuff, like the guy was his king. It was unbelievably funny.
I had a good day today.

OMG 10 000 VIEWS!

OhmiGod, ohmiGod, ohmiGod, ohmiGod, OHMIGOD, I SAID OHMIGOD!
Like bro. Bro. BROOOOO. Bro, no. No way. No way, bro. JOKES. Jokes, bro. TOO JOKES.
This is not real. I'm dreaming. I must pinch myself. *pinches self* OW. Yep, I'm awake.
Ten thousand views! Oh, wow! This is amazing! Wow! I have 10 000 views. Think I'm lying? Do you really, really think I'm lying?
I'm not. So...*sticks tongue out* too bad! If you really don't believe me and think I'm full of crock, go to the bottom(very, very bottom until you can't scroll down anymore) and you'll see my page views. It says 10 000. Or more by now. Since I checked it like half an hour ago. :D
So, yay me! Be jealous!
I love you all. If you readers didn't exist, my page views wouldn't either. I'd have like ten. Ten page views. But, seriously, what's that? That sucks. That's BORING. So, thank you all, readers, followers, LOVERS(better be all of you or I take off my belt. I kid, I kid...) even just the viewers I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you so much.... I love you... I want to marry you all and... stuff like that. And I got a new follower. I shall check that out after I post this... and yes! Thank you, new follower. :)

PS: New follower, are you single? * wiggles eyebrows*
PPS: Don't answer that.

Day 16: Your Celebrity Crush.

So, my celebrity crush... HMMMMM. Okay, it's Robert Pattinson.
I love him. I love the way he keeps running his hands through his hair... I love his voice... HE'S BRITISH... I love his hair... HE'S BRITISH... he's very good looking... HE'S BRITISH.
I love British guys. I love British people in GENERAL. They have, like, the best accents and ZOMG. I love Robert. I would just... could just... ARRGGHHH... just take him and just.... just kiss his face off. Just kiss it.
Sexual frustration is not good. But, I'm a teenager after all.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wait, What? Number Two.

So, here's another Wait, What? moment. Of course, from Sebastian again. (Obviously) You can always count on him to do(or say in this case) something odd. But, meh, he's special. Hehehehehehheeee.
So, anyways, here was my display picture that he commented on:

So, he commented on my new profile picture saying this:

I got a hard on from this

So, I said this:

Sebastian, I did not need to know that.

So, then he said:
Yes you did

Then, I said:

Then, I commented on someone elses' display picture, which I won't put up here of course. I commented(because he was wearing a super man shirt):
Ahahaha super man xD This is awesome.

And, then(and very, very randomly), he said:
Get out Jodie Ann you keep giving me erections

So, I said:

And then he said:
What's so funny?

And then I said:
ur jokes :P

And that's pretty much it for the Wait, What? moment. :)

Day 15: Something You Don't Leave the House Without.

My purse. I don't leave the house without my purse. Because, I have EVERYTHING in there. Not just my cell phone, iPod, etc., but really important things. O__O So, yeah. Leaving my purse behind would be... deadly.
That is all for this post... Hehe...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Got my Ears Pierced Again!

Hey, guys!! I got my ears pierced again today! Check it out:
It's light blue :) When it went in, it didn't hurt, but afterwards, it hurt a good amount. Not excruciating, but let me tell you, it was not pleasant.
And, now I can check this off on my To-Do List page.

Day 14: A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

So, day fourteen. A TV show I'm currently addicted to is Pretty Little Liars. I read the books out so far(huge fan), so I wanted to see the show to see how it matches up. So, here's a picture:
Love it sooo much! It's so suspenseful and addicting and amazing and... awesome. :D

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here's a joke that made me laugh a bit too loudly when I read it. I got it from this link:
So, no, it's not my own joke. Enjoy!

A tribe in the jungle consider farting after every meal to be a sign of power, however the chief of the tribe finds it extremely difficult to fart. 

His servant goes to the doctor and say "big chief, no fart" so the doctor gives him a pill

The next day the servant goes back to the doctor and says "big chief, still no fart" so the doctor gives him a big pill the size of his hand

On the third day the servant goes back and says "big cheif still not fart" so the doctor gives a pill the size of a football

The next day the servant comes back and says to the doctor "big fart,no chief!"

Day 13: Your Favourite Musician and Why

So, it's day thirteen and this post is supposed to be about my fave musician and why. So. My favourite musician is Joan Jett. Here she is...

So, I love Joan Jett because:
1. She was in an amazing group called the runaways in the mid-seventies which is my favourite band other than The Beatles:

Joan is the black haired one second from the left. And, it even says Joan right there so you can know who everyone is.

2. She has amazing music. Seriously, I LOVE her songs in the band Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. She made lots of great songs including Chrimson and Clover, Bad Reputation and I Love Rock and Roll(which is so popular it's not even funny).

3. She is very inspirational. Like, she decided to make an all-girl band at a time when girls were supposed to be nice and do what they were told and wear skirts and makeup and be dolls, basically. But, she went above all that and formed The Runaways with some other girls and they could have become as great as The Beatles. But, they screwed up(well, Cherie did because of drugs) and they separated. ;( But, she continued making music. And, because like 24 record labels didn't accept her new band(Joan Jett and the Blackhearts), she made her own record label. And made the amazing songs that are still popular even today like twenty-something years later.

4. She was a lesbian. It always interests me when there are gay people in times like the seventies. It interests me because I wonder how she managed to survive, you know? Since everyone was against gay people.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

9. Asexual Reproduction.

It says:
Prepare to be completely smothered by my giant hair balls.


Awkward Bathroom Conversation.

So, today I went to Pharmaprix(this store where you can buy greeting cards, shampoo, medication, toothpaste, body wash, chocolate bars, and lots of other stuff) and I was buying my older brother a birthday card because his birthday is tomorrow. He's turning twenty-one.
So, anyways, I went to the bathroom because I had to pee. So, I went in the women's bathroom, found a stall, whatever. I pee, and there IS NO TOILET PAPER. I feel like screaming. Why is there no toilet paper?! How do they expect people to use the bathroom?! I'm not a boy who just whips it out, pees and puts it back in. I don't have a penis! SERIOUSLY. I was so pissed.
Then, this woman got in the stall beside mine. I heard her pee and then a few seconds later, I heard her say,
Ah... il n y a pas du papier ici... Est ce que tu as du papier? (Uhh... there's no toilet paper here... do you have any paper?) She was speaking French because hello... It's Québec. That's the official second language. More people speak French in Québec than English. But anyways! Carrying on...
So, I'm barely paying attention to her since I'm in an awkward situation. As you can imagine. So, it takes me a while to translate what she said. But for some reason, I get really confused. I think it's because I'm barely paying attention. So, I say,
Ouai. (Yeah) When I DON'T HAVE ANY EITHER.
Ah, okay, est que tu peus me donner du papier, s'il vous plait? (Oh, okay, can you give me paper please?)
Me thinking WHAT?!
Uh... non, parce que j'ai pas du papier. Je m'excuse... (No... because I don't have any paper. Sorry...)
Okay, c'est correct. Merci. (Okay, that's okay. Thank you.)
Bienvenue. (You're welcome)
I hear her digging around in her bag or something. I do the same and find paper. When I get out of the stall, she gets out as well and smiles at me.
C'est pas bon, ca. C'est pas bon. Il doit etre du papier, non? (That's not good. That's not good. There has to be toilet paper, no?)
*Me smiling awkwardly* Ah... ouai.
Parce que, nous sommes des femmes! Comment est qu'on peux... *shakes head* C'est pas bon. (Because we are women! *shakes head* How can we...)
*Still smiling awkwardly as I wash my hands vigorously* Ouai. Je sais. (Yeah. I know.)
 I keep smiling, wash my hands and hurry out the bathroom. Then I think: Well, that was awkward.

Day 12: A Photograph of the Town you Live in.

Hey, people. It's day twelve of the thirty day blog challenge. This is supposed to be about a photo of the town I live in. But, since I never take pictures of outside, I had to go and look through my friend Jessica's pictures. She takes pictures of EVERYTHING. She has over 2000 photos on FB. Or over 1000. Can't remember. Either way, it's a lot. So, I went through her photos in a few albums to see if I can find a picture of outside. I found one that amused me and explained Québec, Canada a lot because of the French and how someone scribbled on the sign hehehehehe:
I think this sign is at the park. See the wooden bar things? I think that was a skating rink. This picture was from 2009 and I haven't been to the park near my school since then. Just because I'm on the senior side now, so the park is far from me(it was close to the Junior). Also, the city renovated it because kids from my school and a Jewish school right across the street from the park destroyed it. :D Yeah, we would sit on the fences and kick around the swings, break them off... Well, not me. I didn't do that stuff. I just sat on top of the fence like twice. I only did it twice because I was too scared to sit up there because of how high up it was from the ground. Lol. I never fell though, so it's all good. :) And my school's a GOOD school. Like it's listed as one of the best in Québec. So, can you imagine how horrible other schools are? That are not so high on the list? Because we're pretty bad.
Oh, like once, this kid was trying to impress this girl and stood on some stranger's car's hood. He started dancing on it or something and his foot broke through it. He got expelled immediately.
My school's pretty strict. After three detentions (in a term)you get a detention. After three or two detentions(in a term), you get a suspension. After three or two suspensions(in a term), you get an expulsion. Here are some rules and the consequences if they are broken:
1. No running in the halls[detention depending on the teacher]
2. No gum in class[have to spit it out and clean out the desks after school]
3. No fighting[suspension]
4. No stealing[expulsion]
5. If you are not wearing uniform[detention]
6. Late to class[detention]
7. Rude to a teacher[detention depending on the teacher]
And many more...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Jewish and Their Pennies.

I'm pretty sure that you've heard this being said before to a Jewish person: "You like pennies", "Want a penny?", "Got a penny?" and "Want a penny?"
Yes, it seems funny, HAHAHA. But no, it's not. It's not funny at all. It really, really makes me angry when people say that. They call the Jewish cheap and things like that and it's not right.
That's a stereotype. There are other ones like: Asian and Brown people are all smart. NOT TRUE. Sure, there are many Asian and Brown people who are smart, but there are also some REALLY DUMB Asian and Brown people. Also, White people are all nerdy and boring. Not true. There are so many white people that I know who are awesome. Like my BFF Jasmine for example. Also, Black people are ghetto and love friend chicken and(oh, god the worst ever) love Kool Aid. EW, NO. I hate Kool Aid. I love fried chicken though. But, really, who doesn't love friend chicken?! Other than vegetarians(God bless you all).
These stereotypes have got to stop. I know that this post will not make the entire world change, but it may change some of my readers. Do not rely on stereotypes. Most of them are not true. Yes, you may THINK that Black guy is going to steal from your store, when really, he just wants to buy a chocolate bar. Yes, you may THINK that Asian guy's going to get 100% on his test, when really, he may fail so epicly that he won't make it out of school. But, the Asian kid sitting next to him might get that 100%. You don't know. Don't just assume things because of someone's color.
Okay? Okay. I'll shut up about that now. Here's a few quotes on racism that I really like(not that I like racism obviously, I'm black. But, because I like the quotes):
"God created one race: the human race. Humans created racism."
-Woman on the Oprah show that I don't know the name of.

"I am a 47 year old man and I don't understand. I was raised that if I shave my chin and cut myself and a black man does, if we put our blood in one cup, it's the same."
-A man on the Oprah show.

Thanks, Oprah

Day 11: What's in Your Makeup Bag?

What? What?! Okay, let me tell you something, 30 Day Challenge person. I don't own a makeup bag. I do not wear makeup. Ever. Unless it's a special occasion. Which it never is. So, basically, I only wear lip balm. Not even lip gloss, lip BALM. And once in a while, when I'm bored, I'll wear mascara. But that's like two times every month and a half. Lool. Or less.
So, how would I answer this question? I will talk about what's in my school bag. Happy? No?
Too bad.
Okay, so here's what's in my fabbity-fab(no, not really) Dickey school bag:
1. Red Pucca pencil case("Pucca is a sweet daughter of owner of Chinese restaurant... She is a mania to a Chinese stylish noodle. Her boyfriend is GARU. he always chased by her. You will going to expect their funny lovestory." What?! You ask. I don't know. I'm just copying it from what it says on the pencil case.)
2. The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
3. My school agenda.
4. A nearly destroyed purple folder that I put my homework in.
5. A zillion empty plastic bags. Why do I have them all in here? I have no clue.
6. A plastic bag with empty juice boxes and chocolate bar wrappers. Because when I'm on the city bus, I don't want to leave my garbage on the seat or on the floor. It's gross. Plus, I feel guilty when I do it(once in a while). So, I put my garbage in the bag and never to remember to empty it. So, the garbage piles up. But it doesn't stink or anything because it's just wrappers and empty boxes. O__O
7. My scientific calculator. Why do I have that with me?! See how nerdy I am?
8. Two different pairs of gloves. Well, actually, one's a pair of mittens.
That's it. Lots of stuff in my bag.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wait, What?

I just had a "Wait, What?" moment. Like maybe about... five minutes ago.
See, I have a display picture on Facebook(obviously) and someone commented. Remember the guy that I posted about a while ago? That guy(Sebastian) who dropped the desk and made a lot of noise and a girl they were talking about how disproportionate he and the desk were? Yeah, so that guy, he posted a very... strange comment on my display picture for Facebook. Now, before you read the comment, I would like you to take a deep breath. Yes, in, OUT, in, OUT. Yes, yes, PUSH. PUSH like you've never pushed before. Yes. Oh! Oh! i see the head! Oh!! KEEP PUSHING AND-
Alright I'll stop.
So, this is what he wrote:

I just got stiff from this pic :P

Now that really disturbed me. Just because it's weird. I don't want to know whether he got "stiff" from the picture. O__O That's not something that I need to... OH, GOD. OH, GOD GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD! GET IT OUUUUUUUUUUUTTTT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *blood curdling scream*
*searches up pictures of donuts on Google images* Mmm. That's better.

PS: I'm pretty sure he was just messing around. O__O
PPS: And it's a normal picture! Just of me smiling. I even have it on this blog somewhere in some post.

Day 10: A Photo of Your Fave Place to eat.

Well, well, well. Lookie, lookie here. My favourite place to eat. Hmmm... it has to be Baton Rouge, a restaurant where I live. I already put a picture of it here in a post before. So, I can just go back and.... look... *looks through*

After a while, I gave up and just put this new one from Google images. O__O

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 8 & Day 9

So, since I didn't blog yesterday, I have two days of the 30 day blog  challenge to do: day eight and day nine. So, day eight is a song to match your mood and day nine is a photo of the item you last purchased.
So, a song to match my mood... well, I'm in a kind of pissed off mood. So, how about Twenty-one guns by Green Day? That's pretty angry-sounding. In my opinion anyway. if you don't know that song, I highly suggest you look it up on Youtube. Frankly, I am way too lazy to go look it up myself and embed it and I'm in a really pissy mood, alright kitties?
And... for a photo of the item I last purchased.... well, that would be a Loonie phone card. For those of you anywhere but Canada, a Loonie is a dollar bill. Which I find really silly to have a dollar bill. O__O But, anyways, I'm not Obama so what's it matter what I say?
So, that's the phone card. It doesn't look exactly like that, but I am way too lazy to take a picture with my cell phone. Especially since my DAD HAS IT*SHOUTS*. *takes deep breaths* Anyways. o_o Yeah. I'm annoyed.

PS: Sigh. My apologies, kitties. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hey, guys!! Guess what?! I was just looking at my stats, and this month, I got over 2000 views! Only over 2000 by 7 but whatever. It will obviously increase later on this month. Can you believe it?! :O It's really shocking me right now! I looked at it(because I look at my stats like twenty times a day) and nearly screamed. 2000 views!!!!!! Well, 2007 views :D In total, it's 9292 views. When it gets to 10 000, I will scream. XD
Oh, and sorry to you readers who the blog is taking long to load. I'm working on making it load faster. But, I compared my blog to others in my niche. And, mine loaded faster. I used this website. So, I'm really surprised that it's still going really slowly for some people.
I moved most of my html to the bottom of the page(my page views, follow me on twitter, etc.). And I deleted my pictures. And, I put all of the buttons from other peoples' blogs into one html thingie. I'm really trying here, guys. If you've got any idea, tell me! But, right now, it's much better than it was before.

Day 7: Your Dream Wedding.

Day seven of the thirty day blog challenge. This one's about my dream wedding. So, here we go!
Well, I want it in a church. And, I want it to be very romantic and NORMAL. It will not be in a huge spectacular venue with dancers to entertain us. No. It will be in a nice little church, with great food and great people. To entertain each other, we will dance. We'll do the robot, of course. What are we? Barbarians?
So, anyways, that's my dream wedding. I'm a hopeless romantic, so yeah. You can expect super romantic stuff happening. Like, lots of slow dancing and shoving cake in each other's mouths.

PS: I am listening to What's my Name by Rihanna and Drake on PunchMuch. :] I love this song!
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